InvestComics Hot Pick Spotlight – Knight Terrors Angel Breaker #1

Knight Terrors Angel Breaker #1. Release date 7/26/23.
DC Comics kicks into full throttle with their new dream realm event universe in Knight Terrors. The new event is not only spawning new two-issue miniseries, but it’s also spawning new characters as well. Almost every issue will feature a new dream sequence character. One Knight Terrors comic that caught our eye is Knight Terrors Angel Breaker #1. It’s the first appearance of Angel Breaker in her own number one issue.  And we’re quite sure that thing on the cover of Knight Terrors Detective Comics #1 is a first appearance as well. If not, it’s definitely a first-cover appearance. But this Hot Pick Spotlight is about our girl Angel Breaker. A speculative comic no doubt. 

Here is what we wrote about Wednesday’s new release; Knight Terrors Angel Breaker #1 in this week’s Hot NEW Comics Arriving On Wednesday 7-19-23.
The Knight Terrors Angel Breaker #1 is an actual first appearance number one issue of the Angel Breaker character. That’s possible speculative joy right there. Here are the rest of the Knight Terrors releases, Knight Terrors #2Knight Terrors Harley Quinn #1Knight Terrors Titans #1Knight Terrors Detective Comics #1and Knight Terrors Action Comics #1. There are probably more, we missed them inadvertently. If you see one that’s not listed here, check it out for a “first”.








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