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This week, new comic book release day 10/25/17.

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Buy/Bid – Amazing Spider-Man #790
Buy/Bid – Thanos #12
Buy/Bid – Daredevil #28
Buy/Bid – Captain Marvel #125










It’s no secret that InvestComics has informed comic readers time and time again that writer Charles Soule is bringing the Daredevil character to a new place in storytelling. This week Daredevil #28 promises to rock your world on the last page. We wait with bated breath. Ron Garney illustrates. Ron too….Ron too. Man these guys are fantastic.
It’s Thanos vs his son Thane in Thanos #12. The finale.
A NEW Thor story that does not star Jane Foster as Thor. The original Thor makes it into a new comic book. Thor: Where Walk the Frost Giants #1. Creators Ralph Macchio and Todd Nauck.

Buy/Bid – America #8
Buy/Bid – Silver Surfer #14
Buy/Bid – Marvel Boy #1
Buy/Bid – Thor Frost Giants #1
Buy/Bid – Moon Girl #24








Keep an eye out on all of the new Marvel Legacy books. A lot of first appearances popping up and one is bound to break out. Amazing Spider-Man #790 may have a first appearance, so check that one out.
Captain Marvel #125 reveals the secret origin of Carol Danvers. Great Dan Mora Hulk homage cover too.
Marvel Comics solicits America #8 as the first appearance of Exterminatrix. Hmmm….that isn’t right. Maybe it’s the NEW version of this character. Exterminatrix first appeared in Marvel Boy #1 in 2000. This book was written by Grant Morrison. Art by J.G. Jones. That’s some creativity fire power there. America #8 from creators Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones.
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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #24 features an appearance of the X-Babies team. It’s been two years since we last saw them together. The last time we saw them together was in Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX #4. Guess who the writer, artist and cover artist was for that issue……yep, Skottie Young.

Jughead Hunger May 2017
Buy/Bid – Suicide Squad #28
Buy/Bid – Jughead Hunger #1
Buy/Bid – Gotham City #2
Buy/Bid – House of Horror #1








Suicide Squad #28 will bring back two long lost DC characters.
As already said here, the new Gotham City Garage comics will be a direct take from the DC Collectible statue line. Keep close to this series as we could see an introduction or two of a new character. Gotham City Garage #2 will be here Wednesday.

DC Comics releases a horror comic, just in time for Halloween, from a plethora of comic creators; DC House of Horror #1.
The Ruff & Reddy Show #1 comic looks as though it’s more of an adult themed take on the two Hanna Barbara characters. Ruff & Reddy were first introduced into the comic book world back in 1958’s Four Color Comics #937. The current series will be written by legend Howard Chaykin and drawn by Mac Rey. Should be a good read with good visuals.
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Buy/Bid – Heavy Metal #284
Buy/Bid – Iron Maiden #1
Buy/Bid – Sink #2
Buy/Bid – Spawn #279
Buy/Bid – Taarna #1







InvestComics Indie Hot Picks;
Writer Frank Tieri and artist Michael Walsh return to their hit Jughead Hunger one shot they were a part of back in May. That book sold out, quick. Not only will this creative team be coming back, Jughead: The Hunger #1 will be a regular ongoing. Yes They’ll bring it and Frank will do it his way. Not Sinatra, Tieri. He’ll do it…..never mind. InvestComics is team Tieri. Always. Brooklyn sticks together.
Keep a close eye on Spawn #279 as it teases the ‘evolution’ of a new character.
Hack/Slash: Resurrection #1. Creators Tini Howard, K. Michael Russel and Celor.
The follow up to the sold out number one issue; Gasolina #2 hits.

Scare Tactics #7
Santa vs Dracula
Gasolina #2
Eternity #1
Ash AOD #4

Buy/Bid – Sink #2 – JOCK

InvestComics usually reserves comment on a comic cover because it’ll probably end up in our ‘Best Comic Covers Of The Week’ post. Unless we feel it deserves a mention here because it’s that intriguing. Artist Pasquale Qualano pays homage to Todd McFarlane with his cover; Ash vs The Army of Darkness #4. Many artist have swiped the Amazing Spider-Man #316 cover, but we just wanted to point this one out. Okay one more cover to mention, Silver Surfer #14, Jack Kirby cover. It looks as though it’s on its way to a sell out too.
One of InvestComics’ favorite publishers graces fans with a great ‘fight comic’ this week. Check out Scout Comics’ Santa vs. Dracula. Tis the Halloween/Christmas season! Creators Ed Power and Melissa Dejesus. Also, Solar Flare, Season 2 #1; James Haick III and Branko Jovanovic.
Valiant introduces new worlds, new characters, new origins and more in Eternity #1. Creators Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine.
Heavy Metal releases three number one comics this Wednesday. Taarna will make her comic book debut after first appearing forty years ago in Heavy Metal Magazine #284. What took so long? Taarna #1 from creators Alex De Campi and Stephane Roux. Alex Ross covers. Eddie, from the heavy metal band Iron Maiden makes his comic book debut in Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast #1. Well, it’s sort of his debut. DC Comics featured ‘Iron Maiden’ in Scare Tactics #7 (1997). They never referred to Iron Maiden as ‘Eddie’, so yes/no on that first appearance. Look for Eddie and Taarna to continue their comic book lives after their debuts. Also from Heavy Metal; 1985: Black Hole Repo #1, creators Michael Moreci and Seth Sherwood.
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Comix Tribe follows up their sold-out Sink #1. Sink #2 from John Lees, Alex Cormack and Ryan Lee. The Steven Wilcox JOCK homage cover is red hot right now in the aftermarket.
Sugar Boogarz #1 (Cosmic Times); Michael Duron. This comic could be on delay this week.
Mazscara #1 (Red Anvil); Gary T. Becks.
Gao #1 (Antarctic Press); Alfred Perez.
No Room For Magic #1 (Keenspot); Adrian Ramos.
IM-6 #1 (Titan1Studios); Binne MacManamon and Roger Bonet.

Sugar Boogarz #1
Goa #1
Hack/Slash #1
IM-6 #1
Room Magic #1
Ruff & Reddy #1







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