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Have you seen The Batman on the side of your milk carton? Yea, he seems to be M.I.A. and just about every DC character cannot seem to wait to jump in his grave starting this week…



Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1  No body, no funeral, but the DC Universe seems to not mind making claims on their most beloved mentor. A battle royal ensues this week; the winner gets the right to call themselves The Batman. Check out this series and gauge where it might be headed. If it looks as though one of the usual suspects will become the new Batman, pass on this. If DC wants to really make things interesting they need to make someone you least expect take over the mantle, in which case you need to look at this comic as more of a keeper. If DC really really really wanted to make things interesting, we’d find Bruce Wayne’s dead body floating in that water, then introduce the new Batman. Hey we can all dream can’t we?


Action Comics #875  The Introduction of the new Flamebird and Nightwing happens here.




X-Men Noir #4  The hot series concludes this week.




X-Men: Quitting Time (One Shot)  Nightcrawler is branching out and away from the X-Men. This one shot is suppose to have Nightcrawler walking away from the X-Men forever. If Marvel stays away from the religious aspect, the struggles with faith in which we have seen too many times already, this comic is a good one to keep an eye on.




Super-Zombies # 1  Dynamite Entertainment releases a Zombie book. Dynamite says that this comic is poised to be the biggest book of 2009. Too much hype, overconfidence or maybe they could be right. Having writer Marc Guggenheim at the helm helps matters here.



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