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Amz Spider-Man #796
Avengers #681
Black Panther Annual #1
Dr Strange Damnation #1
Infinity Prime #1

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Amazing Spider-Man #795 featured the first appearance (well the first look) of the Red Gobin or Carnage Goblin or whatever the heck people are calling Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) these days. In any event, this comic sold out as speculators found their new “Cosmic Ghost Rider” speculative comic. Although we do have our thoughts on that particular character as opposed to the Red Goblin. A written thesis appeared on our InvestComics Facebook page regarding the first appearance of Cosmic Ghost Rider and the “big reveal” as well. In case you missed it, here is an edited version of that diatribe;
“According to so many sites and buyers/sellers another “hot” modern book(s) are Thanos #13, Thanos #14 and Thanos #15. The first appearance(s) of Cosmic Ghost Rider. Issue 15 being the “big reveal”. Some buyers are riding the hype train to the tune of $60+ for all three issues (sold on Ebay). This is excessive spending for a book(s) not even 3 months, 2 months and 1 month old. Excessive too because several sites and sellers are pushing these comics as the next coming of the first appearance of The Punisher. Take a deep breathe. Exhale.
There is a reason why a Ghost Rider comic never made it past 93 issues. 81 was the previous longevity for this book, then a significant drop-off from there. There is a reason the second Ghost Rider film bombed. Heck, the first movie made only 5 million more than its budget cost. There are reasons for this. As The Punisher is a fantastic character, he’s a great side story or teammate. He is not a front man. Maybe for a Netflix series, but that’s it. Same with Ghost Rider. Always better as a bridesmaid, never a bride. These comics are way overvalued for NO reason other than a whole lotta hype from uninformed websites, overzealous hype and sellers. Save that money collectors. Buy into an obscure Jack Kirby first appearance character, not this ridiculousness.
One thing we always mention…..As always, if you bought low and you can sell these comics, by all means make that cash for yourself. Money is good, nothing wrong with this if a potential buyer is willing to pay an exorbitant amount for a modern book. Reinvest in older potential books. Your gut. Let these modern book “speculators” help your cause in reselling if you can!
Maybe InvestComics will be wrong on this one. We’ve been wrong before! No one is perfect, but buying a modern book(s) containing a Frank Castle/Ghost Rider mash-up going for big money in the aftermarket is not learning from history, but listening to others creating a market that really should not exist.”

Well, there you have it. One fanboy was a bit hurt with the post even as we made sure to state in bold letters right at the beginning of the post; “OPINION based piece, if you leave any troll comments, you will get banned and deleted.” Put your big boy pants on please if you want to be a part of this conversation. Of course they found it extremely hard to hold back and not act like a big boy. We’re game to always have a conversation about topics, but making false accusations towards us, cursing, bullying, writing a negative five-word sentence, not stating facts, not having a coherent thought, is simply not going to fly. Put big boy pants on and converse in a manner that moves conversation forward. Agreeing to disagree does not make for adversaries, it makes us all human. All good. Trolls need a backseat here, always. So, back to the original topic here, this Wednesday, Amazing Spider-Man #796 features the second FIRST appearance of Red Goblin. Sounds ridiculous right? Yes it does, but fans are saying that the Red Goblin will “first appear” in Amazing Spider-Man #797 after seeing him in two books. The kicker is that Norman Osborn will not be completely “transformed” into the RED GOBLIN until that issue. Soooo, safest bet is to purchase any issue of Amazing Spider-Man that has a demonic looking red dude if you’re in the market for this first appearance. Amazing Spider-Man #796 is sold out, so get to the shop early if you are a bull. If you’re a bear, lay down and get to your shop later. We’re bullish on Red Goblin and bearish on Cosmic Ghost Rider. That’s our takeaway.

Batman Sins #1
Batman/Signal #2
Batman #41
Super Sons #13
Brave & Bold #1

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Ever yearn for an explanation or a complete checklist on the Infinity Gems in one comic book? Wait no longer, Infinity Countdown Prime #1 will provide just that. Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Deodato Jr.
Doctor Strange Damnation #1; Nick Spencer, Donny Cates and Rod Reis.
Black Panther Annual #1; Don McGregor, Christopher Priest, Reginald Hudin and Ken Lashley.
Marvel answers the question “Who is Voyager?” in Avengers #681. “No Surrender” part 7.

Hit-Girl #1 2012
Hit Girl #1 2018
Kick-Ass #3
Pumpkinhead #1
Trinity #18

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1st Issue Special #1

“Mother’s Day” part one; Super Sons #13. Writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Carlo Barberi.
Three Bat books to check out this week; Possible multiple introductions in the Batman and The Signal #2 release this week. Batman #41 marks the return of artist Mikel Janin. This issue will also begin an “epic” tale; “Everyone Loves Ivy” from writer Tom King. Finally, Batman Sins of the Father #1. Writer Christos N. Gage and artist Raffaele Ienco.
Trinity #18 features the all-out return of Warlord. Yes, he actually popped up in the previous issue, but we wanted to be dramatic here. Anyway, the reason this is being brought up is simple. Warlord first appeared in First Issue Special #8 (1975). 43 years ago. Written, penciled, inked, cover art by legend Mike Grell. A graded 9.4 copy is only $90 on Ebay. A great raw copy of this comic is in the $20-$50 range. Crazy. What’s more crazy is spending $25 on a raw 3-month-old book featuring the “stunning” first appearance of Cosmic Ghost Rider and this gorgeous piece sits out there. Then a 9.8 of the first Cosmic Ghost Rider will sell for double or triple the price of this 43-year-old comic. Boy are things upside down.
The Brave & The Bold Batman & Wonder Woman #1; Written and drawn by Liam Sharp.
Deathbed #1 (Vertigo); Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Riley Rossmo.

Musketeers #1
Punks #1
Shiver Bureau #1
Sonitus #1
The XII #1

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Deathbed #1
Bloodborne #1

InvestComics Indie Hot Picks; Indie comics do not always show up on Ebay right way. Please check back on a regular basis, some of the smaller print indie books usually list after new comic book release day or a few days after.
One of, if not everyone’s favorite Kick-Ass character is Hit-Girl. She debuts in her first on-going series this Wednesday. This isn’t the first time Hit-Girl has taken the solo ride in comic book land. Back in 2012, Marvel’s imprint “Icon” put out a five part series featuring everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed 13 year old crime fighter. This week, it’s back at Image Comics. This time to go further than five issues (hopefully). Mark Millar writes and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz will be on art duties. Original Kick-Ass gangster artist John Romita Jr. provides a variant cover or two. This new Hit-Girl series will…..dare we say it…….will we say it….? Kick-Ass! Haha! Speaking of Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl first appeared in Kick-Ass #3 (2008). 
Alterna Comics continues their awesome old style “comic print” comics in 2018. Fans are loving it because of the nostalgia and the good storytelling. This Wednesday, TWO new offering’s; Sonitus #1,  creators Cody Andrew Sousa, Dan Sheppard and Cecilla Lo Valvo and The XII #1 by Patrick Trahey and Luis Suarez.
Scout Comics hitting the InvestComics Hot Picks once again with their Wednesday release; Shiver Bureau #1 by Walt Ostlie.
A new team book within the Grimm Universe; Musketeers #1 (Zenescope Entertainment). Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco.
Pumpkinhead #1 (Dynamite Entertainment); Cullen Bunn and Blacky Shepherd. Strong sales here looking toward a sell out.
Bloodborne #1 (Titan Books); Ales Kot and Piotr Kowalski.
Punk’s Not Dead #1 (IDW); David Barnett and Martin Simmonds.

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