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InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 3/4/15

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Princess_Leia_1_InvestComicsSpider_Woman_5_InvestComicsMarvel Comics is wasting no time with their favorite new toy. That new toy being Star Wars of course. With a boatload of Star Wars #1 variants, then a Darth Vader #1 release and now a Princess Leia #1 release this week. A bit of Star Wars overkill here maybe? A Star Wars fan will say no way! There could never be enough Star Wars right? Anyway, the Princess takes center stage within the suddenly strong female leads in the Marvel Universe in some time. Silk, Spider-Gwen , Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman (more on her in a little bit), Thor, A-Force, Angela, and a few dedicated “variant woman of Marvel covers” appearing this week. So yes the women of Marvel are making some serious noise. About time! Now back to the Princess. Leia will bring a ridiculous amount of variant covers as has Star Wars #1 and Darth Vader #1. There is one very cool variant i recall with Leia holding Luke a’la Amazing Fantasy #15 cover that came from the Star Wars #1 variants I believe. Very neat. Cool book to have Stan Lee and the Princess herself to sign, get graded. You can check out that variant on Ebay right HERE. Lots of activity on that book. So is there anything making the speculator really keep an eye on this comic this Wednesday? Well one thing to note is that since Leia debuted in Star Wars #1 in 1977 (Marvel), she’s never had a self titled solo book. Crazy right? So that’s a nice plus. Which leads into the bigger reason here on why the speculator should really think about getting this book. Since Princess Leia never held her own title we never got a full story dedicated just to her on a level to which Marvel is about to take it. This could possibly mean an introduction or two without an announcement anywhere of it coming. Will it be a character that appears in the new film(s)? Will it be a spinoff of another Marvel title? Who knows? Thing is, the speculator needs to keep a close tab on this one.

Detective_Comics #32_InvestComics Blackcross_1_InvestComicsNew_52_44_InvestComicsMarvel really wants readers and non-fans alike to pay attention to Spider-Woman. In Spider-Woman #5 it’s all new everything going on here. New costume, new powers (last issue), new cast member and new status quo. A few variant covers display our girl in her new duds, but it’s the Kris Anka design cover that comes in as the most interesting. However, it’s the Siya Oum $30 variant that is sold out already. Will Marvel ever get the Spider-Woman character right? Will the new everything and a new cast member after only four issues do the trick? Maybe. Maybe not.

So what do you do when you have a fan favorite title of a b character, a character like Hawkeye? Well you end it and start over right? Huh? Yep, when you’re Marvel you can do things like that. All New Hawkeye #1; There are possible hints that there could be new things happening in the way of a new character or maybe not. Either way, the Hawkeye character solidified himself as a character that fans will back if the right story and art comes with it. We shall see what comes of this series and if it becomes as hot as its predecessor.

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DC Comics start their new gimmick this week with the movie variant covers. There is nothing really to gain monetarily here unless you really want to work for it. First off, if you see or want a movie variant you like, buy it! If you like the way the movie variant looks or it’s a homage to a favorite movie of yours, buy it! They are all cool looking covers. That all said, if you want to get some unique comics to sell then do this. Get the Detective Comics #40 this week; a Matrix homage, and get it signed by Keenu Reeves, Brian Stelfreeze and Francis Manapul. The latter two are the easy gets. Getting Keenu would be the hard get and the prize, but hey nothing is impossible. Be sure to have that witness verify your signature, get a 9.8 grade and you have a very nice flip variant for yourself. Good luck!

All_New_Hawkeye_1_InvestComics Blackcross_1_InvestComics Citizen_of_the_Galaxy_1_InvestComicsAnd DC’s Convergence is right around the corner. Check out Earth 2 #32 as Darkseid is kicking some major as*. Only a few copies of this one being sold on Ebay right now. And New 52 Futures End #44 will lead directly into the Convergence story line. And the cover is absolutely surperb! Only two copies of this one on Ebay. Better grab it! Click the RED link before it’s too late!

As Convergence is taking shape, Marvel’s Secret Wars is shaping up too. Check out another prelude issue in Avengers #42 and Avengers World #18 revels some answers for fans following that story.

An interesting Marvel team-up book will have fans very happy this week. Check out Guardians Team-Up #1. Not only will the Avengers be teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, but the creative team will be Brian Michael Bendis and Arthur Adams. Sweet. Did you know the old Guardians of the Galaxy team first appeared together with the Avengers in Avengers #167 in 1978? (Click that RED link if you want to bid/buy that comic right now). The newer team appeared together with the Avengers in the War of Kings Saga #1 (early 2009). The new GOTG also appeared together with the Avengers in late 2009 in Guardians of the Galaxy #18.

A bunch of number one issues to check out this week. CLICK the RED Links and go straight to Ebay. Buy or Bid on the comics right now within this article!

IDW’s Citizen of the Galaxy #1 is sold out already at Midtown Comics. Although it’s not too often IDW really commands big bucks in the aftermarket, they put out some great stuff for the fans. Just a heads up too, there are only two issues of this comic up on Ebay at the present moment. You may want to grab one in case your local shop doesn’t have any. Click the RED link and buy/bid on one now if you really want it.

Descender #1 looks like a hit right out of the gate for Image. The team of Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen sure does help. Couple that with an interesting story and you have demand. So much so that the variants on Ebay are selling wildly. If you’re in the market for one of these, you better click the RED link to get in early here. Looks like we may have a hot book here. That said, remember one thing. Sitting on a modern hot variant does not always equate to money a year from now. Studies, graphs, charts and indicators reflect a severe decline in many of the hot modern variants. If you can make money on your purchase, then do so. Waiting is a sure sign of two things. Greed and you possibly losing money. Be a speculator and not a fanboy that falls in love with a comic you intend to flip. And the other rule, fall in love and buy comics to read because you love the comic and never intend on flipping it too. Simple.

Avengers_42_InvestComics Avengers_World_18_InvestComics Guardians_Team_up_1_InvestComicsThe awesome talents of Eric Powell delivers Big Man Plans #1 from Image Comics. This comic is showing a few of the regular covers on Ebay, but only one variant at the moment. Seems like a distributing story to read to yourself and not the kiddies.

Speaking of awesome talents, Warren Ellis steps to the plate with Blackcross #1 (Dynamite Entertainment). Quite a few very nice variants hit with this release. None of the covers are covers that doesn’t turn the eye. Lets hope the inside is as good as the outside. With Warren Ellis at the helm, it’s probably, most likely going to be a good inside.

…..And more great talent with a debut issue this week. Con Job #1 by Jimmy Palmiotti and cover by Amanda Conner. A very unique story that centers around comic conventions. Jimmy knows a thing or two about doing conventions, so inspiration was probably not a hard find here for Jimmy with this story. Sounds like a fun comic and one to definitely pick up.

Nailbiter and Hack Slash meet up in the same comic; Nailbiter Hack Slash #1. Nailbiter #1 was a big deal for a little while there. If you click the RED link you’ll see there are still plenty of Nailbiter #1‘s signed/graded copies being watched. Funny thing here is that there are no Nailbiter Hack Slash #1 comics available on Ebay at the time of this article. I’m quite sure there will be plenty in due time, just not right now.

CLICK the RED Links and go straight to Ebay. Buy or Bid on the comics right now within this article!

Vampirella will venture into new alternate universe stories in Altered States Vampirella #1. Looks like she’ll encounter some zombies for the first time on a zombie planet. No copies on Ebay at this time.

Descender_1_InvestComics Earth_2-32_InvestComics Nameless_2_InvestComicsGrant Morrison’s Nameless #1 received high praise from fans and sold out quickly. Will the trend follow this week with Nameless #2?

Pussycats #0 is one of those gratuitous covers that will catch a fanboys eye to pick up and look at. Although this is probably very true, the story does seem intriguing. A sexy thriller put out by an independent comic company called E-Comix. No copies on Ebay available at this time. A rare comic that if it gets hot, like it’s cover, we could see some price spiking here.

A few more number one comics to check out this week are; Neverboy #1 (Dark Horse), Winterworld #0, Halogen #1 and Monster Motors Curse of Minivan Helsing #1.

Finally, remember Mad Libs? Those were fantastic and still are. They are always coming out and are a fantastic cursor in helping develop command of the English language. Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, etc. Anyway, pick up a copy of DC Comics Super-Hero Mad Libs #1 and have hours of fun with the kids while they learn! A great way to spend time with your older friends and family too. Use your own adult “action words” to make your super-hero do “special things”.

Con_Job_1_InvestComics DC_Mad_Libs_1_InvestComics Pussycats_0_InvestComics

Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

(Images courtesy of, MidtownComics) (No Fanboys image from

Live long and prosper.

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