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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 1-23-13.

Two quick mentions before we get to the Hot Picks…..

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Let’s get started with the week full of first appearances and more…..


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Marvel is going with the release of two number 1 issues this week, both team books. First we have Young Avengers (2012 2nd Series) #1. The series will put together Wiccan, Hulkling, Marvel Boy, Ms. America amongst others. All the first appearances here are obviously very affordable and easy finds. So with that, Wiccan’s first appearance could be found in within the pages of Young Avengers #7, Hulkling’s is in Young Avengers #1. Ms. America’s first is in Marvel Now’s! Vengeance #1. The best offer out of the above mentioned characters has to go to Marvel Boy. This particular Marvel Boy that appears in the latest Young Avengers book first appeared in his self titles book Marvel Boy #1 (2000). The great catch with this Marvel Knights comic is Grant Morrison writes and J.G. Jones Pencils. A nice creative team to say the least.

The second team to cover this week is Uncanny X-Force (2012 2nd Series) #1. This series packs more punch with their ensemble. For starters there is Storm. Storm first appeared in the legendary Giant Size X-Men #1 (1975). The first appearance of the new X-Men…..and Storm. At a mere $1500 in the aftermarket, it really is an undervalued book at the moment. More so, the CGC market has seen almost 4100 of these comics graded. Not much bang for your buck here unless you can pull off the elusive 9.8 grade. Only 86 have been graded in this area. Now that is some nice cash waiting for you if you can find a high non-graded at the $1500 mark. Get your hands on a copy of the Giant Size X-Men #1 if you can. Not so much for the Storm first appearance, but for the New X-Men. Psylocke is also a part of the Uncanny X-Force team and New Mutants Annual #2 (1986) is the spot to find her first appearance. The attraction to this comic however is the same as Marvel Boy #1, the creators. Written by Chris Claremont, with art by Alan Davis. A relatively easy to find comic and in some cases in the one dollar bins at your local comic shop. Puck of the highly underrated Alpha Flight team will be on the team as well. Here’s the scoop on Puck’s first appearance. Alpha Flight was a tremendously popular comic back in the early 80’s, much to do with the popularity of both the team and John Byrne. It was also a time when print runs were a bit high. An Alpha Flight comic never commanded the aftermarket the way it should have. Alpha Flight #1 (1983) peaked out at the $15 mark at one time. I have personally seen at a few conventions almost an entire long box of number one issues selling at a buck a piece. There are simply too many of these comics floating around. Here is another indicator as to why the market is not so kind to Alpha Flight #1. There are about 462 graded issues right now out there. 263 of them are graded a 9.8! That’s a bit top heavy. If there were lower print runs, this comic would gain the respect it needs in the aftermarket, but for now it remains a great comic to read through, put away and wait another 80 years for it to have any sort of value. When Marvel does get around to making that Alpha Flight movie, you better have all of those Alpha Flight #1 issues ready to blow out. The first appearance in the Uncanny X-Men would be the one to get……but another time for that. The villain known as Spiral will be a part of the Uncanny X-Force team. Spiral first appeared in Longshot #1. A onetime very hot sought after comic. Not so much these days, but you can still find it on Ebay for a smaller price than it was about 12 years ago. So go grab it. This one time hot character will eventually be hot again. You should get on the ground floor here. Granted there are 53 9.8 graded books, but there are only 97 submitted. Meaning if you get a high grade, you can flip it easier because not that many are graded overall. Get your paws on some great copies of the beautiful artistry from Art Adams at $8/$10 and grade them. Sell a few, hold onto a few. Wrapping up the X-Force crew here we have Bishop and Cluster. The same applies for Bishop as did Puck, but worse. Great character, great comic, too many available. Uncanny X-Men #282 (1991) was the beginning of the end for the speculative market back in the 90’s. Way too many to be had or worth anyone’s while in the aftermarket nowadays. 25 cent boxes at the local convention….happy hunting. Should take you about 4 seconds to find it. And finally, Cluster; is actually a character spawned from Fantomex. Fantomex first appears in New X-Men #128 (2002).

InvestComics had a special Hot Picks section that ran in the Hot Picks 10-3-12 article. Within that section included a bunch of steamy X-Men covers from past to present. This week Marvel is at it again with Wolverine and the X-Men (2011) #24. Take a look at the past article right HERE if you’d like.

DC’s Batwoman (2011 2nd Series) #16 will be introducing a new hero. That’s always fun and exciting. NOTE: Be sure to pick up any of the first appearances within the New 52 because eventually one of these characters is going to hit big. Birds of Prey (2011 3rd Series) #16 will bring in a new member to the board named Strix; of the Court of Owls. She first appeared in Batgirl #9 (New 52). The Blue Beetle (2011 3rd Series) #16 comic (final issue) will lead right into the new series called THRESHOLD (not sure if the new series will be in all uppercase, or if DC added the dramatic CAPS to It. the suspense is killing me!).

And this week we wrap up with telling y’all to be sure to check out Answer (2012 Dark Horse) #1, looks very interesting.

See you next week. Invest wisely.

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Jay Katz


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