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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 7/22/15

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A new series from writer David Walker and artist Ivan Reis/Joe Prado coming this Wednesday; Cyborg #1. Look for this series to do very well. The Cyborg character is on the cusp of really breaking out. More possible movie announcements forthcoming and the added creative team here on this comic adds a positive direction for Cyborg. His first appearance was in DC Comics Presents #26 (1980), as was it the first appearance of the New Teen Titans. And that book at any price is still a great book to own these days.

Cyborg 1 InvestComics
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DC Comics Presents 26 InvestComics
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Book of Death Bloodshot 1 InvestComics
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Justice League Gods and Monsters Batman 1 InvestComics
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Last year the Enormous comic from 215 Ink was huge (no pun intended). This week 215 goes back to the well with a new number one; Enormous #1 vol 2. Expect some of the same drive toward the book as the regular and variant copies are sold out already. The first volume was well crafted and the potential television show made for more attractiveness from the speculator. If the speculation doesn’t pan out this time, you most likely still have a great read in your hands, which is as equally important if not more so.

Valiant Entertainment is firing on all cylinders these days with their Book Of Death story line. Book Of Death Fall Of Bloodshot #1 focuses on the ultimate demise of Bloodshot. A few visits to some comic conventions this year, I have run into quite a few fans regarding Valiant Entertainment and their product around their booth. The common thread among all of the fans is content. The story telling is the driving force behind Valiant’s success these days. I agree. This is what makes comic books fun, not the 57 variants of a new number one comic, not a 3D cover, not a gimmick, a good story drives a comic. 100% of the time and Valiant is all over this. If you are not familiar with Valiant and what they are offering, you really should check them out, you’ll be hooked.

Captain Canuck 2 InvestComics
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Crystal Warrior 1 InvestComics
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Marvel Age 1 InvestComics
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Enormous 1 InvestComics
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Weirdworld #2 informs readers that a “Crystal Warrior” appears. Does this character have anything to do with the Crystal Warrior from 1983? Marvel Age #1 (1983 first appearance) and then a month later in Crystal Warrior #1 (1983) Ha! Both with Walt Simonson covers too! Probably way off here, maybe not, but either way man those Crystal Warrior books were fun.

Justice League Gods and Monsters Batman #1, a prequel to the DC animated movie. Buy the awesome DVD right HERE. The Darwyn Cooke variant is sold out. Also sold out, but across the board on this one; Archie vs Sharknado #1. It’s Sharknado man, come on gotta love it!

Captain Canuck #2 from Chapter House Publishing. An all new threat for the Captain in a backup story. The Captain is making a comeback!

Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible #1 (Graphic India). This character was spawned from new comic book day. Now a new new series. Pick it up for the kids, great stuff here.

Star Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 (Marvel) and Wolf #1 (Image Comics) are books to get your read on. Wolf #1 has the speculation edge here though if any.

Archie vs Sharknado 1 InvestComics
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Wolf 1 InvestComics
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Weirdworld 2 InvestComics
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Star Lord and Kitty Pride 1 InvestComics
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Stan Lee's Chaka the Invincible 1 InvestComics
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