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A plethora of number one issues hit this week as the Marvel Universe braces for a possible new magicial boss. Magic, death, mayhem and turning back the clock are the themes for this coming Thursday.


New Avengers #53  Who will be the Next Sorcerer Supreme? Find out in this issue right here. An issue that Marvel says will reshape the Marvel Universe. Have we heard that before? Who cares, it’s Marvel not D ….uh… you know it’s Marvel! 




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Legend of Isis #1  Bluewater Comics brings back an old favorite. If this decides to become a hit for some reason, look back to the year 1976 for the first appearance of Isis in a comic book. Shazam! #25 has the ancient Egyptian Goddess gracing the cover as well as the pages with a very low price tag on this one fans. A ten dollar bill plus a 5 dollar bill (you do the math) will get you a VF/NM copy of this comic. That is a 33 year old first appearance of a character that was signed to a Paramount Studios deal. Hello? What are you waiting for? Start hunting.



Aliens #1 (of 4)  Three years after Isis made her first appearance, the Alien movie debuted. Yes it’s been 30 years since the debut of that movie. Feel old yet? Were you even born yet? Dark Horse digs back into the franchise that practically put the Dark Horse name on the map. The debut of those pesky critters was in a comic called Dark Horse presents #24. If the Aliens franchise decides it wants to take off again, look for the DHP #24 to gain some steam. You could find it in some LCS in the $10-$20 range. Not a bad buy if you are a risk buyer. InvestComics recommends looking at that Isis book as a better risk buy. 


Last Days of Animal Man #1  Seems we’re turning the clock back here this week right? Let’s turn it back again, this time to 1988. 1988 brought us Grant Morrison’s retelling/reentrance of Animal Man into the DC universe. He did the first 26 issues before leaving his mark on the character that will last for years to come. Animal Man played a major part in the DC’s 52 series as well. Now it all comes down to Animal Man: The End. Oops, wrong company. This is DC’s telling of a future setting of Animal Man and his uh….last days. What the 1988 Animal Man run does depends upon the miniseries here. Is there still a big interest in this character? We’ll see. If you have a few bucks though, get Strange Adventures #180 from 1965. It’s the first appearance of Animal Man and could be found in very nice shape for a Benjamin and a couple of Andrew’s with a Hamilton thrown in. It’s a good buy if you get it for only a Benji.


Amazing Spider-Man #595  The direct lead to Spidey #600 begins here. What does that mean? No idea, but Editor Stephen Wacker is saying some big things about the lead up. What is he saying you ask? Why nothing, wouldn’t be Marvel without the hype machine churning away now would it?




Here are some other comics to look for this Thursday….. 

Ultimate Spider-Man #133  The final issue of this successful run. What comes next? Where do we go from here? Funny you should ask, Ultimatum #4 that’s where! Each issue setting up for the Ultimate universe to come back in a much different way. War Machine #6 brings American Eagle back since last seen in The Thuderbolts series. American Eagle’s first appearance still at a mega cheap Buy price. Marvel Two In One Annual #6 at a mere $5 should already be in your collection today! Wonder Woman’s status quo changes…..again. 3 number one issues crack the quick hits list. A new video game Starcraft, a very interesting offering from Michael Oeming /Dark Horse Rapture #1, Dellec #0 is gearing you up for a number one issue release in July and a very critically acclaimed zombie western called Rotten. Rotten #1 is a very big horror buzz book, don’t pass this one up! Wonder if Horror guru Bob Heske knows about this one?











 And also coming at you Thursday…..












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