InvestComics Hot Pick Spotlight – Mark Millar’s Big Game

Big Game #1 – Release date 7/19/23.
This new Mark Millar series will so epic. The mini-series will focus on bringing together the entire MillarWorld universe under one umbrella, one comic story. This means we’ll have ALL, not some, ALL of the Mark Millar created comic books in one setting. Including, Kick-Ass, Jupiter’s Legacy, Nemesis, Wanted, Kingsman, Super Crooks, Reborn, MPH, Prodigy, Huck, The Magic Order, and probably more we have inadvertently forgot.  How about the newest addition to the MillarWorld family, The Ambassadors. Will they be a part of the great world Millar has conjured up? Hopefully they are, we’ll see.
The new release will come with a bunch of variant comic covers with various Millar creations on each. We await with bated breathe for this new series.

Here is what we wrote about Wednesday’s new release; Big Game #1 in this week’s Hot NEW Comics Arriving On Wednesday 7-19-23.
Big Game #1 – This comic will be sold out by the time you reach the end of this article. Image Comics will gather up ALL of the Mark Millar franchises into one universe story. Some of the named franchises are Nemesis, Kick-Ass, Kingsman, and The Magic Order. Image Comics says there are some major surprises headed our way here with this debut issue. It’s very simple actually, Mark Millar is a badass. The man has literally created his own superhero universe with characters young and old, sane and insane, from worlds not of our own. Hopefully we’ll see Jupiter’s Legacy, Wanted and his latest just month ago, The Ambassadors. (UPDATE: We did not see some of the variant covers until after this article was written). This comic will be a huge hit. Maybe a major villain will be introduced in Millar’s story to unite all of his universe. A Thanos/Galactics/Darkseid type. Well, guessing on that last part, but a big comic no matter what happens. Big Game is going to be Big Time. Mark Millar writes and Pepe Larraz will draw. And the Kick-Ass cover paying subtle homage to the Dark Knight is lovely.

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