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Hot Picks brings the current President back with President number 16, a couple of hot series continuing, some number one issues, a finale and The Warriors come out and plaaaay. All this and some nice cover art too….
thewarriors130thanniversary.gifWarriors # 1  A movie cult classic makes it to the comic book form. What fun this is going to be! The Dabel Brothers are going to score big with this comic and so are you. With about 4 variant covers coming with this one, it’s the photo variant that will command the big bucks when all the dust settles on the Coney Island boardwalk. So get in early for this comic because it’s already selling out in some places online. So Dabel Brothers, when does Clockwork Orange come out?




savagedragon145obamacvrb.gifAmazing Spider-Man  #583 & Savage Dragon # 145  Obama fever is reaching its peak here folks.  So this should be the last of the nonsense Obama covers. Here we have The Fifth printing of ASM #583, but this time with President number 16 in the background. Good work Marvel, once again. Then you have Savage Dragon cover ‘B’ fist bumping the prez on his cover. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of these Obama covers. They are going to get stale rather quickly if we see him on covers every other week.




Dark Avengers # 2 & Spider-Man Noir  # 3  Two very hot series continue this week with the Dark Avengers really heating things up. Snatch up these comics or get the second prints in a couple of weeks.






Johnny Monster # 1 & Amber Atoms # 1  Image comics releases 2 interesting number one issues this week. Go to your shop on Wednesday and take a peek at them. No, didn’t say to read them, that’s for the library! You buy, and then you read! 





Invincible #59  A new villain to annoy our favorite Image Hero (sorry Savage) appears  in this issue. His name is PowerPlex. Again, take a peek…..




Ultimate Fantastic Four #60  It all ends here for the Ultimate 4 family. This will be the final issue. Who lives? Who dies? Who cares??? 

Witchblade Annual #1 2009  After countless years of number one issues and restarts and new beginnings and team ups, we finally get the first ‘annual’ from Witchblade.


 Frazettas Sun Goddess Statue – Here is an absolutely beautiful statue from ReelArt Studios. Priced at $189.


Eye Candy Time – Covers of The Week………..




























See you next week.

Invest Wisely.

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