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Plenty of Hot series continue this week as Fantastic Four tries to join in on the fun. See how Marvel plans on doing this. Plus a creator that has been around for quite some time gets his first shot at a Marvel book. So what are you waiting for? Click ahead! 

darkreignff1.gifdaleeagleshamfirstff1991whatif30.gifFantastic Four # 570 
A new creative team takes over Marvel’s biggest dysfunctional family. Jonathan Hickman has the writing duties and Dale Eaglesham has the art chores.
This will not be the first time these guys have had their hands on the Fantastic Four. You don’t have to go that far back at all to find Jonathan’s first. Just a few months back actually. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four # 1 will be a very easy to find comic. Eaglesham’s first will require some long box hunting. Look for the What If? #30 Issue from 1991.

pepcomics11940_25k.giforiginalshieldtheredcirclearchieadventure1_origin_4dolls1984.gifRed Circle: The Shield # 1  The Shield was a character that was created based on the American flag. Did you know the The Shield came out 14 months before Marvel’s Captain America was Introduced? The Shield was introduced in 1940 by a company named MLJ, now known as Archie Comics. The first appearance of The Shield in Pep Comics #1 breaks the bank at $25,000. So if you don’t have that type of cash lying around, maybe you could buy the last origin issue for $24,999 less. Look in your local comic shops dollar bins for a comic titled Original Shield The Red Circle Archie Adventure # 1 from 1984. Issue 1 tells the origin as it carries over to issue # 2.
greenlant45blackestnight.gifcotw826095.gifGreen Lantern # 45 continues the ridiculous pace as far as sales go with the latest edition of The Blackest Night.  Geoff is maintaining the interest as fans maintain their loyalty. I cannot tell the last time (if at all) Marvel was this specific as far as telling fans that something big is about to happen.  Yes they have told us ‘The Last Page In This Comic Will Shock you!’ but this time around Marvel says to check out page 17 panel 4 in the New Avengers #56. That my friend is as specific as one could get and it’s lovely. Marvel churns up dellec2aspen.gifthe curiosity level, which sells more comics! Dark X-Men Beginning # 3 will be Mark Simpson aka ‘Jock’s’ first Marvel work
darkxmenthebeginning3firstjockmarksimpsonmarvel.gifever. Comic fans check out this issue, this guy can flat out draw!  Dellec # 2 is a sleeper folks. Quit napping, buy this comic, read it, bag it, then take a nap.



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