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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 4/13/16

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Strange Tales #151
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Each week InvestComics seeks out a comic(s) on Ebay for $100 or less and then brings it to the attention of our fans. We call it IC 100 Club Pick. The idea is to get a great book at a great price. We do not own nor are we selling these comics. The comics are found by a random process. We do not know the ebay seller(s), nor are we promoting the Ebay seller. Any knowing from the Ebay seller of InvestComics or its affiliates is purely coincidental. (See disclaimer for more details).

IC 100 Club Pick: Strange Tales #151 8.5 (1966) – This amazing high graded comic is only $85 with FREE shipping. Two legends provide the cover art here; Jack Kirby and Jim Steranko. This comic is Jim Steranko’s first Marvel art. A fantastic Silver Age comic for only $85 and free shipping. 

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Harley Quinn #16
Harley Quinn #16 – (WonderCon Variant) – Click To Buy/Bid
Harley Quinn And Her Gang Of Harleys #1
Harley Quinn And Her Gang Of Harleys #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Batman Superman #31
Batman Superman #31 – Click To Buy/Bid
Black Canary #10
Black Canary #10 – Click To Buy/Bid









We mentioned in last week’s Hot Picks article that the new Superman comic crossover event “Super League” will be one to keep an eye out on for a possible first appearance(s). This coming week in Batman Superman #31 we may have a peek at something either brewing or a first appearance. Buy each issue of this mini-crossover event happening in all of the Superman titles. You’ll be getting a fantastic story line and with possible first appearances popping up. Super League part 2 this Wednesday.

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Sticking with the “we mentioned this” dialog, back in March of 2015 (ICHP #365) InvestComics gave readers a heads up on the Harley Quinn #16 (2015) comic. That comic features the first appearance of the Gang of Harley’s. Here is a copy and paste dialog from that article back in March of 2015,Harley Quinn #16 will feature the debut of the Gang of Harley’s. What more do you need here really? A Harley comic with an introduction? Yes, massive potential here. Two $15 variants are sold out. The Left hand variant and the right hand variant. No really, those are the variants. Be sure to click the red link to buy/bid on Ebay right now if you want this one. There is also a very cool WonderCon variant as well.Not only is this a cool comic to own, but debuting this week; Harley Quinn And Her Gang Of Harley’s #1. Yes it’s a mini-series, but how long before we get a regular ongoing here? Writers Frank Tieri and Jimmy Palmiotti will get this series going. Grab that Harley Quinn #16 now before the other websites make this their own pick, thus causing the fanboys to dry everything up. One more thing about the new Harley book. Jimmy Palmiotti announced on his Facebook page that if you buy the cover with the blank spot on it (pictured in this article), you can draw on it and Jimmy will post it on his page. Buy it, get cracking!
…..Also, don’t forget that InvestComics has the ultimate Harley Quinn checklist that includes the first appearance of Gang of Harley’s and MANY other cool first appearances as well. Go there now, click HERE.

A possible intro of a new villain in Black Canary #10. Check it out.

Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #2
Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #2 – Click To Buy/Bid
Gwenpool #1 – (J Scott Campbell Variant) – Click to Buy/Bid
Howard The Duck #1
Howard The Duck #1 – Click To Buy/Bid













We’re going to reminisce once again. Back in June of 2015 (ICHP #376), we said this;
Marvel’s Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #2 will be part of the Spider-Gwen craze. How about Gwenpool? Spider-Gwen as Deadpool sounds like a match made in aftermarket heaven doesn’t it? Let’s see if Gwenpool ever gains traction, if she does, she first appears right on the cover as part of the Gwen cover variants all over Marvel’s books right now. Only one of these available on Ebay right now”. Well there you have that. We received quite a few thank you emails and messages regarding that pick for our fans. Although some speculators will say this is not Gwenpool’s first appearance, it kind of is. One of the grading companies actually has the information on their slab that says “Gwenpool on cover. Predates Howard The Duck #1.” Not only does it predate the supposed “official first appearance”, but it predates Howard #1 by 5 months. We have always felt that Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #2 is in fact the first appearance, not the comic from 5 months later.
Rant time…..There are so many comic book issues that deserve better cataloging than the grading companies give them. It’s a bit absurd the way they control the market in that way. If Wolverine SAYS his name and you SEE him, in his entirety, the absolute FIRST time anyone has ever seen Wolverine, THIS is his first appearance, not the following issue. It’s absurd to throw the word “cameo” into the mix in these books. The same works with the Gwenpool character. The first time fans ever see Gwenpool is on the COVER of Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #2, with her NAME on top of the book! The grading companies say otherwise and the comic book aftermarket has to follow suite. Too much power there and if the eyes actually SEE a character in full gear and a name is said, not a shadow or a hand or a leg or a mention, then it should be their first appearance, end of story.
With all of that out of the way, we gave our fans a heads up back in mid 2015 and the Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #2 book is still a key comic in the modern collectors market. We had a feeling that Gwenpool was going to be a big deal someday. She did become a big deal. Now this Wednesday Gwenpool stars in her very own ongoing series; Gwenpool #1. A whole bunch of variants will accompany the release and sellouts will occur. The Stacey Lee Incentive cover is sold out. The J Scott Campbell Paris Expo variant will be a hot ticket. Look for Gwenpool to continue her rise to the top.

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Moon Knight #1_1980
Moon Knight #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Marvel Spotlight #28
Marvel Spotlight #28 – Click To Buy/Bid
Moon Knight #1
Moon Knight #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Werewolf By Night #32
Werewolf By Night #32 – Click To Buy/Bid

If you have followed InvestComics for the better part of our 11 year existence, you will know how much we love the Moon Knight character. We have spoken about Moon Knight so much on this site, but with the constant urgency to buy low during a lull in the market for him. We’ve reminded fans of Werewolf By Night #32 (1975), Marvel Spotlight #28 (1976) and Moon Knight #1 (1980) on numerous occasion. We said to purchase them when they were hundreds of dollars less than they are now. Crazy thing is, there still may be more upside room for these comics. We have a complete Moon Knight checklist right HERE if you are in search for some key issues.
There are so many rumors about Moon Knight these days. So many times fans think maybe this rumor will come to fruition and it never materializes. It will happen eventually. Marvel (Disney) wants to have an answer to DC’s Batman (Dark Knight) and Moon Knight (White Knight) is their answer. This week fans are introduced to an eighth volume of Moon Knight with the release of Moon Knight #1. The creative team consist of writer Jeff Lemire and amazing artist Greg Smallwood. Have you seen the pencils Greg is laying down? Wow. The Eric Powell incentive variant is sold out. Look for more sellouts as word gets out that this series is killing it.

A major turning point in Silver Surfer #3. We had a major turning point a few months ago at the finale of the previous series. So now we have another? Okay.
A new Star Wars one shot from Marvel comes out Wednesday; C3PO #1. It’s a one shot for a reason. Well a couple really. One, to gauge the interest and two, Marvel probably does not have enough confidence in a solo ongoing for C3PO right out of the gate. Hence the one shot. A ton of pointless variants for this issue are available. We hope a regular ongoing series never sees the light of day. Ask yourself this question, do you see yourself buying a monthly story about C3PO? We don’t. And please no fanboy emails or messages about our opinion. Please go elsewhere, you don’t belong here.

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Jackpot #1
Jackpot #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
C3PO #1
C3PO #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Blade Bunny #1
Blade Bunny #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Black Road #1
Black Road #1 – Buy/Bid
Heartthrob #1
Heartthrob #1 – Click To Buy/Bid








Marjorie Lui’s Monstress #5 hits this week. A new ongoing series from Ray Fawkes and Marco Failla from After-Shock Comics; Jackpot #1. Look for this story to catch on with readers. A very nice Andrew Robinson 1:10 variant out there.
A new Anime style comic from Antarctic Press will see a possible sell out; Blade Bunny #1 looks like a winner. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray’s Delete #1 received rave reviews. Check out the follow up; Delete #2.

A bunch of number one issues will be available from various independent publishers. Here are some we feel are worth checking out.
Black Road #1 (Image Comics), House of Penance #1 (Dark Horse), Hot Damn #1 (IDW Publishing), Actionverse #1 and Princeless Make Yourself #1 (Action Lab Entertainment), Aether And Empire #1 (Blue Juice Comics), Goldie Vance #1 (Boom Studios), Heartthrob #1 (Oni Press), Erathune #1 (Stranger Comics).

Silver Surfer #7
Silver Surfer #7 – Click To Buy/Bid
Actionverse #1
Actionverse #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Monstress #5
Monstress #5 – Click To Buy/Bid
Goldie Vance #1
Goldie Vance #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
House of Penance #1
House of Penance #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Erathune #1
Erathune #1 – Click To Buy/Bid








Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Tommy #1

Invest wisely. Read Comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

UPDATE: We inadvertently left out the winner of the Tommy #1 variant from Creature Entertainment! The random winner is……….Vince Jason Rodriguez!! Congratulations Vince!! Be sure to contact us with your info so we can mail out your book!

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