InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 7-30-08

Son of the Hulk is coming back this week!

Reign In Hell #1.  DC has another crisis on its hands. This time it’s taking place in Hell of all places. A veteran named Keith Giffen will be at the helm of the mayhem he has written. Reign In Hell is going to be a fun and exciting comic that will be well received by fans. Do not be surprised when you can not get your hands on this comic at your local shop on Friday. Reign in Hell will reign in some nice demand. Let the war in Hell begin!





SKAAR SON OF HULK # 2.  What more can be said for this monster hit series? Skaar #1 sold out at comic stores quick! Guess what collectors, #2 will be no different. Miss this comic and like last weeks Robin #175 you’ll be sitting waiting for the 2nd print before you can read it. Skaar smash market! nuff said. 

Honorable Mentions:

True Believers #1.  This new Marvel limited series seems to have the makings of a sleeper. This one might slip through the cracks. Keep an eye out on this one! 





Ninjatown #1 Adventures Of Wee Ninja  Appearing in their first ever adventure! Hmmm….? Remember how silly the Teenager Ninja Turtles looked? One never knows!





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