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With the recent death of Pa Kent, Superman is going through some serious changes, changes in status quo that begin in this week’s release of DC’s flagship title…….


Superman # 685  DC is telling everyone that this issue is a direct lead in to a major status quo change in the life of Superman. Let’s just hope that this issue brings more to the table than the recent ‘death of Batman’ did. DC seems to be at a crossroads in the sense they know changes need to be made as far as their major characters go. Green Lantern has been spot on, recent Wonder Woman sales have been very nice and Batman was a miss. Let’s hope 3 out of 4 here with Superman up next.




Incredible Hercules # 126  Looks like we’ll be getting an origin issue here. Marvel claims (hard to believe really!) that this will be the first time in Marvel continuity that Hercules origin will be told. Sounds like a keeper here folks!




New Avengers #50  An anniversary issue of a successful Marvel comic. It’s New Avengers VS. Dark Avengers with a wraparound cover from Billy Tan. 





Sonic Universe #1  When Sonic The Hedge Hog #1 came out years ago, many fans saw it as just another video game character getting his own comic. That comic now commands a few dollars. This week a new number 1 issue comes out that brings a whole new spin and a new universe for Sonic fans. Besides, a Sonic movie isn’t too far behind is it? 


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