NO REBOOT NEEDED: Continuity done the right way in LIFE WITH ARCHIE

Check out what Archie Comics sent over to InvestComics. Way to go Archie!

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? That’s the approach Archie Comics has taken in the midst of competitors overhauling their entire line in a bid to garner new fans. Feeling no compulsion for a drastic reboot, Archie and his friends have managed to adapt to the times with each passing decade, their personalities and relationships remaining intact.

Reboots are a tricky gamble in that while you may be offering new readers an accessible jumping-on point, you might be simultaneously alienating your current audience. The beauty of Archie Comics is that from generation to generation, Archie has prevailed due to a strong initial concept that never ceases to be relatable. Today’s Archie IS your grandpa’s Archie and every single issue is a great jumping-on point!

While the Riverdale gang can always be counted on for consistency, that doesn’t mean they’re opposed to growth. Life With Archie is the perfect model for how to do things right. It serves to develop the characters’ futures yet at the same time stays true to the core of who they are and does not betray where they came from for the sake of outlandish storytelling. The Life With Archie magazine explores two distinct paths for our red haired protagonist; one where he’s married to Veronica and another in which he wed Betty. A truly unique entry in the Archie universe, it manages to pay tribute to Archie’s 70 year history while carving a new path of its own.

For example, Pop’s number one customer Jughead is now the new owner of the Choklit Shop and Archie’s experience of fronting his own band The Archies has led him to becoming Riverdale High’s music teacher. Longtime Archie fans may also recognize Archie’s childhood friend Ambrose from the Little Archie comics from years gone by who has re-emerged grown up for the first time.

The Archie-verse has proven to be ever-expanding in both directions with the recent addition of Archie Babies, opening the door to yet another facet of Archie’s history.

So while other iconic heroes may end up unrecognizable after being re-envisioned, you can rest assured that Archie and the rest are still kicking around Riverdale, Jughead still possesses an insatiable appetite for hamburgers, and the ultimate question still remains: Betty or Veronica?

The first volume of Life with Archie will be collected in Archie: The Married Life packed with 12 issues of Archie’s potential futures! Available in comic shops Sept. 14 and Oct. 4 in bookstores everywhere.

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