Comic Broker Report – Undervalued Moderns Special

The market can be slow to reflect the value of certain issues.  This can happen for many reasons.  Each month I try to give readers the opportunity to get in on a sleeper well before the market catches up.  Though I am not always right I try to select comics that are worth collecting even if you might never make a penny on the fast flip.  I have featured some of these comics in the past.  They make this list because they remain largely unknown to the collecting community.


Batman Volume 1 Issue 656


If you are looking for Damian Wayne’s first full appearance then here ya go!  Issue 655 along with its variant and other printings are often the ones collectors want but they only feature Batman’s son in shadows.  This issue is where we get to see the league trained badass for the first time!

Iron Man,Incredible Hulk,Nick Fury       Iron Man 2: Agents of Shield ( second appearance )

images Iron_Man_2_Agents_of_S.H.I.E.L.D.

It’s odd to me that Agent Coulson’s first appearance is so undervalued.  It’s pretty tough to find and features a character that is loved by most Marvel fans.  With Agents of SHIELD getting better with each episode I hope these two comics see significant increases in value.

Battle Scars 1,6

Battle_Scars_Vol_1_1 background

So if you don’t appreciate Coulson’s first actual appearance in a comic then you can pick up these two which feature his first appearance ( and named appearance ) in the regular Marvel Universe.

Th Invincible Iron Man ( 2008 ) 10,11

160951_20090130192741_large 161377_20120421132025_thumb 164423_20110703121943_large 164429_20120421132352_thumb 167473_20120421132609_thumbyhst-16722662390539_2253_2231834869

Ok there are a ton of these to hunt down.  Why?  Well recently the actor who voiced Iron Man’s A.I.  J.A.R.V.I.S. told us he’s playing the Vision.  This means that the A.I. that Stark created is becoming one of the most popular Avengers in the next film.  The Vision first appeared in Avengers 57 and it highly valued.  But as the film version will be bringing the Stark A.I. to life as an android,  these comics should be worth a lot more than the currently are.  Issue 10 features the first appearance of the RESCUE armor, made for Pepper Potts by Tony.  In Issue 11 we learn that the A.I. system in her armor is the J.A.R.V.I.S intelligence!  That makes these issues the first comic appearance of the intelligence system which will become the Vision in Avengers 2.  So far the hardest issues to find are the second print for issue 10.  This us due to the first cover for RESCUE.  Issue 10 has variants, the hardest one to find being the secret retailer variant.  The only way to tell is a barcode variation pictured above!

Elektra Assassin 2


Ok I admit I am a huge Bill Paxton fan.

Once we learned that his character on A.O.S. was secretly a Hydra agent this book should have seen some market action.  It has a wonderful cover and is written by an industry great.

Action Comics 471


Despite many who were disappointing by the Man of Steel I have come to realize that it is a very good film.  Russel Crow actually steals it along with Zod’s top soldier Faora who first appears  in this issue of Action Comics.

Supernaturals 4


It’s still amazing to me that Groot is coming to a theater near you in August.  For a character with less that 5 pre Copper Age appearances it just seems insane that an Alien like this is being thrust into the mainstream. To my knowledge this issue is his first appearance in the modern age.  This series inserted masks into the issues and I believe the ones with the Ghost Rider mask are the hardest to find.

Chuck Norris  and the Karate Kommandos 1


First appearance of this legend is all you need to know.

Captain America 208, first appearance of Arnim Zola


If you geeked out as much as me with Zola’s incredible appearance in the Winter Soldier then I applaud your love of insanely twisted comic villains!




Comic Broker Report – May 2013

The Comic Broker’s Report

by Topher Seal

This month’s report is going to be a quick one as I slave away on next month’s UK Special.  Until that time I suggest you:

Pass on Iron Man 3 and rent John Dies at the End, then watch it three times.

Don’t believe the Marvel Miracleman hype!  ( I may have to eat my words down the road on this one. )

and take comfort in the fact that Twinkies are coming back so you can eat the rest of  that 4 month old last box you bought on Ebay.

Batman Beyond 1

Batman 20 concluded Scott Snyder’s surprisingly good Clayface tale and as an added bonus we get to see the Gen 1 Batman Beyond Suit!  There have been some great appearances by the future Batman over the years but if you are looking for the one with the most  potential on the back issue market then this is it.  There is also a free version that was made available 1 month later, a newsstand edition and a Six Flags Giveaway!


Bodie Troll 1


Collected from digital work this new indie gem is incredible.  The art is fantastic and it looks like a prime candidate for a cartoon adaptation.  For now you can get this one cheap  but the FCBD 2013 issue will generate buzz.  I can see first issues slowly drying up over the next few months.

The Stuff of Legend FCBD 2009


Of all the recent properties to get optioned ( Hoax Hunters, The Test and even Rachel Rising ) it is this wonderful comic that deserves the most attention.  Early issues are hard to find but none as tough to track down as this 2009 FCBD issue featuring the first appearances of the title.

Kung Fu Fighter 1 ( first Bronze Tiger )

This week DC is rolling out a host of characters into the New 52.  Bronze Tiger is easily my favorite.   The new design looks amazing and despite the small chance of commercial success I still say Kung Fu Fighter is worth  purchasing because it isn’t that easy to find in high grade.

DC (re)introduces BRONZE TIGER and CHESHIRE into the DCU.

New Teen titans Annual 2 ( First Cheshire )


A sick Perez cover has to be larger than all the rest!  As I mentioned above DC is introducing new blood into the failing New 52 with Cheshire?  Well lucky for this comic it has a great cover and is also the first appearance of The Vigilante. If you can find a CGC 9.8 for under 50 it’s worth it.

Adventures of Superman 465, 466


Get the newsstand variants for these forgotten Superman comics!  Hank Henshaw ( Cyborg Superman ) will be making his debut in the New 52 and is likely to have the most success with readers.

Rescue One-Shot


The new Iron Man film is splitting fans down the middle.  I won’t tell you why but one of the best parts of the film is actually Pepper Potts.  There aren’t many appearances of Rescue but this one-shot is heating up on Ebay and if Pepper ever wears the suit in film you will be sorry you passed this one up.


DC it flat out crazy announcing a Bat-Cow Comic!  For those of you who love Pet characters like Titus Wayne and Dex-Starr then you should look for this super rare DC comic featuring the first Bat-Cow!

Rachel Rising 1 ( 3rd Print )


Terry Moore’s latest is quite an effort and when it was optioned sales exploded.  But issue one does have a high print run compared to under 1500 for the third print.  Buy and hold to cash in down the road!

The Walking Dead 95


Robert Kirkman loved Rachel Rising so much he put a preview in the back of Issue 95.  No one really noticed and even though the preview  came out right before the trade for the first few issues the fact that there is an early appearance of Rachel Rising in a WD book means the heat is coming.

Strangers in Paradise 1


If Rachel Rising hits big don’t forget about this classic!  Moore recently revealed that Rachel Rising occurs in the same universe as Strangers in Paradise!  It’s pricey but worth every dollar paid.



Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and entertainment purposes. Please use your own discretion when investing.




Comic Broker Report – March 2013

The Comic Book Broker’s Report ( March 2013 )

By Topher Seal

     Most of us who collect comics also collect other things and while I believe that none of you want to know how I acquired a hang nail from Red Sox Slugger David Ortiz, I can assure you that there is plenty of comic related material worth investing in. But collecting in multiple markets creates its own set of problems.  Years ago I streamlined my collection and stopped purchasing action figures, posters and other materials simply because storage was becoming an issue.  Once you start building a collection it can quickly spiral out of control.  Example:  I had to find a creative use for long/short boxes so instead of telling my wife that a storage unit was in our future I removed all the bed frames, sold the metal for scrap and used one layer of boxes per bed to replace the frames.  With a little effort I was able to create tunnels for cats under each bed!  Everyone’s money has to go to many things each month so identify what you love and go for it just don’t try and collect everything,  you will go broke and probably lose a spouse or the love of your parents.


Star Wars Galaxy 2 ( bagged )


With the announcement that Chris Carter will create Season 10 of  The X-Files, back issues should see gains.  The ones I like: Issues 40,41  ( Both Photo Cover Variants ) of the Topps Series and this Star Wars comic.  Inside of this bagged issue there is an X-Files ashcan that just happens to be a rare early appearance of The X-Files in comics!



The Image 2010 Yearbook

sdcc2010_yearbook_coverIt’s pricey but if you are a fan of the Nowhere Men then you must find this.  There a lot of debate about the Nowhere men right now.  It’s one of Images hottest books and is demanding serious cash on the back issue market.  Some say Invincible 19 is the comic to own but others believe the first appearance is in this yearbook ( which is also a must have for Walking Dead fans )  I say buy both.


Iron Man 304,305

These comics had pretty significant print runs but if the armor at the end of the most recent Iron Man 3 film trailer is any indication then the Hulkbuster armor could be a big part of the climax.  You can find these comics cheap so why not buy real low and wait a few months?

Note: There is also a Marvel Legends Reprint of issue 305 that is a lot harder to find than the regular issue!


Thunderbolts 25 ( Series 1 )

Big Hero 6 is going to be a Disney Animated film and you were smart right?  You heard about the film and hit every LCS you could find for Sunfire & Big Hero 6 1-3 and Alpha Flight vol. 2 issue 17.   After that there weren’t  any appearances for some time.  But I’m guessing most people forgot about this issue from 1999.


Marvel Comics Presents 26 & Iron Man 230

If you are noticing a trend as it relates to collecting moderns then bravo!  These days the modern market is a bull and the cornerstone of collecting is first appearances especially as it relates to characters  jumping to the big screen.  Honestly would you ever care about Coldblood or Firepower if not for Marvel Films?  Now you must!

26-1 26662-2407-29592-1-iron-man_super

The Invincible Iron Man 10 ( secret bar code Variant )

I still believe that the second print of this issue will prove to be just as hot a back issue as this one.  Any appearance of the Rescue Armor in the upcoming Iron Man film should boost the value of this comic.  The cool thing about this comic is that the variant can only be determined by knowing what numbers to look for in the bar code!


Injustice Gods 1,1 ( Variant )

It’s not to often that I recommend a comic/video game tie-in issue but this series has generated some heat already.  Based on a new game from the Mortal Kombat creators it looks like a fighter that just can’t fail.  It helps that the art is tight and the Joker starts it all off with one of the most horrific acts in comic history.


The Image Comics Holiday Special

I have mentioned this little gem before but after the most recent episode of the Walking Dead every fan who collects the comics has to have this in their collection.  Morgan first appeared in issue 1 and later in this issue.  Now he has been featured in one of the show’s best episodes, Clear.  Buy this and buy it right now!


Detective Comics 647

Damian Wayne is dead!  Yea it’s sad because he’s the best Robin since the first Robin.  I do sense a resurrection in the futures especially since the little bugger was grown in an artificial womb but until then there will be speculation as to who the next Robin will be.  I want Cassandra Cain to take the role but it’s likely going to be Stephanie Brown.  Fans are clamoring for her DC 52 intro and this could be the way they do it.  This first appearance has been flying under the radar for some time and can be found for pennies.



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