InvestComics Video – The Comic Con Survival Guide!

A guide for all Comic Convention (and non comic convention) goer’s! Check out what Jay (InvestComics) and Erick (ixtstudio) recommend for your journey into your next convention!

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3 thoughts on “InvestComics Video – The Comic Con Survival Guide!

  1. The bags/boards is a great idea. I use a backpack, which is meant to carry a laptop, so the inside has a flat surface & the backpack itself has lots of pouches on it. The pack was stocked with granola bars, bottle water, hand sanitizer, & phone.

    I forgot the tube which would have been a huge help. You talked about budget; I tried to pay credit when possible but there are many cash only sellers. One pricey item wiped me out of all my cash. I had to take the scenic route home to avoid the toll booths.

  2. continued from my last post…

    I don’t know what the right answer is but once you have a budget, either have all cash or use some ratio of cash / credit. (just remember to stay within your budget!) I’m not sure if there are ATMs near the convention; even if there are, you will prob ably wind up paying high service fees.

    Keep some emergency cash on your person. In the rare case your wallet or purse is missing or stolen, you have some cash to take care of business.

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