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Hot Picks this week has 2 highly recommended choices. One features an Icon artist while the other features an Icon writer. Click ahead to make a couple of guaranteed Investments this week.

Batman # 686  In case you might not have heard, but Batman is dead. Well that’s what DC wants everyone to believe; too bad Marvel released that Obama/Spidey book the same week Batman supposedly died. Not much play for Bruce taking the dirt nap (maybe it’s because we all know he’s coming back). Okay so DC dropped the ball (again) on this one, but they are back with a biggie. Anyone remember how big the Superman story written by Alan Moore called ‘Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow’ was? Yes it’s still one of the best Superman stories ever told. Now enter Batman. Alan Moore isn’t returning for this one, but Neil Gaiman is coming on board for the ‘Whatever happened to the cape crusader?’ 2 part story that promises to be a high-quality, well written, demandable comic book. Andy Kubert is on board to work his great illustrations into a comic that has mass appeal already. Kubert only helps the value of this comic. Do not miss this comic collectors, it’s going to be a sure fire hit with multiple printings to follow. 


Masquerade # 1  Here’s a comic coming from Dynamite that has some potential. Good storytelling, good artwork and a virgin variant from John Romita Sr. The variant, if you could get it should be bought. A John Romita Sr. variant is a great treasure to have, a virgin variant is even better. Buy this one and hold on to it for a long time. Romita Sr. will be legend one day, or maybe he already is, whatever your opinion, hold onto that as well. It’s yours. 




Thor # 600  Stan Lee returns to Marvel again for a special Thor story within these 104 pages of comic good heaven. Join the party! And look at that Dell’Otto variant cover, now that’s cool.




Incognito # 2  The second Installment of the hot series hits your local comic shop. Do we hear ‘Cinema?’




Here are some other Interesting things coming your way this week……. 

R.E.B.E.L.S. # 1


 X-Men Origins Sabretooth


 Dredd VS. Alien Statue – By First 4 Figures and Dark Horse. Retail $250


Some Great Covers This Week…….Covers Of The Week

















See you next week.

Invest Wisely.

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