Comic Broker Report – Speculative Summer Special

Some of these may be easier to find than others.  Some you may have to expand on my own research as is the case with this first one.  Part of the appeal when collecting comics is finding that gem that has yet to be discovered by others.  Enjoy this list but remember you buy comics at your own risk.  Be very careful where you put your money and always do your own research.

Spawn Facts and Illusions VHS Set


Todd McFarlane has announced one of his properties has studio hopes.  Realizing that all of his creations mostly suck people are speculating on Sam & Twitch.  I tend to agree.  The 26 issue run is quite impressive but they are part of a larger world and appeared first in Spawn 1.  Ok well there goes the idea of a rare first appearance right?  Turns out Spawn 1 was released earlier in this VHS coddball set.  One thing that is pretty cool about it, this little comic was included.  Does it feature Sam & Twitch in any capacity? If so this would supplant Spawn 1 as their first appearance.  Unfortunately these are so rare that I cannot track one down to confirm.  Also the Printing of the included Spawn 1 appears to be no different from the Direct or Newsstand we all know.

For those who think  Haunt should be in the mix too:

Image Haunt Preview Book



Vertigo Defy


First appearance of the The Wake and others.  The Wake will eventually be made into a film.  When it does people will realize it was previewed in this throw away.  Lucky for you that knowledge will already be yours!


Danger Mouse 1982 Annual


Ok even I cannot confirm this one but Danger Mouse’s first American Comic appearance is in Count Duckula 3.  He appeared overseas earlier in Annuals and the magazine Look-in.  To my knowledge this issue contains his first printed comics outside of Look-In.  So why should you care?  New shows are coming!


What’s Next ( Image )


So  Rat Queens is hot hot hot!  Personally I’m lukewarm on it.  Don’t get me wrong it has potential but it’s a newbie and that makes me cautious long term despite TV news.   This one is already gaining traction on the back issue market and is similar to The Image Winter Special relationship to the Walking Dead.  It prints a Rat Queens tale that has yet to printed elsewhere.


The Intrepids 1,1 ( second Print )


Interest could spark in all of Mr. Wiebes work.  These are affordable but there is an Emerald City Con Variant which is tougher to track down.


Marvel Premiere two-in-one 52  ( First Crossfire )


Darren Cross is the Ant-Man villain?  Who?  Oh the guy who appeared in fewer issue than Kurse.  Marvel sure loves some obscure antagonists.  Darren first appeared in the already pricey Marvel Premiere 47 & 48 so they should already be on your list.  Since Crossfire is related to Darren Cross he could end up filing a role akin to Crossbones in the Winter Soldier.

Nutty 1

1341548-nutty1 first bananaman

If the return of Danger Mouse is possible why not Bananaman?


 Malignant Man 1-4


Unfortunately Fox has not picked up a gem.  These  will be tough to track down as it is a few years old and the demand created by it’s limited availability will bump up online prices.    First to market may have already passed by the time you read my article  as news broke days ago.  Sell now if you have em’ but I would invest my time in other bins.


IDW 2014 Summer Catalog


Another preview has a two page spread of V-Wars!  With a show coming this one could explode.










Comic Broker Report – April 2014

It seems like every day there’s some new announcement for comic film and T.V. adaptations.  Today it’s Superior from Mark Millar!  No matter what it is critical that studios keep putting out films like The Winter Soldier.  As long as that happens studios will continue to harvest the back issues bins and extract things like Squee! and Dreadstar!  Here are this month’s recommendations:

Detective Comics 457


Is Holly Hunter playing Leslie Thompkins in Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel?  If she does go grab multiple copies of this one.  Not

Note:  This one is highly speculative.  Nothing has been confirmed.


Ok so Summer Glau is still being type cast but she looks good as Ravager/Rose Wilson, daughter of the mega popular Deathstroke on CW’s Arrow.  As far as I can tell these would be the issues to buy:

Deathstroke 15 ( first Rose Wilson )


Teen Titans 1/2 Wizard ( first Ravager costume? )


Teen Titans Vol. 3  # 8


On the show Summer plays Isabel Rochev who is also a major player in the current comic series and like the comic version, she takes over Oliver’s company.  But Rochev and Wilson are two different people in the comics.  It looks like Arrow’s Rochev is simply a cover identity to hide the Wilson name.  But if you are wondering where Rochev appears first, here ya go:

Green Arrow Volume Four  1B (  1:25 Ethan Van Sciver Variant )


Marvel Graphic Novel 3: Dreadstar

So by now it’s known that Dreadstar is getting the film treatment.  Epic 1,2,3 are all keys if you ask me but this one might prove to be very tough to find in high grade/first print.


This isn’t easy to find either!

Marvel’s 1985 Dreadstar Patch


Green Team 8


So DC announced the return of the Teen Titans.  This is why you are already seeing price jumps for DC Comics Presents 26.  So what does the Green Team 8 have to do with the Titans?  Read the last page of this underprinted DC New 52 title  for a shocker!

Runaways 1


Here’s one I would buy now.  Eventually this Marvel gem will make it to the big screen.  Oh and it’s written by an industry legend.

Dead Letters 1


Other folks on the web have already shed some light on this one.  There are variants for issue one but the print run for the reg cover was so low that I would buy it as well.  This is one you can find on shelves now if your LCS  orders a wide variety of titles.

New Mutants 25


The sequel to X-Men Days of Future Past has already been confirmed by Director Brian Singer.  Once we learned that the Age of Apocalypse story is central to the plot I am sure fans of Legion rejoiced.  Prof  X’s son plays a big role in AOA and if he’s a part of the next film look for this issue to explode.

Warrior 1 ( Signed Only )


Death of a WWE great leads to quick monies.

Invincible 110


Sometimes collecting comics for a long time can make one feel as though they have seen it all.  So when  a comic is released by the creator of the Walking Dead with some truly adult subject matter, collector’s should take notice.  In this case we also have a comic has a pretty low print run.  Demand for this book will climb over the next month but there just aren’t enough to go around.

Note:  I would grab issue 44 as well!

Sword of Azrael 1


This one is cheap and well written.  Because the replacement Batman could end up in a film I suggest a little speculation here.   There’s also a DF signed edition and a Silver Series reprint.

Metal Hurlant 1


This one is impossible to find.    Corben fans should be pleased that this series is on T.V.

I feel Sick 1,2


It’s not just Squee that’s hot!  I suspect all this creator’s comics will continue to set fires for the foreseeable future.

DMZ 14


So Scalped has been optioned ( Thanks to this webpage for informing me! )  Similar to Y the Last Man 37, this issue had a preview of the series most just don’t know about!








InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-26-12

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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for 9-26-12.

This week the new Judge Dredd film (Dredd 3D) opened and InvestComics wants to send out a little reminder to fans that may have missed this, but the composer of the film; Paul Leonard-Morgan was interviewed on InvestComics. It was an extensive/detailed Interview that covered everything in Mr. Leonard-Morgan’s career from music acts like Snow Patrol to composing a film. Fantastic stuff here folks. Click right HERE to read that interview.

DC Comics continue their rampage of Zero issues, so without any further ado……

[scrollGallery id=167]

The flagship character of DC gets his zero treatment this week. In Superman #0 Jor-El learns about the imminent destruction of Krypton. This may fall into the who cares category, but then again as these zero issues come out, there seems to be a lot more of the “eh’” factor coming in. Superman first appeared in…….well if you don’t know this, close the browser you’re reading this on and go watch some Adventure Time.

Savage Hawkman #0 and Flash #0 share a similarity this week, both of them first appeared in the same book. That comic is Flash Comics #1 from 1940. A cool book to own because you get a two for the price of one deal!

Teen Titans #0 main focus will be on the Tim Drake origin, but do we really care about Tim anymore? So let’s look for the debut of the Teen Titans instead. This happened all the way back in The Brave and the Bold #54 (1964). An investment worth looking into as oppose to the first Tim Drake.

Another nice affordable first appearance issue would be Firestorm #1 (1978) to coincide with the Fury of Firestorm #0 issue. The debut of Firestorm was accompanied by names like Al Milgrom, Joe Rubinstein and Klaus Janson. Imagine Firestorm on the big screen, how cool would that be? Warner Bros. really needs to jump on this superhero movie stuff, so behind it’s comical.

Back to creator Klaus Janson for a minute in relation with Batman The Dark Knight #0 coming out. Batman has always been the Dark Knight, but never did it culminate more so than the debut of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. The true history and debut of the “Dark Knight” happened in 1986.

Aquaman #0 will continue to show why Aquaman is a total badas* these days. Check out this zero issue for the first look at Atlantis. The water man’s first appearance came in 1941’s More Fun Comics #73.

DC Comics is dead set on proving that there is a place for old western style comics (see romance comics?). Although the western comics are holding up some, we await to see the true test here….time. All Star Western #0 is brought to you by Palimiotti and Gray. Having these two creators will always be a reason for these comics to sell! Learn how Johan Hex got that scar on his face in this zero issue. The first All-Star Western comic debuted in 1958; All-Star Western #58. A dynamic tandem on this book as well. Carmine Infantino on pencils and a Gil Kane cover. With legends like that on a book, who needs more of an excuse to get this comic?

Staying on topic of legends, Justice League Dark #0 gives the early day story of a character named John Constantine. John’s true early day story, or debut if you will happened in The Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 (1985). Penciled by Rick Veitch and written by legend Alan Moore.

Now going moving onto the modern day debuts we come to Red Lanterns #0 and Talon #0. The Red Lantern Corp first sprung up in Green Lantern #25(2007), much thanks to a creator building his own indelible mark on the industry; Mr. Geoff Johns. Scott Synder and Greg Caputo are putting their stamp on the New 52 Batman series. Churning out stories that are selling like hot cakes. Expect Talon #0 to sell out quickly. Talon was created in the New 52 Batman series in issue number two from this past year.

And rounding out the zero issues are these fillers, Batman Incorporated #0, Voodoo #0 and I Vampire #0. Sigh….

[scrollGallery id=168]

An interesting number one issue is headed this way from DC; National Comics Rose and Thorn #1. Look for Thorn or Rose, well it’s the same person in their her debut in Flash Comics #89 from 1947. Think she would have gone to find good help with this split personality disorder by now?

Quick shots: Mark Waid debuts his Steed and Mrs Peel #1 from Boom! Studios. Fine and Private Place #1 from IDW is brought to you by Peter S. Beagle. Happy #1 from Image Comics may be a sleeper. Fashion Beast #1 (Avatar Press) from Alan Moore! Godstorm #0 (Zenescope) and Westward #1 look to be interesting reads.

Check out the covers of the week below. Everything from Marvel, DC to Zenescope!

Until next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Hot Picks – June 6, 2012

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks 6-6-12. 

This week we get to really scour the back issue bins at our local shop or convention. Check it out….

Marvel’s Hulk #53 is the first on the list with 4 different comics to look for. These comics though are in no way hard to find! The new storyline brings in Alpha Flight, Machine Man, She Hulk and A-Bomb. The most nostalgic of the 4 here has to go to Machine Man’s first appearance. You can find that in 2001: A Space Odyssey #8 from 1977. Why the nostalgic label? It’s a new character Introduction written and drawn by Jack “King” Kirby. Do you need more than that? Good, because that’s all you need. Alpha Flight first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #120. John Byrne brought this team to life in their own self-titled book and Alpha Flight will continue to live on in some form for a very long time. If ever Marvel gets the guts, this team would make for a fabulous movie. She Hulk appeared in HER self titled comic as well back in 1980; The Savage She Hulk #1. While John Byrne wasn’t on the debut issue, John also had a hand in bringing THIS character to life as well! Last but not least, A-Bomb first appeared in Hulk #2 from 2008. The most loathe or loved Jeph Loeb had his paws all over this comic. And very cool cover from Ed McGuinness on this one.

DC Comics brings in new artist Miguel Sepulveda to Red Lanterns #10. Check out one of Miguel’s first professional work in Thor God Size #1.

Swamp Thing #10 re-introduces the villainous Anton Arcane to the New 52 fold. Anton originally appeared in the Swamp Thing series from 1972. Issue #1 was the cameo as issue #2 was the “full” first appearance. Never will understand the ridiculousness of cameo and full as it is related to collection standards within the resale market. The cameos are usually less sought after while the full first appearance gets all the accolades of demanding more money. The cameo essentially truly is the FIRST time we ever see a character, so why would the SECOND time we see them be worth more? Well, this is a debate for another time…….

Action Comics #10 focuses on the villain Nimrod, another of DC’s new 52 villains that will be re-introduced. Nimrod’s (silly name no?) first appearance is from 1992 in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #7.  This lovely issue is written by Alan Grant with art from Tim Sale. That’s nice stuff.

That’s it for the back issues. Should be enough to hold you over for a week no?

Marvel’s Dark Avengers #175 is being dubbed the 1st issue of a new era. With a spectacular cover from Mike Deodato that screams BUY ME! Wow if ever judging a book by its cover, right? Tron #518, actually Iron Man #518 introduces a new costume into Tony’s repertoire. With all of the recent talk on the Marvel Cosmo’s on InvestComics lately, it’s no surprise that The Mighty Thor Annual #1 wouldn’t be mentioned this week. Guest starring Silver Surfer and Galactus! And look at that cover too!

Independents will be overtaken this week by Spawn #220. Not because of the 20th anniversary tag, not because Todd McFarlane is back, not because this issue will begin the introduction of new characters, not because it will bring back some old characters, no no…..because there will be no room on the shelf for any other comics. 6 variants at last count. Ahhh….Todd always thought big.

In single issue releases this week, if there is room for them on the Independent wall. Check out Creator Owned Heroes #1 from Image. With names like Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Niles, Justin Gray, Phil Noto and Kevin Mellon attached, this is a must check out book.

Higher Earth #1 from BOOM! Studios. Only a buck to buy! And it looks like an interesting book.

Check out some covers of the week below. 

That’s it for this week, see you soon!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 1-12-11

HP11211FPRapid Fire Comic Hot Picks this week….check it out!



Here’s a rapid fire edition of Comic Hot Picks……






DC Comics: Superman continues to soar with its current storyline. Look for no let up with Superman #707. Wonder Girl #1 will do very well, mostly due to the writing skills of J.T. Krul. Look for this comic to be a possible sleeper hit. If you want to spend an additional $3 besides this book, look for Wonder Woman #105 from 1996 from John Byrne. This issue features the first appearance of Cassie Sandsmark, aka Wonder Girl.






Marvel Comics: Amazing Spider-Man #651 features an 8 page backup story featuring the return of the Mac; Mac Gargan that is. Mac; also known as The Scorpion was first seen in Amazing Spider-Man #20 (1965) from the Spidey Legend himself Steve Ditko. This comic is a very low $1400. Low, because with the Spidey movies about to make a comeback, the Scorpion will not be that far behind. Daredevil Reborn #1 will be a quick sellout, don’t miss it.

The Big anniversary issue this week has to go to Spawn #200. With a ridiculous 10 different covers hitting the shelf. If you have to get all 10 issues, save your money and put it all towards the David Finch Black and White Cover issue. It’s the rarest of all 10, its value will sustain much longer, and it’s an awesome Finch cover!






Stan Lee’s BOOM! Books are gaining some momentum. Starborn #2 comes out this week, check it out. Image Comics Infinite Vacation #1 looks to be one that will fly right under everyone’s radar.

Check out InvestComics TV this coming Wednesday with Mr. Hack/Slash Tim Seeley! The episode will be right on the front page of InvestComics for you to watch.

That’s it for this week…..

Invest Wisely

Jay Katz