Insta 5 – Rapid Fire Q&A with Author/Comic Book Writer Maurene Goo

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1. Trending Pop Culture: You are an author of many successful novels. How did you get into the comic book genre?
Maurene Goo: I was actually contacted about it from the editor! But I’ve always had an interest in comics and visual storytelling, so it was a really easy yes from me! Comics were always a part of my reading life. As a kid I loved reading the comics in the newspaper and all things Archie, and Calvin & Hobbes. Then I went through an obsession with the X-Men animated show, and I also worked on a huge history of Marvel comics book that kind of pushed me further into the comics world. And like most people, I love the MCU so when I was asked to write Silk, not only was the timing right, but I felt very enthusiastic about the opportunity to finally get into comics.
2. TPC. Silk #1 arrives this Wednesday, which you are writing. Will you be laying down some groundwork of this young character’s life?
MG: A little bit…I wanted this series to have Cindy evolve a bit past some of her issues—with trusting people, her anger. It’s all still there but I wanted her to have a bit of a fresh start too (new job, new foes), which of course will open her up to different challenges.

3. TPC: How important, in today’s climate, do you feel it is to have a strong presence of an Asian American female character?
MG: I don’t really have a straightforward answer for this because there’s a lot of complexity to it. One, the idea that women always need to be strong. That we are always measuring ourselves against men. I understand that we’re working against historically bad and limited representations of women, but I also think it’s important to show women with all their flaws, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses, too. Because they also deserve to be seen! I hope Silk shows all sides. Second, violence and racism against Asian Americans is nothing new, sadly. It’s just gotten worse during this pandemic and now, gets more attention (which I think is good!). If my portrayal of Silk makes Asian American girls and women feel empowered—I would feel incredibly grateful and happy about that. I just wish it wasn’t so rare to see and that the world was a better place for us so that we didn’t need it.

4. TPC: Will you introduce new heroes and or villains in the Silk series?
MG: Yes! I am really excited for everyone to meet the new characters. A couple will be familiar to some readers (maybe??) and some will be completely new.

5. TPC: Where can fans purchase your novels and also read upcoming news about your projects?
MG: They can buy my novels anywhere books are sold! But I have links to everything on my website, I am also active on social media and most news updates can be seen on Twitter or Instagram, where my handles are @maurenegoo. Thank you!

Silk #1, Marvel Comics, written by Maurene Goo. Art by Takeshi Miyazawa. Arriving tomorrow at a comic shop near you.

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