SDCC Wrap Up 2010 (Part 3 of 3)


Part 3 of 3




InvestComics picks from the SDCC Part 3 of 3

2010 will bring the Witchblade movie. The teaser poster alone looks awesome doesn’t it? Let’s hope the cover is as good as the content inside. Director Michael Rymer of TV’s hit show Battlestar Galactica will be at the helm for what InvestComics hopes to be a big success. Get Sara Pezzini’s first appearance in Cyblade/Shi # 1. This once HOT comic has cooled down quite a bit, but do not wait for it to heat up again once the movie hype starts up. This comic needs to be in your collection. Also look for rare variant covers, along with the first appearance the variants will be a hot item too.

Top Cow’s Magdalenawill be hitting the silver screen as well, maybe. This movie doesn’t seem as important to Top Cow as does Witchblade. InvestComics is thinking a straight to DVD release here. That said, The Darkness # 15 gives the fans a first look at Magdalena. ‘Patience’ (her alter ego name), is a sexy and interesting character that demands better treatment from Top Cow. As of right now though, it doesn’t look like she’s getting too much respect. Maybe as time goes on this will change, if it does you have a great first appearance in your collection. If things stay the same, you have a good read of an interesting comic book Goddess.

Devils Due is moving forward with their plans to release Hack/Slash as a film. It’s going to be a typical run of the mill T&A, blood gore horror film. Compared to the other horror films what’s so different here? Not sure. In any event, get the first Hack/Slash comic from 2004 Girls Gone Dead # 1 just in case the movie offers up something different than everything else we’ve already seen.

Ghostbusters is coming back strong with a video game that promises to kick some major butt. IDW will release a new Ghostbusters comic that will probably be a short lived success. 1987 saw First Comics release a Ghostbusters comic that had ‘nothing’ to do with the movie. It had a monkey as one of the Ghostbusters, nuff said. If you want to get the first true Ghostbusters comic you’ll have to go all the way to the UK to get it. Well not really, but the first comic was only available in the UKfrom Marvel comics. Good luck trying to get the # 1 issue, no one seems to have it or want to give it up! As said earlier though, this Ghostbusters hype will be short lived in the comic book world. Do not put all your slimer’s in one basket. The video game however will be huge, which does not always direct the comic book investment side. Who ya gonna call? InvestComics!

See you soon with updates on the SDCC throughout the website. Happy hunting everyone!

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