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Welcome to InvestComics Batman Checklist (Part 1 of 3)

Yes as promised, the new Batman movie is coming out on July 20th and InvestComics has your Batman checklist. As accompanied the Spider-Man checklist, a small video was teased yesterday regarding all of the picks that you will be reading about. Not all of the comics made it into the video this time around, but a nice montage nonetheless. Take a look at some of the great artist that have graced us with THEIR image of Batman…..some fantastic comparisons of the different vision of these great creators over the years. Some have been left out, but not on any merit of simply missing them! If you have a favorite that was omitted, please let us know in the comments below!

Although Batman has a 25 year head start on Spider-Man, Do you think Bats rouge gallery pales in comparison to Spidey’s? Let the debate begin! That said, take a look at the InvestComics Spider-Man checklist Part 1 (HERE) and Part 2 (HERE) and notice that Spider-Man’s first 50 books have some significant first appearances. Of course there are lulls within the series, but it seems to happen more often for the Batman series than it does for Spidey. This is absolutely no knock on Batman here, just something that was more noticeable during the research through the Batman books.

So because Batman does have a jump on Spider-Man by 25 years, the InvestComics Dark Knight Checklist will run in 3 parts. First part here will be the self titled Batman comic, second part will be the Detective Comics and the third will be some cool extra appearances and other Batman comics. So without any further ado…..


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Batman #1 – At approximately $400,000 for this Batman comic, besides Detective Comics #27, obviously, this is the Mecca of all Bat books. This comic boasts the first appearance of one of the most if not THE most recognizable villains of all time the Joker.

Batman #5Speaking of the most recognizable villains, how about one of the most recognized automobile in the history of the world? Yes folks Bruce Wayne debuts his new chick magnet in this issue. The Batmobile.

Batman #11The first Joker cover in the Batman series. $10,000 gets you this one.

Batman #16Every rich bachelor needs a butler right? Another 10 grand gets you the most famous butler in comics history. Alfred.

Batman #20The start of the car magazines right here. The first time the Batmobile makes the cover on a Batman book.

Batman #25Evil meets evil and a beautiful relationship forms. The first team up of Joker and Penguin right here.

Batman #47 – An early retelling of Batman’s origin. Priced accordingly!

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Batman #59The first appearance of Deadshot. Whenever Warner Brothers decides to get into the comic book movie business full tilt, Deadshot will probably have a place in a movie. You heard it here first.

Batman #62An early Catwoman origin.

Batman #90This is the first comic code approved issue. Boy that’s a big stamp!

Batman #92 – ….While Batman comics brought the pop culture the most famous villain and automobile in history, it certainly didn’t deliver the most famous dog ever. Here is the first appearance of Ace the Bat-Hound. Yes Ace the Bat-Hound.

Batman #97The first Silver Age issue.

Batman #98With every car there are secrets….right? Not sure what this even means, but this comic reveals “secrets” of the Batmobile. Gadgets and cool stuff are revealed here.

Batman #105The second appearance of Batwoman.

Batman #111Over the years Batman has donned some Bat-armor. Some cool, some not so cool. Batman wears armor for the first time in this issue. This falls into the “not so good” category.

Batman #121Mr. Zero, first appearance.

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Batman #130Bruce meet Lex, Lex meet Bruce. First time Superman’s nemesis shows up in Batman’s comic.

Batman #139The first appearance of the original Batgirl.

Batman #155The first Silver Age Penguin appearance.

Batman #171The first Silver Age Riddler appearance.

Batman #181The first appearance of the lovely Poison Ivy.

Batman # 189First appearance of the Silver Age Scarecrow.

Batman #200Anniversary issue! Batman origin retold.

Batman #218The Bronze Age comics begin here.

Batman #232A first appearance of significance in sometime within the Batman run. Ra’s Al Ghul makes his debut.

Batman #234 First Silver Age Two-Face appearance.

Batman #237The first appearance of the Reaper.

Batman #357Here’s the first appearance of a new Robin named Jason Todd along with a first appearance of a new villain named Killer Croc.

Batman #366Jason Todd dons the Robin costume for the first time.

Batman #391 – First Modern Age Batman issue.

Batman #400A huge anniversary issue. A who’s who in this issue as far as creators go. A very special issue to own.

Batman #404, 405, 406, 407As Todd McFarlane was a game changer to the Spider-Man franchise (artistry), Frank Miller was to the Batman franchise. Not so much for these particular comics though, but one of the most important 4 part storylines in the Batman run done by Miller here. “Year One” began the inspiration for some many others creators to start their own “Year One” story lines. That all said, the Batman comics and persona in general took a turn onto a path that has never looked back beginning here.  …..more on Frank Miller in part 3 of the InvestComics Dark Knight Checklist.

Batman #414Following Frank Miller only 7 issue prior comes Jim Starlin. Jim Starlin writing Batman, nuff said.

Batman #417Jim Starlin then goes on to write a fabulous storyline called “Ten Nights of The Beast”.

Batman #426, 427, 428, 429 Then Jim Starlin comes back to put the comic book world on its head in 1988 with the storyline called “Death in the Family”. Fans got to vote to either off Jason Todd or not. The Joker won. Jim Starlin talks about the death of Jason Todd in an Interview on InvestComics TV right HERE. He also talks about Thanos HERE in part 1 of the 3 part interview. Cool stuff.

Batman #436 It didn’t take too long for DC to get into Robin mode again. The introduction of Tim Drake right here.

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Batman #442Tim Drake puts on the Robin Costume. Wow is the costume still warm? Geez.

Batman #457 DC wants Tim to get his own identity with the whole Robin thing, so it’s new costume time!

Batman #475 The first appearance of Renee Montoya, a.k.a. Question II.

Batman #489First Jean-Paul Valley as Batman.

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Batman #497Well it finally happens in this issue. What so many have tried to do before. Break Batman’s will and break his back….literally. Bane accomplishes this wonderful task that so many before have failed at. A very important comic in the Batman series here as it’s the catalyst to the Dark Knight Rises movie coming out on the 20th. Why is this comic so affordable at only $5? Well at one time, this comic was as hot as a commodity can get. It’s obviously cooled down significantly due to the fact that the comic is a very accessible one to get. Vengeance of Bane one shot would be the way to go. More on that in Part 3 of InvestComics Dark Knight Checklist.

Batman #608Jumping some 100 plus issue later we come up to the next man responsible for bringing Batman to the “next level” if you will. Artistically speaking that is, thank you Mr. Jim Lee.

Batman #612Jim Lee is also responsible for one of the most prolific Batman covers of all time, at least in the modern era. Superman choking Batman…..classic.

That’s it for now! See you tomorrow with Part 2 of InvestComics Dark Knight Checkist!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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