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While doing our daily stroll through social media, we were looking for a hot trending pop culture post(s) regarding trading cards, we found Just Rip It. Trading cards are back (they never went away really). Now, thanks to an idea/concept Mr. Charlie Parrino (Founder/CEO) has here, the resurgence is happening. We were fixated on the live video we were watching. The energy level Charlie exudes is infectious. We spoke with the founder for a brief Q&A about this innovative new way to capture a key card(s). 

Trending Pop Culture: How long have you been a card collector?
Charles Parrino: Since the age of 7 years old, I was intrigued and fascinated by collecting and trading all types of cards!

TPC: What is your favorite sport to collect cards from as a hobby and or monetarily?
CP: Tough question, but I was an astute collector of the 1959 Fleer The 3 Stooges set. Growing up and watching the stooges as a young boy, I later spent a lot of time and money completing the set and I currently own 2 of the 14 PSA graded wax packs known to the world! Outside of that, I enjoy all the trading cards of all sports.

TPC: The four major sports; Your teams, MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL.
CP: In order: Yankees, Raiders, Lakers, NY Rangers.

TPC: Which personal card have you obtained through a pack that is part of your “holy grail” collection.
CP: Too many to mention! Cards and packs of all kinds!

TPC: The card that eluded you the most is….?
CP: The 1959 Fleer The 3 stooges Curly PSA 10! It has to be out there!

TPC: Let’s talk this incredible concept/idea of “Just Rip It”. How did this idea come to fruition? And explain how it works.
CP: As old Vintage packs and big-time boxes increased in price, I thought it was much more affordable and easier to buy a single card in the pack, or a single pack in the box. As far as Vintage packs, I loved the concept of having our customers “relive” their youth and remembering memories as a kid in opening their favorite packs again on a live broadcast! I have worked on Wall St. for over 35+ years and the idea came to fruition when my kids asked why they couldn’t buy the entire company they liked versus shares of stock. I said you can’t afford the whole company but you can buy shares. At that point, the Equity Pack idea was born. Our customers can either buy a percentage, otherwise known as a share, in the pack. After we open it, we all share in the profits of the entire pack! At the same time, we have the anticipation and excitement of opening an old fresh pack.

TPC: How can collectors go about grabbing a spot(s)?
CP: To participate in any of Just Rip It’s products, collectors can go on, make an account and buy any random card/share/pack/spot of vintage or new trading card breaks they see on the website. Making an account is imperative because collectors will be able to earn reward points to use toward future purchases. Once the item sells out, Just Rip It will rip it open live on the next broadcast ( or our Facebook page and collectors will be guaranteed a card that, if they are lucky enough, could be worth up to thousands of dollars depending on the grade.

TPC: Where does the show take place? And who is in the cheering section when you pull a Jordan sticker or a George Brett?
CP: The show takes place in our studio in South Florida. We like to refer to the cheering section as our “support-student section” who erupts when we pull a big-time card. It’s just what we do here at Just Rip It, we cheer on our collectors because it is not just a business, it’s a community. 

TPC: Do you have a preference on opening certain wax packs from certain years because of what could be pulled? Which sport do you get most excited for to RIP? Or you get amped up for any of them?
CP: My favorite is the older packs (pre-1960). One set, no autographs, relics, refractors, etc. , just a piece of cardboard treasure…plain and simple!

TPC: Which moment thus far has been the most shocking during a broadcast? 
CP: There is never a dull moment at Just Rip It! We once pulled a Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown out of the SAME 1959 Topps Football cello pack! Any great pull isn’t really a shock as we here at Just Rip It feel at any moment, history can be made by pulling a pack fresh gem mint card for our customers!

TPC: Do you have a favorite card series (year/sport)? If so, why?
CP: I do not judge or favor any sport or year. If they are old and pack fresh, I love them. They are my little babies and sometimes I can get a little upset and even emotional when the pack sells out and it will finally breathe air for the first time in decades! Then the thrill and adrenaline take over and it is RIPPED!

TPC: There are some (us too) that attribute the new interest in cards to Gary Vaynerchuk getting involved. Do you know about Gary V? What do you think of the Gary V Topps set?
CP: I know Gary V and I know his take on the business. Sports cards long before Gary were a great investment and have even beat out the S&P 500 for many years. One thing for sure, he can only help the business by spreading the word and his love for the game of collecting! Lastly, I heard of his set and knew that was coming!

TPC: We think “Just Rip It” is also attributing to the resurgence in the card game. Is there a plan B for this monster when it gets too big?
CP: As we say on Just Rip It…We will not stop until every pack on the planet has been RIPPED! Outside of the mid-’80s and ’90s when they produced an infinite amount of wax and cellos, the vintage packs will slowly be removed from the market, by yours truly! Next, we are working on a financial-based product for people of all ages. We will keep you posted!

TPC: What current cards are hot and which should fans look out for?
CP: Anyone in the HOF will always be hot! The next generation is now starting to appreciate the Jordan, Gretzky, Jeter, Manning legends, but the current guys that are HOF bound like Lebron, Brady, and even future younger stars like Trout are always on the radar as well.

TPC: How often are you Ripping the wax packs?
CP: We usually let them build up and go live every Tuesday, Wednesday, and sometimes Thursday. We jam in the packs while eliminating the long dull and boring shows other companies do. Our goal is to just rip like there is no tomorrow. Our Equity packs also have a unique show and we make it a very enchanting process of Ripping!

TPC: We see that Just Rip It does charitable contributions, to whom?
CP: Yes, we offer special “Charity Packs” in which a portion of our net proceeds go to Victory for Veterans, based in NJ, which supports the homeless vets. 

TPC: Where can collectors find Just Rip It?
CP: Nice and simple. Collectors can visit as well as many articles featuring myself and the Just Rip It process! Subscribe to our YouTube channel at

TPC: Thank you so much, Charlie, for stopping by. We’ll continue to watch this fantastic concept. You have the last word!
CP: We want to thank everyone who read this entire article. Just remember when you invest with Just Rip It, no collector will ever be alone because you are joining a growing community! Let’s continue to make our mark in the industry. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch all the action! 








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