Joker makes a Marvel Universe Appearance!

Originally published in InvestComics magazine #2  July 2007

The Joker in a Marvel comic?? (…)

Released 1986 & 1989

Current Price: $1.00 (check bins @ LCS)

D.P.7 # 1 & Justice # 32

Marvel’s New Universe imprint came out back in 1986 with very big expectations. To Marvel’s dismay it lasted as long as their STAR line lasted. The only redeeming value Marvel holds on to is that both of these series’ DP7 & Justice lasted 32 issues. Marvel recently revamped the New Universe with a successful limited series New Universal. Okay so here’s why we dab into the New Universe. D.P.7 (Displaced Paranormals) is going to a Trade soon. An interest may arise once again for these “7” heroes. Highly unlikely but one never knows.

As for Justice # 32, it’s a New Universe comic, which is a Marvel book right? Then what the hell is the JOKER doing in a small panel?? DC got a little perturbed and tried suing Marvel over this comic but nothing ever came of it. The Joker makes a cameo in a Marvel comic, how cool is that?!?! Buying this comic for pure nostalgia reasons is a must. Here’s a fun idea, get it graded, see if they put any info on the description of Joker making a cameo!

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