Batman Checklist #2


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Well here we are with part 2 of our Batman Checklist. In this edition we’re going to focus on the comic that first introduced us to the Batman. Detective Comics are up next…..

Batman Checklist (Part 2 of 3)

Detective Comics #27 – Okay so if you live in Riverdale or maybe even Asgard you probably won’t know what this comic signifies. But we are here to educate aren’t we?! This is this first appearance of Commissioner Gordon. No really it is…but this isn’t the reason this comic goes for a whopping 1.2 million dollars. This is the birth; the entrance into the DC universe of the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

Detective Comics #29 – The first appearance of Dr. Death.

Detective Comics #31 – You can venture a guess on JUST how important a comic book character is when the listing’s of the book contain first appearance’s of his gadgets and modes of transportation. This here folks contains the first look at the Batarang and Batplane. No big deal right? How about $70,000 for this comic? Yes thought so.

Detective Comics #33 – if there was a comic that was as important as Batman’s first appearance it’s this comic right here. The origin of Batman coming in at the $85,000 range.

Detective Comics #36 – First appearance of Dr. Hugo Strange and Batman’s finned gloves. Yes those little pointy glove things….first appearance. Yes he’s an important dude.

Detective Comics #38 – Ah yes the Boy Wonder! Robin makes his first appearance right here. Boy oh boy if that Robin character only knew what he was to get into. Death, bad guy, resurrected, new identity, new costume, replaced, quit……..etc. But this isn’t about the second fiddle dude, although this sidekick does command some big bucks here. Say around $85,000.

Detective Comics #45 – The first Joker story within the Detective Comics series.

Detective Comics #58 – First appearance of the Penguin.

Detective Comics #66 – The villain Two-Face makes his debut here.

Detective Comics #108 – ….And in this issue we see the famous Bat signal for the first time. This comic cost a measly $900.

Detective Comics #140 – What website gives you a great way to stock up on your portfolio? InvestComics! See that was a feeble attempt at a riddle. Here’s another bad attempt… Why can $8000 get you your first riddle? Because $8000 will get you the first appearance of the Riddler!

Detective Comics #168 – A two-fer issue! The first appearance of the Red-Hood and Joker’s Origin. A nice $6k buy.

Detective Comics #205 – Ever wonder how the Batcave got to be the Batcave? Well here’s the explanation comic on that thought. The origin of the Batcave!

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Detective Comics #225 – Here’s a nice book to own. The first appearance of Martain Manhunter.

Detective Comics #230 –The debut of the Mad Hatter. Hatman!

Detective Comics #233 – The first appearance and origin of Batwoman. An underpriced $2,000.

Detective Comics #235 –The Batman costume gets its own origin comic!

Detective Comics #265 – Batman origin with new reveals.

Detective Comics #267 – First appearance and origin of Bat-Mite.

Detective Comics #327 – The Bat symbol is changed in this issue.

Detective Comics #359 – The New Batgirl debuts here. Nice costume!

Detective Comics #369 –Game changer creator in a Batman comic; Neal Adams draws a backup in this issue. More on Neal Adams in Part 3!

Detective Comics #370 – And sticking with Neal Adams here. This comic is the first Neal Adams Batman art. The last issue was his debut inside of a Bat book, but he didn’t draw Batman. He did a backup story. The same month though he did the Brave and the Bold #75 cover which also featured a Batman cover, but this comic came out before that one.

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Detective Comics #373 – The first appearance of Mr. Freeze.

Detective Comics #523 – Debut of Killer Croc.

Detective Comics #526 – 500th anniversary issue with every single Batman villain ever appearing in it!

Detective Comics #587 – The first work of creator Alan Grant.

That’s the Batman Detective Comics list……check out Batman Checklist Part 3!


Invest wisely. Read Batman comics.

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