InvestComics Hot Pick Spotlight – Venom #23

Venom #23. Release date 7/26/23.
The speculative market is seriously onto this one. The first appearance of a new symbiote. The variant MJ cover is not indicative of the new symbiote we’ll be seeing this Wednesday. We can say that very confidently. There are so many variant covers with this new release, we randomly picked the MJ variant for the eyeballs. Part of the marketing ploy to get the fanboy to look.
There is a “secret variant” available that Marvel is not showing as of yet, we bet that is the first appearance cover. but we have included SOME (of many) other variants below to check out.

Here is what we wrote in this week’s Hot New Comics Arriving On Wednesday 7-26-23 regarding Venom #23.
Venom #23 – The new Toxin is about to truly shake things up. And a new character will be making their debut. You best pick this one up.










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