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Rapid-fire Q&A with BOOM! Studios Ross Richie. A true comic book industry visionary. Follow BOOM on their Instagram -> @boom_studios

1. Trending Pop Culture: How has the BOOM! Studios brand fared during and coming out of the pandemic?
Ross Richie: We have seen staggering support from our fans an amazing amount of new comic book fans discover BOOM! during the pandemic. All I can do is be grateful and thankful for all the wonderful comic book nuts who have grabbed so many BOOM! books and refused to let go.

2. TPC: The BRZRKR comic is on absolute fire right now. Was it in the cards all along to have this series become a Netflix movie/show?
RR: We never worried about movies or TV. All Keanu wanted to do was tell his story as a comic and he really humbled himself to learn all aspects of the process of making comics, all the way down to word ballon placement and the ins and outs of distribution.

3. TPC: Staying on topic of absolute fire, BOOM! Studio’s Something Is Killing The Children is slated for a possible Netflix run. Is there any validity to the rumors? Would you like to see this as a LIVE action?
RR: There has been no formal announcement. I would love to see the story come to life in all formats: film, TV, love action and animated.

4. TPC: While the licensing stories are fantastic, what can you attribute to the massive success of the original story content BOOM! Studios offers?
RR: Our incredible creators have gifted us with their brilliance. Our hard-working editorial team helps our creators bring their visions to life. Our marketing team gets the word out, while our publishing team gets books to the fans! We’re nothing without our amazing fans and incredible creators.

5. TPC: Will fans see more “star-power” join the BOOM Studios team since Keanu Reeves kicked in the proverbial door? If so, can you drop a hint as to who?
RR: More star power joining BOOM!? What a great idea!

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