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InvestComics LLC teams with Atomic Crush Events (ACE) for your chance to score a pair of tickets to the West Palm Beach Florida Comic Con Revolution inaugural event! The guest list is shaping up as more and more are added. Stay up to date on the guest list and any special announcements on the show at the Comic Con Revolution website or their social media outlets.

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This giveaway is for a pair of TICKETS ONLY. No transportation will be provided for you. If you are the winner, you will have to provide InvestComics LLC with your email address, first and last name. Once we receive that, ACE will send you out your email ticket voucher!

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Check out the press release below. Good luck and see you at the show!!



The 1-Day Inaugural Event To Take Place At The Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida On Saturday, February 24, 2018

Comic Con Revolution West Palm Beach Will Feature Top Comic Talent, A Full Day of Programming, Exhibitors, Vendors and Will Be Capped Off With Our Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest

New York, NY September 27, 2017 – Atomic Crush Events (ACE) announced guest updates for Comic Con Revolution West Palm Beach (CCR WPB). The Inaugural 1-day event at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida will be held on Saturday, February 24, 2018. CCR WPB will continue to attract top industry talent and plan a full day of programming including our Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest, exhibitors and vendors.
Comic Con Revolution will bring two industry legends to South Florida – Chris Bachalo (Dr. Strange, X-Men, Generation X, Death) and Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, Wolverine) to kick off their first annual event.  In addition to Bachalo and Claremont, the initial guest list includes Sandy King Carpenter (Film Producer & Comic Writer), Jeff Dekal (Marvel Cover Artist), Joe Eisma (Archie), Travis Hanson (Life of the Party), Hope Larson (Batgirl), Shawn Martinbrough (Thief of Thieves), Ron Marz (Green Lantern), Richard Starkings (Elephantmen) and hosting our Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest is Ming Chen (AMCs Comic Book Men). 
“Top comic talent is the name of the game when organizing a great comic con experience.  When we launched our first Comic Con Revolution last May in Ontario, California we built the show with the focus on creators,” said ACE Co-Founder Gabe Frieramosco.  “Our inaugural show in West Palm Beach will be built around that same core concept.”
“West Palm Beach is an incredible location for an event like this,” said ACE Co-Founder James Ross.  “Creating an incredible experience for such an incredible fan base is our mission.”Be sure to be part of the excitement by ordering your tickets to Comic Con Revolution and save as ticket prices will be higher at the door.

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About Comic Con Revolution

Comic Con Revolution was founded on very simple principles.  We are excited to celebrate comics and the creative arts.  At the absolute core of what we do are the creators themselves.  The people who create the comics, games, toys, film, movies and more that we all love.  Without their tireless dedication to creating the fantastic worlds we all get lost in, events like Comic Con Revolution would not be possible.  We strive to create the best possible experience for attendees, exhibitors and guests alike.  Our team of event industry veterans are dedicated to working hard to create that experience for each of you.

About Atomic Crush Events

Atomic Crush Events is an event consultation and management company that was founded on experience and innovation.  Bringing together expertise in event management, marketing, sales and business development to create a unique team that can analyze and identify the best course of action when developing a live event.  Our philosophy is simple – create the best experience possible for attendees, exhibitors and guests alike.


Star Wars Celebration 2017 Orlando

A few images of many from our coverage at Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando Florida. We have live video coverage on our Facebook page as well as images on Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest pages. Go check all of that out. We had a blast, hope you enjoy some of these images.

Special thanks to Reed Pop, always been great to InvestComics. We appreciate it.

Fan2Sea 2017

Fan2Sea 2017

Some images of the inaugural comic con cruise known as Fan2Sea. The images in this video do not do justice of the awesome time we had. A fantastic first year and we look forward to the next time Fan2Sea sets its sails once again. Special thanks to Michael, Ben, Stephen, Keith, Jen and the entire staff of Fan2Sea. Make sure you check out all of our image post along our social media outlets of this cruise. Until next time….


CBCS President Steve Borock


sborockBreaking news from has many comic fans feeling a bit emotional about what recently occurred. CGC has become the exclusive grader at C2E2 and Emerald City Comic Con. Meaning that the ‘other’ grading company; CBCS is not allowed to set up within the confines of those buildings. A bit startling for many fans of CBCS to say the least. We reached out to the president and primary grader of CBCS, Steve Borock, to see what he thinks.

InvestComics: Hi Mr. Borock, How’s it going these days?

Fantastic, thanks! That said, please call me Steve, as I am just another hobbyist with a great gig.

(IC): Great, Steve it is! Let’s jump right into the news this past week. It seems to many onlookers that CGC is monopolizing the market from a business point. They signed an exclusive deal with ReedPop as the exclusive grading company at two conventions; C2E2 and ECCC through 2019. What does this mean for CBCS not being able to provide a service at these shows for their customers that choose CBCS and not CGC as their go to grading company?

(SB) Well, first, the “onlookers” are absolutely correct. CGC, with the help of ReedPop, are trying to monopolize the market under the guise of “This is what collectors want.” This is untrue from the comments on social media, the emails CBCS and CGC have received, and the collectors and sellers I have talked with. In my humble opinion, it’s an “anti-trust” lawsuit just waiting to happen. If ReedPop wants to name our competitor their official grading service and want them to be the ones doing “On-site” grading, that’s fine, but banning CBCS from the floor of their shows is not healthy for our hobby or what many people want.

star_wars_1_investcomics-1nm98To answer your other question, this does not mean that the collecting community will not have a choice. We will be making a big announcement very soon about how the sellers and collectors who only want to certify their comic books through CBCS at these shows will be able to do so.

(IC): Do you foresee a ‘slab war’ as some fans are calling it or is there enough room for everyone?

(SB) The term “Slab wars” is just hype. Period. It’s divisive and not healthy for our great hobby. We all grew up reading about good verses evil, no one wants a “war” except people who feed on that kind of thing. I do not and CBCS does not. There is room for everyone and everyone should have choices. CGC (the company I helped create) wants to be the only game in town, and they realize they now have real competition for the first time since they opened. They are afraid, and once again, in my opinion, are afraid because they no longer own the entire market, but just a huge chunk of it. They have never had enough genuine concern about another grading service before, because those companies were not composed of real specialists and true hobbyists with the ethics and a love for our hobby that CBCS has.

screenhunter_727-nov-21-13-55(IC): Would CBCS ever sign an exclusive deal with a particular convention(s) as a means to ensure that you’re not left on the outside looking in?

(SB) We have been asked before if we want to have CGC left out of a convention and have always said “No.” As I stated before, we at CBCS are true hobbyists that believe collectors and sellers should have choices. Picture your local supermarket as a convention. You don’t walk in and just see Coke, you also see Pepsi, RC Cola, and more. People want choices and the conventions should give them the choices they want.

Look, this is a “David vs Goliath” scenario, except this time Goliath (CGC) is afraid of David (CBCS), not the other way around.

(IC): With a recent bump in the proverbial road for CGC, the ‘you won’t like the results….’, what is your take on that?

(SB) I think it was a pretty strange thing to state and a very clear look into how CGC feels and works. I will let the collecting community make up their own minds about those statements. Our community is smart enough to read between the lines.

(IC): Knowing that bashing another company is never beneficial for any professional outfit, which CBCS does not do and we respect CBCS as a company as we do CGC, we ask you, why should a potential customer prefer CBCS over CGC as their grading company of choosing?

web-of-spider-man(SB) Because we are better! (laughs) Really, it’s a matter of choice and trust. We have some of the most knowledgeable and honest hobbyists in the world working at CBCS. Our holder is crystal clear and archival safe. We care about every comic that comes in the door, whether it’s worth $100,000 or just a dollar, because that comic means something to the owner, and we respect that.

AS to you first question, here’s the deal…. CBCS never bashes CGC because it’s bad for business and for our hobby. Hell, When people come over to the CBCS booth at conventions with magazines and Undergrounds, books we do not certify yet, we do one of two things: Walk them over to CGC or send them over to CGC.

(IC): So what’s coming down the pike for CBCS? Where can we meet the crew next and beyond?

(SB) There are a bunch of things we are working on at the moment, but we want to announce them when the time is right and not give our esteemed competition a “Head’s up”.

As to where and when you can meet and talk to the CBCS crew, there will be many, many chances in the coming year.

This Thanksgiving weekend I am giving up my vacation to fly out to “I Like Comics” in Washington state (Great store!) for a charity event to meet and greet with other hobbyists this Friday & Saturday and raise money for comic artist Rebecca Woods. I really dig doing charity work in our hobby and have been doing so for many, many years. We can all be superheroes in our own way.

CBCS will be doing most major conventions through the next year and even many small shows. Keep an eye on our website ( and our Facebook page (CBCScomics) for all the events and conventions we will be doing. Our “News & Events” page is updated as soon as we confirm a show appearance.

(IC): Thank you Steve, we’ll see you soon!








Carpe Diem,

Jay Katz

InvestComics at MegaCon 2016


Another year in the books for InvestComics at MegaCon. This year was the first “full” year Fan Expo had creative control of the show. Gone are Beth and Christine, which ran an amazing show year in and year out. In NO WAY is the following review ANY indication toward Beth or Christine and the way they ran their MegaCon show. They were and are STILL champions in our book. 100% professionalism from them every single year we were part of their press core. We’d wish them luck, but we know whatever they choose to do next, they will rock that too! They don’t need luck, they’re that awesome. Thank you for everything.

Fan Expo put their best foot forward in their debut. A fantastic celebrity lineup; William Shatner, George Takei, Jon Cusack, Kevin Smith, and comic guest; Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Andy Kubert, Gail Simone, David Finch, Mike Zeck and so many more on both sides. Including super cosplay talents Leanna Vamp, Ivy Doomkitty, Rosanna Rocha, Ireland Reid, plus many more! An impressive lineup for sure!

When we did our initial walk-around, the first thing we noticed were the aisles. They were expanded so that fans were not crowded while walking. The staff on hand had a smile at every turn. The volunteers were equally as helpful as the Fan Expo staff. A great all-around experience regarding accommodating the InvestComics staff needs.

InvestComics took an abundance of photos at the show for fans who couldn’t make it. We do that every year and fans love it and respond! Thanks to all the fans who like, or heart, or retweet our photos from all of the social media sources we share them on. If you happen to have missed any, check out our social media links:

InvestComics Facebook page – HERE
InvestComics Instagram (Follow via mobile only) – HERE
InvestComics Twitter – HERE

The panels were held in various halls throughout. The amazing theater we saw Frank Miller, George Takei, and Kevin Smith were worth the ticket price itself. We hope fans got a chance to see their favorite guest(s) in one of these grand rooms. Sound, lighting, seating and ambience was spectacular. If you happened to have missed any panels, do yourself a favor and get there for a few next year. You’ll be happy you did.

InvestComics would like to extend a huge thank you to Ashley Jimenez and the Fan Expo staff for their hospitality and allowing us to be a part of their MegaCon show. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2017!

Besides ALL of the social media images the InvestComics fans loved (and thank you for that!), here is a short video of some highlights. Thank you all….again!

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

Hartford Comic Con 2014

IMG_0075InvestComics was present at the Hartford Comic Con 2014 as a member of the press. Director of marketing/web/ and VP Rafael Rosario went to the show and captured some fantastic photos of the convention. Scroll through the photos below and enjoy!

Watch for InvestComics to be at other shows this year too. Connecticut Con, Wizard World Philly Con, New York Special Con (mini), New York Comic Con, and possibly some more! Look for the IC logo sleeve t-shirt with the InvestComics name and be sure to say hello!!

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