Comic Broker Report – October 2014 (part 2)

 THE COMIC BROKER’S REPORT – September 2014 pt. 2

Reaction to this month’s article has been about as hot as my sister skinny dipping with a recently diagnosed thyroid problem.  To make up for that I have decided to add some extra selections for this month.  An update would have sufficed but it ballooned with a bunch of new pics and since become a part 2.  Some of these may have already been spotlighted by others on the web and if that it true then those author’s are by far much better than me and should receive emails from any reader telling them so!  Enjoy your Labor day weekend folks!

The Pulse 11,13


With A Jessica Jones show coming up on Netflix how long before Danielle Cage makes an appearance?

The Flash: Iron Heights

Girder is an obscure DC villain who first appeared in The Flash: Iron Heights, an excellent prestige format book by industry greats Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.  The character has been cast to appear in the upcoming Flash TV show.


Flashpoint 1 2011

Farooq/Blackout is an even more obscure character than Girder.  Though he appears first in the well printed/underwhelming Flashpoint 1 (also by Johns ) the issue is rare depending on which version you seek out.

Sketch variant, third printing, George Perez variant, SDCC and Canadian Expo edition

1803234-5_28b1531d26 1803235-6_c0cef89a06 1922792-flashpoint_01__2nd_printing_variant_ 1966697-01_2nd 2757581-01_fanexpo 2757583-01_fanexpo_cropped

 Tales of Suspense 59 ( First Appearance Jarvis )

Jarvis will be cast for the Agent Carter show.  The famous butler to heroes first appeared in this classic series from Marvel.


Doctor Who Weekly 17 ( First appearance of Abslom  Daak )

Fan favorite and Dalek Killer, Abslom Daak could finally be appearing on screen.  His first appearance is really going to be tough to find in high grade though.


The Avengers 167 ( First appearance of Carina )


In the comics she’s The Collector’s daughter but if you’ve see the GOTG film then you know that she’s not to happy with her position.  It’s great little role by an unknown.

The Flash 245 ( First appearance of the Floronic Man )

Del Toro’s Justice League Dark is going to feature many of DC’s best characters who deal in magic and mysticism.  The legendary director  has expressed a desire to include The Floronic Man.  This is his first appearance.


Note:  The Floronic man appears in The Atom 1 but he does not become the Floronic Man until this Flash issue.

Secret Six 7 ( first appearance of Komodo )


Arrow is looking to feature a ton of DC characters in the upcoming season including Komodo!

The Flash Volume 2 Issue 28  ( First Linda Park )


Green Arrow 17 variant ( First Komodo DC new 52 )

This variant is going to be the one to collectors will want.  It also features Jeff Lemire’s writing debut for Arrow and that’s enough to make this reader buy!   Simon Lacroix is an expert archer in his own right and may turn out to be one of the more exciting TV characters if he is adapted well from the source material.


The Eternals 7 ( First appearance Eson the Searcher )

One of the more obscure appearances ( and my personal favorite! ) from the GOTG film!


Hulk vs. Iron Man 2  ( First Extremis Hulk )

first extremis hulk

Captain Atom ( First General Wade Eiling )

The General is rumored to play a significant role on Arrow!  This one may not see much in the way of market gains based on a higher print run but for fans of Arrow it’s a must own and can probably be found in a dollar bin.

first general wade eiling

Peter Parker, Spider-Ham 12 ( First Galactypus )

pps 12 first galactypus

If you haven’t been reading Ultimate FF then you need to start right after you finish reading this.

Superman Day of Doom 1 of 4


Man I sure hate mini -series and not because of the format.  For some reason collector’s frown upon them especially modern  buyers and sellers.  In this cases fans of the upcoming Gotham show and the Gotham Central comic should want this one.




Marvel Exclusive Spotlight – Press Release

press.jpgYou’ve got X-Men in my Eternals! You’ve got Eternals in my X-Men! Hmmm…That’s right!  The X-Men battle the Eternals for three issues of crossover excitement! Check out the info and cover images inside!


The X-Men Versus The Eternals!


As the Eternals wage war against each other in San Francisco , it’s time for the X-Men to save the city in X-Men/Eternals: Manifest Destiny, beginning in Eternals #7! But will the X-Men join Ikaris…or battle him? Enter Eternals #7, kicking off a special three part X-Men: Manifest Destiny tie-in storyline, as the Eternals’ civil war goes to the next level and threatens to engulf all of the western United States! The fan favorite writing duo of Charles & Daniel Knauf team with new series penciller—and cover artist—Eric Nguyen for an x-citing new chapter in the Eternals mythos! Perfect for readers new and old alike, this sets the stage for jaw dropping developments that will reverberate throughout the Marvel Universe! 

“The Knaufs have really gotten this book firing on all cylinders,” raves Paul Brian McCoy of Eternals. “Characterizations are consistent, the dialogue is believable, when there are jokes, they are funny, and there are some truly cosmic touches that bring the narrative to a higher thematic level.” 

With ties to the top-selling Manifest Destiny storyline and Manifest Destiny branding, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Eternals #7. The X-Men and Eternals meet once more—but will they all survive the x-perience? 

ETERNALS #7 (NOV082372)


Pencils & Cover by ERIC NGUYEN

Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC—12/18/08, On-Sale—1/7/09





To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook

Marvel Comics is a division of Marvel Entertainment, Inc., a leading global character-based entertainment company that has developed and owns a library of more than 5,000 characters, which have entertained generations around the world for over 60 years. Marvel’s operations are focused in entertainment and consumer product licensing and comic book publishing. Marvel Studios supports the development of feature films, DVD/video products and TV series. Marvel’s creative team also supports the development of video games and toy lines based on its characters as well as for a broad and growing range of consumer products and services including apparel, collectibles, foods and promotions. Marvel’s comic book division is a leading publisher in the global marketplace while also serving as an invaluable source of intellectual property. Marvel’s Toy Biz division is a recognized creative force and leader in toy design, sales and marketing, developing and overseeing both licensee and in-house toy lines. For additional information visit


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 6-11-08

Gather your change together, it’s a BIG week.
 Skaar is coming! The son of the Hulk. With the new Hulk movie due to arrive this Friday, Marvel has decided to time this perfectly. Marvel brings the SON of Hulk to the Marvel Universe and has HOT written ALL over it. Skaar’s 1st appearance will bang the charts real hard when this book gets hot (which it will!). World War Hulk #5 can be had on Ebay right now for $3.99. Buy this comic ASAP! Skaar #1 will fly off the shelves which in turn will have collectors scrambling for WWH #5. One more thing, Marvel is also releasing a secret Variant cover by fantasy artist extraordinaire Julie Bell, a 1-20 variant that is going to be big bucks when all is said and done. Check out Julie’s cover at left. Nice…………..




1976 Jack (King) Kirby gave his fans one of his last cosmic adventures, this week Marvel gives Eternals fans a new ongoing series. Kirby’s #1 from 32 years ago was sold on Ebay recently for $4.99?!? Wow and wow. That is unreal for a Bronze age comic that is about to explode at the seams when the new series hits. With the renewed interest in the Cosmic universe, this new series is going to be big. Check out the nice white variant #1 issue to the right. This series is going no place but up. Get the 1976 issue and variant, sell as a bundle on Ebay a few months from now and you’ll be happy you did.





An Image Comic will hit a milestone this week with it’s 50th issue. Invincible will accomplish this feat with a beauty of a cover. Invincible is still one of the hottest comics Image has in their arsenal. No question that this comic brings it month in and month out. This comic shows NO signs of slowing down, nor will it for a LONG LONG time. Get the very 1st appearance in Noble Causes #3 for less than $10 on Ebay! You cannot go wrong with picking this comic up. HOLD this comic for years to come because it’s going to be a GEM. Pick up the 50th issue as well and hold it for a LONG LONG time. While you’re at it, get the regular series #1 issue too! Simply put here, Invincible will be a collector item. Get them now.

IC’s sleeper of the week. Image Comics, Charlatan Ball #1.







Invest wisely.

Jay Katz