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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for comic releases on 8-1-12

Well since the Avengers movie has made a boatload of money, it’s no surprise that one of the unsung heroes in that movie will be getting his own ongoing title this week. Fan favorite Hawkeye gets the nod here in Hawkeye #1. Of course InvestComics has been telling you guys/gals for years now to get Tales of Suspense #57 (First appearance of Hawkeye). Besides that gem for only $1000, take a look at Hawkeye’s first solo comic from 1983 at your local comic shop. It was a 4 issue limited series that included Hawkeye’s origin in the first issue. For only $3, this is a nice comic to own. Look for the new Hawkeye series to do very well out of the gate.

Another very interesting number one issue from Marvel this week is First X-Men #1 from the legend Neal Adams. We don’t really have to dote about Neal Adams right now because InvestComics has done that plenty of times. So much so that InvestComics TV has a four part video interview with Neal on its You tube Channel. Click HERE for Part 1, HERE for Part 2, HERE for Part 3 and HERE for Part 4! With First X-Men #1, Neal has a history with the X-Men and this obviously is not the first time he’s touched an X-Man.  The debut of Neal’s X-Men came in Uncanny X-Men #56. Check out your comic shop’s wall for this beauty at around the $240 mark.

The Marvel Comics number one issues are abound this week! Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #1 follows in the footsteps of 1995’s The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe #1. Marvel has had great success with the Kill all books, The Punisher Kills #1 would be up on your LCS’s wall for only $20.

DC Comics continue their crusade re-introducing characters into the New 52 universe with Earth 2 #4. The new Atom-Smasher makes his debut here. Going all the way back to 1940 you’ll find the first appearance of the Golden Age Atom. However, in 1999 you can find the first appearance of the Godson of the Atom in JSA Secret Files #1 Mr. Albert Rothstein; A.K.A. Atom-Smasher. Get the JSA book for 5 bucks and the All American comic for $40,000. Yes God-Papa has a handle on the value front here.

Artist Howard Chaykin is back into the comic book scene this week with an independent creation that knocked the socks off of many readers back in 1988. The comics came in these poly bags to protect comic collectors from just thumbing through the comic. It was quite the risqué book back in the day. This week Howard goes back to his roots and gives us Black Kiss II #1. Will this comic be poly bagged too? It is 2012, different time, but it will be interesting to see if it’s just as risqué and left out there for anyone to pick up. Either way, collectors should definitely pick up Mr. Chaykin’s comic. He’s still quite the storyteller both with words and visually.

In case you haven’t heard, Todd McFarlane is back on Spawn. He’s also figured out another way to make lots of money again. Although not a new idea buy any means at all, he’s doing it in consecutive intervals. Quite simple actually, just do homage covers every single issue and watch the money pour in. Each of the last few issues have featured homage to various comic covers, but with Spawn featured on it. This week Todd pays homage to the hottest property on the planet; Walking Dead. Now how long before everyone else starts doing this in their regular monthly title?

Check out some other number one issues coming your way this week. IDW’s Love and Capes What To Expect #1, Deadworld War of The Dead #1 and Infected #1. Image Comics’ Think Tank #1 and Harvest #1. Look for Harvest #1 to fly off the shelf. And finally Ape Entertainment got a hold of a hot children’s property; Strawberry Shortcake. Incidentally, the first Strawberry Shortcake comic debuted from Marvel’s imprint Star Comics back in 1985.

That’s it this week. Be sure to check your local comic shop for all of the comics mentioned in this article and tell them that InvestComics sent ya!

Scroll through the InvestComics Hot Picks Covers of the week below.

See you next Sunday!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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