Insta 5 – Rapid Fire Q&A with Sneaker Designer/Entrepreneur JB Kustom Kickz

Check out ALL of the amazing sneaker designs on the JB Kustom Kickz Instagram page–> @jbkustomkickz  

1 – Trending Pop Culture: What is JbKustomKickz?
JBKustomKickz:  JBKustomKickz is me!   I’m a custom shoe designer and artist.  As an avid sneakerhead, I decided to combine my love of sneakers and art to create kicks that are as one of a kind as my clients.

2 – TPC: When you were young, what was your favorite kickz?
JBKK:  That’s a great question!  Growing up in New York, you had to have a clean shoe game!  My favorite had to be suede Pumas… not expensive but those were the kicks I rocked.

3 – TPC: How did the idea of your business happen?
JBKK:  During covid, I think many people became inspired to try new things… so I decided to give customs a try.  I bought some supplies and created some “Purple Rain” customs for myself.  I took some pictures and started my Instagram and Twitter accounts.  People starting asking me to create for them and that’s how it started.

4 – TPC: And wait, you’re working on sneaks for legendary artist Alex Ross?!?
JBKK:  Yes!  I’m excited to have created a pair for Alex.  Comics have been a part of my life since I was a kid, so combining my love of superheroes and sneakers seemed natural.  I sent Alex a message on Twitter and he liked my work.  He commissioned me for a pair of Atomika customs.  Atomika is an independent comic from Mercury Comics.  He loved them so much he commissioned me to create a pair of Kingdom Come custom sneakers for the 25th anniversary.  I’m working on those as we speak!

5 – TPC: How can fans reach out to inquire about a pair of specialized one-offs for themselves?
JBKK:  The best way to reach out is through Instagram and Twitter.  Send me a message on either platform and let me create customs as unique as you!

TPC: Thank you for “stepping” in for this Insta 5 session!

JBKK:  My pleasure!  I appreciate the opportunity to share my story and my work with your audience.

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