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Archie Comics has some air time this week on InvestComics! Not once but twice bitten this week. Check out what huge mistake, err, what Archie is up to this week as well as some other Titles.

The Red Circle: The Web #1  This is another
installment of J. Michael Straczynski  returning some old heroes to the DC mix. This hero like last weeks Hangman have appeared in many Archie comics as well as DC’s Imprint Impact. Although this really isn’t  J. Michael Straczynski return to DC (see Hot Picks Week Of 8-5-09 for more of an explanation on the ‘return’ of Mikey to DC)
The Web will be an interesting comic book to check out.  With J.M. at the helm on these books it’s easy to say it should be worth a look from anyone that is a collector. Looks
like it’ll probably be another sleeper for DC. So if you would like to look for the last time The Web made an appearance in an Archie era comic look no further than Archie and Friends #107 and look for the Katy Keene Story within the
comic. There you will find hero The Web. DC’s Imprint The Web with Impact isn’t
really worth a look because they changed the Web hero into a team.
Archie Comics #600  It’s a great Archie Comics week here at InvestComics. In what is sure to be the biggest Archie Comics story ever…..Archie is now 68 years old and is finally popping the question to Veronica. Why Veronica and not Betty?? Who knows, but this is a monumental comic should be on your radar this week. Betty did in fact appear first in Archie’s world, but he went with the newer chick Veronica who came in 4 issues later. Even 68 year old men could be dogs too! So do you want to be a part of history? Pick this comic up then! You want more you say? Okay how about Pep Comics # 22? That’s Archie; Jughead & Betty’s first appearance’s coming in at $25,000. Veronica shows up in Pep Comics # 26. This comic will cost only $4000. Oh, now it makes sense, Veronica really isn’t the money grubber. Good start Archie! 
daysmissing1writerphilhesterartfrazerirvingcoverlimitto2500.gifDays Missing #1  Writer Phil Hester and artist Frazer Irving bring this very attractive comic this week. A very interesting storyline with an extremely limited Variant cover limited to only 2500 from Frazer makes this one a must get.
batgirl_1.gifBlackest Night: Superman #1  The greatest Green Lantern story ever told spills to a number one Superman comic. Get this and
right before the 3rd print hits, sell it.
Batgirl #1  Where is Bruce? Who cares? Batgirl is here! With Batman firing up some nice sales numbers, look for this Bat title
to do the same. This won’t stay hot for a long sustained time so gauge your market with this one.
Here are some other Comics to check out this Wednesday 
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