InvestComics Hot Pick Spotlight – Extreme Venomverse #5

Extreme Venomverse #5. Release date 7/19/23.
The Extreme Venomverse series has delivered the past few issues with first appearances galore. This Wednesday will be no different. It looks like we may get three, definitely two for sure. The first will be the new Venomverse Baseball player welding a baseball bat as a Venomized weapon. The second will be Marvel taking a meek shark character and making it into something insane; Jeff The Land Shark will be a new addition to the Venomverse. And lastly, we’re not too sure who or what or even if there IS a third Venomverse character being introduced. Is that the new character with the sword on the cover here?

Here is what we wrote about Wednesday’s new release; Extreme Venomverse #5 in this week’s Hot NEW Comics Arriving On Wednesday 7-19-23
Extreme Venomverse #5 – First appearances all in this one. Check out Jeff The Land Shark; Venomized. Also, Major League? We think that’s his name, but it’s a baseball player that gets Venomized. He keeps his baseball uni on and his bat is included in the Venomination (see cover). Who knows if a shark and a baseball player will ever move the VenomVerse speculative needle, but you never know. Look for more possible first appearances in this issue.












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