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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for 9-19-12.

This week InvestComics would like to take a minute to thank a few people/websites for their tremendous support. As of last week, InvestComics is now appearing on the front page of the very sexy website Mancave IC has its own Comics tab on top as well as its own section right on the front page. I will personally be appearing within the pages of the magazine with exclusive articles/Interviews………..big things coming down the pike with this magazine. Click right HERE to visit the awesomeness that Mancave Playbabes is bringing.

And speaking of Awesome, if you haven’t signed up or heard yet about ComicWow! It has taken the comic scene by storm! Debuting at the Baltimore Comic Con, personal friends Josh and Mike are making serious noise here. Interviewing the likes of Erik Larsen to Stan Lee! InvestComics is proud to be working closely with ComicWow! to bring goodness to all comic book enthusiast. InvestComics looks forward to meeting up with ComicWow! at the New York Comic Con 2012 to maybe make some noise together! Go visit ComicWow! right HERE and sign up. It’s the social network for everything comics and then some. Special thanks also to Comic Con Cuties at Baltimore Comic Con. You guys rock! Go now to their Facebook page and follow them. You’ll be glad you did!

And now to our regularly scheduled program.

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Another week, another slew of DC Zero issues. Within the past couple of weeks, InvestComics has given the reader a basic synopsis of the Zero issues and then elaborated on each one. This week we’re going to stick to the same game plan, but deliver you the first appearances of the focal character or team. And no, we are not going the route of EVERY single first appearance, i.e. Post Crisis, Pre Crisis, Earth 247, Zero Countdown, Golden Age, Silver Age, 52, Post Flashpoint, etc….you get the idea. We’re going to stick to basics. That would be basics for everyone except for the big cheese known as Shazam and also Captain Atom. Why Shazam you ask? Well because he’s Shazam. Why Captain Atom? Well because his first appearance…..well just read ahead.

Justice League #0 brings Billy Batson to the forefront in this zero origin issue. DC will probably press very hard in making Shazam relevant again, and that’s okay. There’s nothing like trying to rival your own character base (ahem Superman). Shazam first appeared in 1940, Whiz Comics #2 from Fawcett Comics to do JUST that, rival Superman. It wasn’t until 33 years later in 1973 (yes we can count!) that DC Comics bought the rights and Shazam appeared in his own number one issue. So go out and get that 1973 issue before Shazam becomes extremely relevant as he has done from time to time. Only this time, with Hollywood lurking, it’s only a matter of time before we see this character on screen. Or maybe not, Justice League anyone?

The women dominate this week as they have six of the thirteen Zero issues. First up the Mecca of all Superhero women…. Wonder Woman. Just how many times has this character been redone over the years? So many times, it’s comical. So with that, Wonder Woman #0 reveals something from her past and a new villain to boot! Looking forward to that villain! We all have a past don’t we? WW first appearance came in All Star Comics #8 (1941). Supergirl #0 gives readers the answer to that burning question they always wanted to know, as Krypton was falling apart and about to blow to smithereens, who sent Supergirl to earth? Okay… staying on topic of the “ridiculousness”, Supergirl’s TRUE first appearance came in Superman #123. So what is the ridiculous part of this you ask? How about that there are two first appearances listed for Supergirl as; Super-Girl and Supergirl. Absurd. Moving right along, Batwoman #0 features Kate Kane and say her size 9 foot on the cover? Kate’s first appeared in 52 #9. Amethyst makes her much awaited reentry into the DC Universe. Right? You were waiting admit it. Maybe not. Anyway, Sword of Sorcery #0 begins anew with the ever so missed Gemworld. You did miss Gemworld too, right? Find Amethyst’ first appearance in Legion of Super-Heroes #298 (1983) sitting in some 25 cent box someplace. Although it does say on the cover that the 16 page preview story is an instant collector’s item! Awesome. Birds of Prey #0 shows us the first meeting between Batgirl and Black Canary. Let the fun ensue! Catch the first Birds of Prey in Black Canary Oracle Birds of Prey #1. And finally, rounding out the six females this week is Catwoman #0. Much like the first appearance of Supergirl with the hyphen or no hyphen, Catwoman’s TRUE first appearance is in Batman #1. Yes THAT Batman; Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson. The character appeared in this issue simply known as “The Cat”. Good enough, that’s her first appearance.

Now back to the boys. Jamie Reyes is the Blue Beetle in Blue Beetle #0. Jamie first appeared in Infinite Crisis #3 (2006). The Red Hood (Jason Todd) first revealed himself in Batman #635.

This week Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 reveals how Jason came back to life after the classic storyline “A Death in the Family” put him to death in the hands of the Joker. Ah the good old days. The good old day’s also brings us back Space Adventures #33 (Charlton – 1960) featuring the first appearance of Captain Atom. This first appearance was brought to us by the legend Steve Ditko. Do you need any other reason not to own this comic? Revisiting the Shazam platform here, DC acquired the rights to Captain Atom and he appeared in his self titled comic Captain Atom #1 in 1987.

From Jason Todd to Dick Grayson, Robin’s that simply have issues working with Batman (maybe the DC Universe needs a human resources department?) Nightwing #0 reveals the origin of Dick Grayson as Nightwing. The first time Dick Grayson is the Nightwing character is in 1984’s Tales of the Teen Titans #43.

Legion of Super-Heroes #0  – The first appearance of the team Legion of Super-Heroes happened in 1958. Adventure Comics #247 gets the nod here. Green Lantern New Guardians #0 forms a new team and DC Universe Presents #0 comes at us with some good stories (we hope) with some characters we really don’t care about, but want to.

Marvel Comics treats readers to a reprint issue in Thanos Final Threat. This book covers the Avengers Annual #7 and Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2. These are classic comics that need to be in your collection if you want to jump on the next “Darth Vader” of the Sci-fi movie world; Thanos.

Two independent comics to check out this week are Pound Ghouls Night Out #1 and Ghost #0.

That’s it for this week. See you next week!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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