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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 8/17/16

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New to InvestComics? Please read the Disclaimer here before proceeding…

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What If Planet Hulk #1
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Each week InvestComics seeks out a comic(s) on Ebay for $100 or less and then brings it to the attention of our fans. We call it IC 100 Club Pick. The idea is to get a great book at a great price. We do not own nor are we selling these comics. The comics are found by a random process. We do not know the ebay seller(s), nor are we promoting the Ebay seller. Any knowing from the Ebay seller of InvestComics or its affiliates is purely coincidental. (See disclaimer for more details).

IC 100 Club Pick: What if Planet Hulk #1 (2007) 9.6. InvestComics fans know that we have spoken about Planet Hulk for years. We’ve recommended the Planet Hulk books at quite a few conventions (you know who you are) and right here on the InvestComics website. Now rumor has it that Planet Hulk might be gearing up for a movie theater run JUST as we said it would many years ago. This comic is graded a solid 9.6 at a nice price of only $99. It features the first appearance of Skaar, Hulk’s son. Maybe Skaar will make it to the World War Hulk movies when those come around. 

Before reading ahead, we feel we need to warn you that our articles contain very harsh truths in them. Not vulgar language, just a good solid dose of honesty. They always have, they always will. If you are easily offended, cannot come to terms that other people have opinions too beside yourself and especially if you’re a fanboy, discontinue reading. Go back to the other places selling you the farm. This is NOT the place for you. We’re here to have fun and not lie to you. Thank you and enjoy!

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All New Wolverine #11
Click to Buy/Bid – Wolverine #11
Click to Buy/Bid – Hiketeia
Captain America #428
Click to Buy/Bid – Cap Amer #428
Captain America Sam Wilson #12
Click to Buy/Bid – Sam Wilson #12

Speculator alert; Dark Horse’s Briggs Land #1 is in development at AMC television. You may want to pick up a copy in case the show blows up (or ever sees the light of day). Don’t want to be left behind now do ya?

Todd McFarlane will parody his own creation this week. Spawn Kills Everyone #1 is written and drawn by the team of Todd McFarlane and J.J. Kirby. Nothing like seeing some goofy (yet amazing) McFarlane pencils on these pages. Every cover is as good as the next. Our fav is the Liana Hee variant. Buy this comic, read it, enjoy. Also admire Todd gracing us with his talent.

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That Jim Lee Scooby Apocalypse #4 cover is stellar. We’re loving it. And speaking of Mr. Lee, he will begin a new series this Wednesday with writer Rob Williams; Suicide Squad #1. Does anyone know if this series will suddenly be canceled after seven issues due to the workload Lee takes on? Will this be a limited series? Let’s hope not, because it would be refreshing to actually see a comic series from Lee that goes for a longer haul and not less than a year. A Lee by first name actually kills the variant cover. The Lee Bermejo Harley Quinn variant is amazing.

Spawn Kills Everyone #1_Liana_Hee
Click to Buy/Bid – Spawn – Hee
Spawn Kills Everyone #1_JJ_Kirby
Click to Buy/Bid – Spawn – Kirby
Spawn Kills Everyone #1_McFarlane
Click to Buy/Bid – Spawn – McFarlane
Suicide Squad #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Suicide #1

Batman finds himself in a fierce battle with Gotham in Batman #5. Writer Tom King and artist David Finch have turned it up in this series.

Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #1, written by Julie Benson/Shawna Benson and art from Claire Roe. An all female creative team on this book. It’s going to kick all kinds of as*. Supergirl Rebirth #1; written by Steve Orlando, art from Emanuela Lupacchino/Ray McCarthy.

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Find out who the Americops are in Captain America Sam Wilson #12. And just in case you’re wondering, Americop first appeared back in 1994’s Captain America #428. Look at that over the top 90’s cover too, very much like the current cover! Awesome. The Americop’s first appeared a few issues ago in Captain America Sam Wilson #9. Now you’re all caught up with your comic book police detail. See, we’re always looking out for ya! Protect, Serve, Invest Wisely and Read Comics.

Power Pack #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Power Pack #1
Civil War II Choosing Sides #4
Click to Buy/Bid – CW Choosing #4
Gwenpool #5
Click to Buy/Bid – Gwenpool #5
Scooby Apocalypse #4
Click to Buy/Bid – Scooby #4

InvestComics covered this on our Facebook page a few months ago. (Join the Facebook page right HERE!) We are absolutely in love with the All-New Wolverine #11 cover by Bengal. The cover, we think, no mention of it, pays homage to J.G. Jones’ Wonder Woman Hiketeia (2002) cover from DC Comics. It’s kind of obvious right? Similarities are striking. No matter really, both covers are splendid! Now we hope the Wolverine story will be as good as the Wonder Woman story. Tall task to ask. 

Gwenpool meets Miles Morales for the first time in Gwenpool #5.

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We’re going to dial it back a bit and bring an excerpt from a past article on InvestComics and a Facebook post. We first mentioned the Marvel superhero group Power Pack more than seven years ago on InvestComics. There have been countless times thereafter. We want to copy and paste what we said more than three years ago right here because we still have a strong belief in these statements. Then we are going to copy and paste what we wrote on our Facebook page, which we still hold strong beliefs on as well. (InvestComics 2010)“….Power Pack is based on a kid team right? What better time than the present to get a kid team off the ground and running to a possible cartoon later on? Why not, it’s possible right? Marvel and DC have proven that their cartoon series’ are successful; this would be a no brainer if Marvel hits it with Power Pack. Want more collector nourishment? How about that there are 40 total graded Power Pack #1’s (1984) and a bit top heavy at 20 in the 9.8 range? 7 signature series books, with one in the 9.8 spot. Although the top heavy 9.8’s are a bit of a turn off, it’s still early in the game as they say. Many collectors can find the first appearance of Power Pack sitting in the 50 cent bins at their local comic shop or comic convention. Do not sleep on these kids…kids. Why would Marvel be bringing them back if they didn’t possibly have a plan in place for them? It could be a long shot you’re right, but at 50 cents apiece, what’s to lose right?” (Facebook 2015) “News on the Marvel Studios front. Now all of the heads will be reporting directly to Disney. Disney will eventually take over complete creative control of Marvel’s movies. It’s inevitable right? That said, one comic InvestComics spoke about back in 2010 could be coming more to fruition than not. Power Pack would be a tremendous Disney film, right in their wheel house. Buy Power Pack #1 (or the entire set) for minimal money right now. Great story telling (and 1st appearance) from Louise Simonson, art by June Brigman.”

Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Birds of Prey #1
Batman #5
Click to Buy/Bid – Batman #5
Click to Buy/Bid – Briggs Land #1
Supergirl Rebirth #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Supergirl #1

So now you’re asking yourself, “what’s with all of the Power Pack talk?” Well, glad you asked. This Wednesday Marvel will bring back Power Pack once again. Check out Civil War II Choosing Sides #4 for the “return” of Power Pack. Will THIS be the lead in year for a major cartoon or plant a seed for a movie down the road? We don’t know for sure, but we do have a strong feeling that Power Pack will eventually be a major player in the Disney/Marvel universe via the small screen or the big one. It only makes sense that Disney has a huge “kids” demo right there in front of their faces. Someone either realized this (finally) or are starting to realize it and wants to seek the potential first by testing the comic book audience. Buy the first appearance of Power Pack in Power Pack #1 (1984). Check out ALL available Power Pack comics on Ebay right HERE. They’re affordable and great comics regardless.

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Chapterhouse Summer Special 2016 #1
Click to Buy/Bid – 2016
Click to Buy/Bid – AMZ SDMN #583
Brik #2
Click to Buy/Bid – Brik #2
Demonic #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Demonic #1

Remember the President Obama/Spider-Man cover? the Amazing Spider-Man #583 (2009). This week, the equivalent to that Spidey book comes out from……..Canada. Chapterhouse Summer Special 2016 #1 features the new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau right on the cover with Captain Canuck. The comic features all sorts of previews and short stories. An all around great comic for fans.

….And some other comics to check out this week;
Demonic #1 (Image Comics). Devil Dogs Guts & Glory #1 (American Mythology). Backstagers #1 (Boom Studios). Oni Press follows up their sold out Brik #1 with Brik #2.

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.

Captain America Sam Wilson #9
Click to Buy/Bid – Sam Wilson #9
Devil Dogs Guts & Glory #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Devil Dogs #1











Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.

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