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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 6/4/14

1867289An extremely abbreviated version of the InvestComics Hot Picks this week, real life beckons; look for more on the InvestComics BuzzFeed Top Ten list coming out before Wednesday’s new comic book day.

Kevin Smith returns to a Batman title this week. This time the 1966 version in Batman ’66 Meets Green Hornet (2014) #1. Always a wonderful time when Kevin Smith decides to write a comic book!

Image Comics will be turning out some number one issues this Wednesday. A couple to keep an eye on this week; Superannuated Man (2014) #1 and Rise of the Magi (2014 Image) #1.

Amazing X-Men (2013) Annual #1 will offer up a new threat to the X-Men as Avengers World (2014) #7 will offer up an explanation of Spear. Who or what is Spear? Find out.

Have you seen the cover to All New X-Factor (2014) #9 this week? Well if you are a regular visitor to InvestComics you will know that we are the only comic book website that gave you a “romantic X-Men cover” gallery. So with the new cover, we’ll have to add it to the gallery. Oh yes, if you want to see the original gallery, click right HERE.

And here are the rest of the comics to check out this week. Tiny Titans Return To The Treehouse (2014) #1, 32-Bit Zombie (2014) #1, Darkness Close Your Eyes (2014) #1, Tugg The Bull Terrier #1, and Princess Ugg (2014) #1.

Remember to check out the InvestComics BuzzFeed Top Ten list coming before Wednesday’s new comics!

See you there!

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Invest wisely, Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Hot Picks #267 – NEW InvestComics Hot Picks every Sunday!


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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 5-1-13

(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and entertainment purposes. Please use your own discretion when investing.)

InvestComics Hot Picks this week include seven number one issues to look out for this week. But before we get to that, be sure to check out the new revamped InvestComics Media site with loads of new videos that are not appearing on the InvestComics website, but are appearing exclusively on Blip TV. Check out the InvestComics Blip TV station by clicking right HERE.

Don’t forget about the contest going on regarding the Villains United #1 signed by Gail Simone. It can be yours if you share the video link on Facebook and let us know that you’ve done so! You’ll immediately become eligible. Simple as that! Here I’ll make it even easier for you, click right HERE to get to the Gail Simone interview video and also check out the actual signed book you could win! Share and you could win! MORE contests upcoming….stay tuned.

Shaun Cobble of the Breaking the 4th Wall podcast which appears on the InvestComics website has started his own column on the IC website called Start Me Up! This awesome weekly article will feature picks from Kickstarter projects that are deemed necessary (by our standards) to have your attention. No project too big or too small for this column. Shaun Cobble does a tremendous job of bringing this article to life with detail and links so that the fan can contribute (or maybe not) to the Kickstarter project pick for that week. If you have a Kickstarter that you want featured or know of one that needs attention, email us at Who knows, maybe YOUR project will be featured next!

The InvestComics Publications Facebook page debuted some artwork from the forthcoming release of its first ever comic release ‘The Dawning #1’. Artist David Whalen is the artist/inker of these pages. Check out the InvestComics Publications Facebook page by clicking right HERE.

InvestComics HOT PICKS

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With a slightly heavy number one issue week, there are a few that call for one’s attention. If you sleep on them, they will sellout and you’ll be left pondering what if? Well maybe not that dramatic, but you will be saying something like ‘why didn’t I listen to InvestComics?!’ One comic that heeds your calling is called Movement (2013 DC) #1. Here’s the scoop on this comic. This book includes the government, revolt, greed, corruptness and super-humans. Yes it’s going to be a super ride indeed. The kicker here as to why it will be a story like no other is quite simple. Gail Simone is writing it. This alone is enough to not only make it an interesting read, but a probable sellout will occur. Get your copies early.

The second comic to look for this Wednesday has to be Ten Grand (2013 Image) #1. Much like the aforementioned, this comic has creative star power as well. Writer J. Michael Straczynski along with artist Ben Templesmith bring us a story of love and death, literally. This book will indeed sellout folks, do not miss it. If you procrastinate you will be waiting a few weeks for a second print to read while you pay a Marvel Super Special #32possible premium in the aftermarket for the first print. Don’t say InvestComics didn’t give you a heads up on this one.

There is an amazing thing happening this Wednesday according to Ape Entertainment. It actually took 44 years to happen. Sesame Street will be a comic book for the first time ever! Hard to fathom isn’t it? While to claim to be a “first” does hold water, it really isn’t the first time the gang has appeared in a comic book related atmosphere. Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Kermit, Miss Piggy, and a host of others first appeared in Marvel Comics’ Marvel Super Special #32 (1984). It was a magazine, not a comic, but printed by a comic company. So technically they appeared in a mag first, it was in fact reprinted in early 1985 in comic book form though. There is a fabulous reason why a collector should have this in their stash too. Ready? Legend Jim Starlin was the writer on this comic. Yes, THAT Jim Starlin. So does Ape Entertainment have a true claim here of a first? Well yes and no. It’s the first Sesame Street titled comic book ever, but the characters have appeared in the pages of Marvel already individually. Kudos to Ape Entertainment for getting the first Sesame title out though!

Black Bat (2013 Dynamite) #1 is based on the 1930’s hero. The story from back in the 1930’s says that Batman and Black Bat were so similar that lawsuits started flying, but quickly settled down, thus creating a happy world for both characters to co-exist. I wonder who came out ahead. Anyways, check out the new take on the Black Bat this week. Who knows maybe we’ll get a Tim Burton Black Bat movie one day.

Previously mentioned in a recent InvestComics Hot Picks, Mister X was a big deal back in the early 80’s. The number one issue called for a nice premium in the aftermarket. These days are a bit different though for Mister X in the back issue bins. However, with the efforts put forth in today’s climate of trying to get that next movie deal, one never knows when a new beginning may if ever hit it big again. So with that said, check out Mister X Eviction (2013 Dark Horse) #1 this week and make your own call on whether THIS is the time again for Mister X. His first appearance came from Vortex comics in Mister X #1 (1984).

Some other comics to be on your watch list this week are Suicide Risk (2013 Boom) #1, Victories (2013 Dark Horse) 2nd Series #1, Shadowman (2012 4th Series) #0, and Cyborg 009 Chapter 000 (2013 Archaia) #0. Note: Cyborg 009 first appeared in Cyborg 009 Vol. 1 (2003).

With the Iron Man 3 movie coming out next week, what better time than now to tell a NEW secret origin of Tony Stark with Iron Man (2012 5th Series) #9. A bit strange how Marvel works sometimes. Sticking to topic here, Thanos Rising (2013) #2 continues the awesomeness of Thanos’ origin. (Iron Man #55, buy it, still not too late! InvestComics had this comic as a buy in its very first issue of the InvestComics magazine more than 6 years ago and continued for years telling investors to buy this comic. Hope you listened.). Age of Ultron (2013 Marvel) #7 continues on the path of creating a new Marvel Universe, but the cover strikes similarities to Secret Wars #1 doesn’t it? Well so many covers do these days, but just sharing a thought about the cover. Scroll through the Hot Picks covers and see a side by side.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to sign up to the InvestComics Newsletter. You’ll become instantly cooler. True story.

See you next week, invest wisely.

Jay Katz



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InvestComics’ Comic Hot Picks 4-4-12 + Avengers vs. X-Men

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-4-12

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Well if you’re a comic book enthusiast you know by now that Marvel has a book coming out this week that promises to meet expectations of a fantastic brawl. Avengers vs. X-Men #1, or better yet the way Marvel is billing it “A vs. X” will finally come out after a huge build up. The fight is said to reverberate throughout much of the Marvel Universe.  In the end, will this clash between these two colossal teams mean anything within the confines of the MU? Probably a resounding no as an answer here, but we do get to see a great scrap! Anything they may happen in this storyline anyway will probably be “Bobby-Ewing-ed” anyway. Who’s Bobby Ewing? What’s Bobby Ewing-ed? Dallas television show? Google it…..








As any comic collector would probably know, this is not the first time these teams have gotten into a lovers’ quarrel. But there was that 1987 limited series that was a lot of fun. X-men vs. The Avengers (X vs. A). Brought to you by writer’s Roger Stern and Tom Defalco, with Marc Silvestri and Keith Pollard on pencils. Those were the days when readers didn’t expect as much as they do these days. Yes it was the speculation days in comic collecting, but it was still fun to read the story where the hyperbole didn’t set the bar so high to be let down if a story wasn’t that good. In today’s market, with the savvier collector, we expect more from our writers and are quicker to criticize with so much availability as far as social media goes to get your voice heard. Well that’s today’s episode of the soapbox! All kidding aside, pick up the 4 issue limited series from 1987 and get some enjoyment out of reading it. Better yet, pick up the 4 issues, buy the new Avengers vs. X-Men #1 and do a side by side comparison of the 2 first issues! Look how far the industry has come. Or maybe not! If you do the comparison and want to write up a review for InvestComics, send it our way (, we’ll post it! If you do the comparison and use it for your own purposes after stealing the idea from here, be sure to at least credit us. Thanks.

Hulk #50 is a milestone “Bonus” sized issue. Whatever happened to “Double sized” issues? Here we get 48 pages of Red Hulk goodness. So what is the mysterious dark figure following Hulk around? Will we find out in the Bonus sized issue? Probably not….maybe….does anyone care really? One thing to surely care about is the awesome Walt Simonson Variant cover. That guy rocks. Be sure to click on the cover image to enlarge it. (It’s also featured in the covers of the week below).

Avengers Academy #28 gives fans another go at the Runaways team. With all the hype over Brian K. Vaughn’s recent Saga #1, the Runaways #1 from 2003 was a very well received written book from BKV. That said it’s also their first appearance.

Marvel has a busy week on the Hot Picks this week, right? It doesn’t stop with the release of the much anticipated Secret Service #1 from superstar Mark Millar and legend status Dave Gibbons. These two creators better deliver the goods with this series. Very high expectations here…..remember the social media critic’s we spoke about earlier? Yes, apply that here.

Voltron Year One #1 from Dynamite Entertainment makes its way into your shop this week. Check out the very firstVoltron comic ever in Voltron #1 (1985) from Modern Comics. Ape Entertainment releases Ramiel Wrath of God #1 from writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach of the Lost television series.

That’s it for this week. Stan Lee interview still forthcoming, promise! News forthcoming about the InvestComics’ Comic Hot Picks Chicks as well!

Scroll through the covers of the week below.

See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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IndieCreator with Dino Caruso






*Meet Canada’s “Mr. Anthology” — Dino Caruso, Writer/Publisher Extraordinaire*

Strap yourself in for the 2nd installment of creator contributor interviews from ONE AND DONE, InvestComics’ anthology in support of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (buy it here). Last time we interviewed two ultra-cool hombres from South Africa with five stories accepted to the anthology. This time, we interview the guy with the 2nd most submissions − Canadian comic writer extraordinaire Dino Caruso, AKA “Mr. Anthology”, who has three diverse stories included in our “and-then-you-die” collection. 

Why do we call Dino “Mr. Anthology”, you ask?

Because this Canuck and avid Toronto Blue Jays fan has been in more anthology collections than you can shake a hockey stick at (sorry Dino, “baseball bat” didn’t work for this analogy!). According to the short list on his website at Caruso Comics, Dino’s work has appeared in 26 anthologies from publishers including: Accent UK, Ape Entertainment, Black Glass Press, Black Ship Books, Hamtrack Idea Men, Heske Horror, Metahuman Press, New Reliable Press, POP! Goes The Icon, Red Leaf Comics, Ronin Studios, Terminal Press, Time Bomb Comics, Toronto Cartoonist’s Workshop … well, you get the picture.

Now you can add InvestComics ONE AND DONE to the list.

You’ve read his bio, now hear from the “Antho-Man” himself …

1) You had three stories accepted into ONE AND DONE. Give us a quick logline on each one and your inspiration for writing it.

(DC:)  NO QUARTER was inspired by Star Trek, particularly the original series. I’m a huge fan of TOS and TNG, and this one-pager has got a scene I would have loved to have witnessed in the show! Of course, had one of aliens responded in such a way…the show wouldn’t have lasted very long.

SPOUSE INVADERS was an idea I’d had percolating for quite a while, I just didn’t have a venue for it. The notion of a previously timid character suddenly not taking any more guff really appeals to me.

MELTDOWN was inspired by Firestorm, one of my favorite characters and books when I was a young feller. It was also inspired by Gibson’s love of dynamic action.

2) Who were the artists and letters on the respective stories?

(DC:)  Shawn Richter drew and lettered NO QUARTER. We’ve worked together on several projects, such as AGAINST THE WALL, FISK: SUBSTITUTE HERO, and the in-progress BULLETPROOF. Shawn’s also got a very cool project he’s working on right now called LEGEND OF THE SUNSET PEOPLE.

Simon Fernandes drew and lettered SPOUSE INVADERS. We’ve also worked together on a few things. We’re currently doing a webcomic called THE ADVENTURES OF BELL BOY, which can be found right here. We also worked together on a project called OLGA. Simon’s got a hilarious solo project called SUPERVILLAIN PSYCHE.

Gibson Quarter is the artist of MELTDOWN. We met in Ty Templeton’s workshop in Toronto last year, and we both had stories appear in Ty’s Holmes Inc. anthology. Gibson has worked with Alan Grant in the pages of Wasted, and he’s currently working on a cool project called The Organ Grinder.

Jaymes Reed is the letterer for MELTDOWN. Jaymes has lettered many projects for many companies, and he’s the mastermind of COMICS comics, currently being published by Bluewater. He’s written some very well-researched and entertaining biographies of influential comedians. I’m hopeful that Jaymes and I will have something official to announce in the near future.

3) Which was your favorite, and why?

(DC:)  I like them all, for different reasons. NO QUARTER makes me think; SPOUSE INVADERS makes me laugh; and MELTDOWN shocks me!

But you know, all three of them will always bring back fond memories because I got to collaborate with friends and creators that I admire and respect. 

4) You also recently had a story in an anthology called FEAR by Chainsaw comics. I assume the premise of the anthology is obvious, but can you elaborate anyway and tell us about your particular fearful tale?

 (DC:)  The story’s called BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU HIDE YOUR SECRETS, and it’s about a guy who kept the topic of his writing hidden from his significant other. When she found out about it, she didn’t react very well at all. It’s not based on an actual event, just a little meditation on what can come of being scared of sharing what’s inside you…and the importance of being honest with yourself and others about who you really are.

It’s illustrated by Paul Little, whose work as a colorist can be seen in several Image comics. He did an awesome job.

5) And you had 2 stories accepted into Criminal Element, an anthology by Jason Franks and Black Glass Press. Tell us about these stories and your collaborative creative teams.

(DC:)  I love crime fiction, and I’d previously been part of a project called Acts Of Violence. When Jason came calling, I jumped at the chance to be part of this collection. My two stories are:

SLEEPING DOGS LIE, illustrated by Jae Korim and lettered by Jaymes Reed. And OLD TIMER, illustrated by Vic Malhotra and Chris Martinez and lettered by Jaymes Reed.

SLEEPING DOGS LIE is a story about a double cross (or is it a triple cross…? Can’t seem to keep those straight) that literally comes back to bite someone in an uncomfortable place.

OLD TIMER is about how deceptive appearances can sometimes be.

6) In 2011, the Reading with Pictures anthology that you participated in was nominated for 2 Harvey Awards. What was special about this collection that caught the critic’s attention?

(DC:)  First of all, I think that there were a tremendous collection of wonderful stories and wonderful creators in that book. I was honored to be included. Further to that, Josh Elder and the RWP crew have been very busy as advocates for comics in the classroom and improving literacy. It’s a very strong anthology and I think it’s unique in that its target audiences are young readers and the school system. It always gets a lot of looks at conventions. I make sure to put it in a prominent spot on my table. It’s always nice to have something that the kids can flip through.

7) What other anthologies have you had your work published in? Is there a favorite anthology or story of which you are most proud?

(DC:)  I feel very fortunate to have been included in a wide variety of anthologies. I’m proud of all of them, but some of my faves are:

A (YANKEE) ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME, which appeared in Poseur Ink’s “Side B” anthology. This was a fun story, illustrated by Josh Kemble, about a trip to Toronto to see a David Lee Roth concert.

HOLLOW VICTORY, which appeared in Heske Horror’s “2012” anthology. This story was illustrated by Sami Kivela (who’s 2/3 done illustrating our next project…stay tuned!!) and it’s about my vision of what the end of the world will be like. Play Ball!

HOPE, which appeared in The Sleepless Phoenix’s “Survival Stories” anthology. This one was illustrated by Gary O’Donnell, and it’s got soccer and aliens. Need I say more?

Lastly, I’d like to mention BREAKING THE ICE, which was part of Ronin Studios’ “Hope” anthology. It was illustrated by Jason Moser, and it’s about an urban hero who misjudges the people on the wrong side of the tracks.

8) You have very good luck getting into anthologies — and a healthy does of talent, of course. How do you find the anthologies that you want to contribute to, or do the publishers find you?

(DC:)  A lot of times, you can find out about anthologies by doing a Google search to see who’s taking submissions. There are also boards such as Pencil Jack and Digital Webbing that publishers advertise on directly. Both of those sites have “help wanted” bulletin boards.

And after you’ve been around for a while, and gotten to know people, publishers will often come looking for you. Short stories are lots of fun, and I enjoy working on them a lot.

9) Tell us about your web comic, The Adventures of Bell Boy, which you created with artist Simon Fernandes. The main character is a 2nd grade boy with imaginary “super powers”. How many strips have you developed? And what are you ultimate plans for this whimsical superkid character?

(DC:)  BELL BOY is lots of fun. It’s done in the style of a 4 panel newspaper strip, and it’s the story of a kid in grade two who gets superpowers every time the recess bell rings…or at least, he thinks he does. I’d say it’s influenced by Bloom County, Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes.

Simon is an awesome co-creator. He brings the perfect artistic style to this project. He’s amazing with the facial expressions, body language and action. It’s been an absolute joy to work on this with him. It’s my greatest hope that BELL BOY keeps on being heroic on the playground for many years to come. You can read all about him at

This is the only ongoing comic strip I’ve been a part of. I might someday like to try a one-panel gag comic, but for now, I’m really content focusing my efforts on BELL BOY.

10) You also do interviews yourself. Who are some of the more memorable writers and artists that you’ve interviewed?

(DC:) Yeah, I had a lot of fun with my ONE PAGE AT A TIME interviews. They first appeared on the Crystal Fractal Comics news page, but then they were later syndicated to

I mostly interviewed creators I knew, and it was a nice opportunity to give some well-deserved spotlight to some of my friends and collaborators. One creator that I didn’t know, however, was Royal McGraw, who worked on Batman. That interview was pretty cool. I learned a lot. 

11) From several posts on your blog, Community Service seems to be a project that has for a long-time been kept under wraps but is now being dusted off and coming to life in graphic TPB format. Tell us about this project and how you got the momentum going.

(DC:) COMMUNITY SERVICE is a story and script I’m very proud of. And yes, it’s been an ongoing project for about ten years. I’ve revised and rewritten it many times and I’m finally feeling comfortable with it. It’s loosely based on some experiences I had, so it was really important to me that the script felt “right”.

Cecilia Latella, a wondeful illustrator from Italy, is working on the pages as we speak. She has a great feel for the characters and her storytelling is superb. There are no superheroics, horror or crime elements to this story. It’s about regular people living their lives and dealing with the stuff we deal with every day…growing up and trying to figure out who we are and where we belong in the world.

You can follow along on my site,, for updates. I’ve been trying to regularly post our progress with a little bit of commentary. 

12) Last chance to pimp any projects you’re working on, events you’ll be attending and URLs we’ll want to visit to follow the creative works of Dino Caruso. 

First of all, thanks for the opportunity to ramble. It was lots of fun.

Projects I’m working on…hmmm…

Well, there are a couple of things I’m doing for Red Leaf Comics. One of them is a graphic novel called COURAGE, illustrated by Paul Houston. The other is a serial called GRYFALCON, illustrated by Francisco Paronzini (and my good friend Shawn Richter will also illustrate a chapter).

Sami Kivela and I are working on a project for Markosia. The working title is OUTCAST, but that may be changing. Sami’s doing amazing work on this one.

Shawn Richter and I are working on sprucing up FISK: SUBSTITUTE HERO, a concept that I find lots of fun, and we’re soon going to be pitching a project that’s titled BULLETPROOF.

Sam Agro and I also have a couple of stories on the verge of moving forward, but … can’t quite talk about those ones yet. Hopefully soon.

There are also good things brewing with some other super-talented creators, that I hope to be able to spill the beans about soon. Check in with me at or for the latest news.

Whew! That’s an epic amount of pots you’ve got brewin’ on the fire, Dino. From now on we’re calling you “CAPTAIN ANTHOLOGY”! Keep cranking out the great work, and I encourage everyone to check out Dino’s submissions to ONE AND DONE.

Buy it here.

An award-winning indie comic creator and screenwriter, Bob Heske is currently writing/producing a micro-budget horror film called UNREST ( Bob wrote THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST, a vampire horror series to be published by Studio 407 ( with film rights optioned by Myriad Pictures. Through his Heske Horror shingle, Bob self-published his critically acclaimed horror series COLD BLOODED CHILLERS. Bob’s trade paperback BONE CHILLER (a “best of” CBC anthology) won a Bronze medal in the horror category at the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards. His “end times” anthology 2012: FINAL PRAYER was also released in late 2009. Bob was editor and contributor to InvestComics’ ONE AND DONE charitable anthology. Email him at