Newsletter – Happy Holiday’s from InvestComics

Happy Holiday’s from InvestComics

Hello Everyone,

What a year it has been! The InvestComics family would like to thank each and every one of you for making it possible that InvestComics had its biggest year ever.

Many things took place this past year. The pinnacle of the InvestComics website and a personal pinnacle has to be the interview with Stan Lee. Then, InvestComics got its first published work out with “InvestComics Presents One & Done”. All proceeds have gone to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Again on a personal note, I got out my first original written story out in Vincent Price House of Horror’s #1 from Bluewater Comics.

InvestComics is now featured on the Mancave Playbabes website and a featured article is written exclusively for the online magazine by me. Stay close to InvestComics because if you’re a creator, publisher, a newcomer, you may be picked for an interview, so be ready! Look for some very big things coming out of the Mancave Playbabes camp in the coming year.

Merchandise from InvestComics will debut in 2013, look for that as well.

InvestComics has taken to the Social Medium this year. YouTube (278 subscribers over 30,000 video views), Facebook (doubled in size 1200 Likes), LinkedIn (250 connections), Twitter (213 followers), Also on Google+, BlipTV. Once again on a personal note, InvestComics was a thought way back in the day because of the Wizard World magazine and just the other day, Wizard World started following InvestComics on Twitter. Yes, that’s cool.

Recent partnerships with great companies such as Bags Unlimited Inc. and ComicWow! and so many more to come.

With the regular FFFIC Video Comic Book Reviews every week appearing on InvestComics (awesome reviews from Sebastian and Shaun), another NEW video show will be coming up soon too call The Broker & The Artist. This show is already appearing on television in Indiana! Soon to be on the InvestComics TV website and YouTube. Stay tuned!

2012 has been a spectacular year and 2013 will be bigger. The pinnacle year for InvestComics will be this year folks, get ready!

Images from 2012 throughout this newsletter include, Miami; Myself with Mancave Playbabes Samantha and Laura – Launch Party (check out the backdrop with the InvestComics logo), Stan Lee and myself – Orlando MegaCon, InvestComics article as it appears in the Mancave Playbabes magazine and a still image from the new show “The Broker & The Artist.” with myself and Erick Marquez.

Thank you all, have a happy and safe holiday.

Jay Katz



Mancave Playbabes Issue 4 – November 2012!

Mancave Playbabes October Issue!

Featuring Playbabe of the month Melissa Paradise!

Take A Look Inside!! ——————>



This Issue Features;

Krazyboy Girls

Mancave Launch Party Pictures

Strongman Motivation




InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-3-12 + X-Men Romance

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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for 10-3-12.

This past week we all read about Stan Lee getting a pacemaker for the ol’ ticker. Everyone here at InvestComics wishes Stan Lee a speedy recovery! We all look forward to seeing you back on the convention circuit! Get well Stan!

InvestComics has been around now for 6 years. Wow, seems like yesterday the free InvestComics’ magazines were going out to the Ebay winners and also sitting on some comic shop counters. Ah, the good old days! Okay enough reminiscing. A few days ago a new exclusive InvestComics article appeared in the newly released Mancave Playbabes digital magazine, issue #3 (October). You can buy it on the InvestComics website right HERE or go to the Mancave Playbabes website right HERE. It’s an honor to be involved with such an upscale product and also an honor that InvestComics has found an Exclusive home as well. Mancave Playbabes saw the InvestComics product and recognized it enough to have a regular monthly column within the magazine. Look for more news concerning the MC/IC team-up!

New York Comic Con 2012 is 11 days away! Being that this is the third consecutive year that InvestComics will be attending as press; the excitement is as though it was the first. This doesn’t get stale at all. Do yourself a favor and visit the convention for at least one day if at all possible. The experience is like being at Disney, but with a different kind of fulfillment. It helps the inner geek more so because it’s for the adults rather than for the kids. Yes weird isn’t it, a comic book convention NOT for children? Yes times have changed.

As teased on the InvestComics Facebook page, InvestComics will do some cool things in relation to YOU the fans and tomorrow we’ll be releasing a cool little news piece that YOU the fan can get involved in. But be sure to be on top of it because there are a limited number of spots! More coming down the pike from the NYCC trip, but that’ll have to wait until we get back. Cool stuff coming!

This past week we all read about Stan Lee getting a pacemaker for the ol’ ticker. Everyone here at InvestComics wishes Stan Lee a speedy recovery! We all look forward to seeing you back on the convention circuit! Get well Stan!

Let’s get started with the “Zero-less” DC comics InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for this week. Yippee, no more Zero issues!

Hot Picks Images


So what will DC comics do for an encore after what seemed like weeks and weeks of those Zero issues? Well you can start with getting the lame character Penguin back into the mix in Detective Comics #13. Yes that’s right, the Penguin is a lame character, let’s all stop pretending like we really care about him. But maybe, just maybe we’ll get a different spin on him from one of the better writers out there in the comic industry; Mr. John Layman. Of course we all know John from the Image Comics CHEW series, but do we know that John originally had his hands on a Batman comic from 2002? Yes he did, really. Check out Batman/Deathblow: After the Fire #1, you’ll see John Layman as the Editor of that comic. How cool is that!? Encore…..encore!

Okay want more from DC this week? How about Stormwatch #13? Of all the comics to reintroduce Jack ‘The King’ Kirby’s Demon into the New 52 “modern time setting”, it has to be Stormwatch? Okay. Jack Kirby first introduced us to Etrigan the Demon back in 1972. This was and IS essentially Jack Kirby’s character, having his paws all over this comic as Penciler, Cover Artist and Writer. So do yourself a favor and buy the 1972 comic to see a master at work and to own a nice first appearance of a character that is getting reintroduced in today’s “New 52”. Encore…..encore!

Want MORE from DC Comics this week? Tough crowd! Okay how about Action Comics #13? So what to talk this issue up about you ask? How about the cool artistry of Travel Foreman? That’s a start. How about the return of Krypto? Yes now that’s neat! The return of a dog with a cape! YAY for comic books! Superman’s best friend first appeared in Adventure Comics #255 WAY back in 1955. Wow that’s an old dog!! Hold on, let’s get the calculator out, be right back…………………………………….Okay so the age of Krypto here is 399. Not bad! Must be the healthy dog food Clark gives him.

So moving away from Crypto the dog, we find something here just as old here on InvestComics Comic Hot Picks and that’s Marvel’s absence from the list. Not anymore true believers! (Thanks Stan!).

So what does Marvel have to offer up this week that’s worth a mention? How about we have some fun first? It’s always about business! Not really, but that sounded like a nice way to ease into this.

XMenUncanny X-Men #19 presents fans with a kissy kissy romantic cover this week. When first seeing this, it got me thinking about ALL of those romantic poses and kissy covers over the years for the X-Men titles. So I set out and found a bunch of romance for the InvestComics fans. That’s right! Scroll through many X-Men titles, related titles and promo’s pertaining to the art of LOVE from the images below. See don’t say InvestComics never looks out for ya…..

Romantic X-Men Images


Amazing Spider-Man #695 brings the Hobgoblin back into Peter’s tormented life. All leading up to the Amazing Spider-Man #700 which will probably make headline news for the “shock” that it will bring….BUT things will settle down and go back to normal, won’t they? Hobby’s first appearance is in Amazing Spider-Man #238 (1983). This amazing (no pun intended) collector’s issue is not only the debut of one of the elite villains within Spidey’s rouge gallery, but also an abundance of creative talent attached here! Here’s the lineup, writer Roger Stern, penciler John Romita Jr. and a cover by Romita Jr. AND Romita Sr.!! This comic needs to be in your collection if it’s not already there, which it should be.

On from the topic of awesomeness to lame and then back to awesomeness. Follow that? Okay so moving on from the topic of Amazing Spider-Man #238 we come to the lame duck this week called Spaceknights #1. This comic collects Spaceknights #1 & 2 from 2000. Wow this is lame. Lame on many levels, but the most glaring and obvious reason is that Spaceknights from 2012 (pinup? mention?) nor the old 2000 miniseries gives the one character that is excluded from the Spaceknights books and that is THE Spaceknight himself ROM. ROM is awesomeness. You see, Marvel cannot include ROM for legal reasons, but can use Spaceknights because they own that. Who cares?? ROM is the prize here. If Disney can buy Marvel Entertainment for 4 Billion dollars, there has to be a way to pry ROM away. Get ROM back Disney! Imagine this, ready for this? A ROM Pixar movie!! YES!!

Well It looks like we’ll all witness the demise of our favorite blind lawyer Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil this week in Daredevil End of Days. And if it’s any dead giveaway or indication of who is responsible for his death from this cover, it’s Bullseye! Bullseye is THE villain within his rogue gallery. Yes Kingpin is cool, but Bullseye, he’s the thorn that forever lives in his side. Check out the guy who sends Matt to his maker in his first appearance in Daredevil #131 (1976). And to sweeten the debut of Bullseye the story is written by Marv Wolfman.

And finally from Marvel, Avengers vs. X-Men #12 wraps up. Yes hooray.

There are two number one issues to look for this week; Non-Humans #1 from Image Comics and the soon to be megahit Robyn Hood #1 from Zenescope Entertainment. Zenescope recognizes the need for more bad ass female leads and they may well have it!

Thanks all, see you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

InvestComics – Covers of the Week!


Mancave Playbabes Issue 3 – October 2012!




Mancave Playbabes October Issue!

Featuring Playbabe of the month Brooke Erickson!

Take A Look Inside!! ——————>


This Issue Features;

Krazy Boy


Body Paint

Ferrari 430 Specs



InvestComics Announces Partnership with Mancave Playbabes

Miami, Florida
September 3, 2012 — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

InvestComics Announces a Partnership with Mancave Playbabes Magazine

InvestComics teams up with the launching of a new magazine property “Mancave Playbabes”

(Miami, Florida; September 3, 2012) – Comic book and entertainment information website InvestComics is proud to announce a partnership with the high quality magazine “Mancave Playbabes” and will be their exclusive source for the comic book entertainment genre. “I remember buying Maxim magazine years ago and discontinued my subscription because of the lack of quality within the material of the magazine.” said Jay Katz, President of InvestComics. “Mancave Playbabes brings back the quality of good reading material with spectacular visuals of beautiful women from the most talented and world known photographers in the world. This magazine is superior. It will be the most talked about magazine on the market by next year. This partnership will have rippling effects for the entire InvestComics family and bring the comic industry to Mancave Playbabes magazine for all readers.”

Sid Siddiqui, Editor in Chief, added, “Comic books are one of the major components of the entertainment market today and we were seeking a reliable comic book source to help us on this endeavor to add to our magazine. Jay Katz has a vision, his ideas are unmatched, and his comic book knowledge as his InvestComics website presence is a quality that we fully endorse. He will be our comic book industry consultant.”

“Plans for the future are very promising regarding InvestComics and Mancave Playbabes’ presence at Comic Book Conventions.”, said Jay Katz. “When we arrive to the shows, everyone will be talking about our booth; you will know that we are there! Sid Siddiqui brings his expertise and his team to the table with nothing in mind, but success and top quality.”

Very soon, InvestComics will have its own section on the Mancave Playbabes website as well. Under the “Comics” umbrella, there you will find various articles from InvestComics as well as exclusive material for only Mancave Playbabes. Future issues of the Mancave Playbabes magazine will also feature exclusive articles from Jay Katz as well a full page ad alongside the superb talents that grace the overall magazine.

Look for more news coming from the InvestComics/Mancave Playbabes camp as to where they will be appearing within the Comic Book Convention scene.


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About InvestComics

With 14 year experience of Wall Street trading behind him, Jay Katz started InvestComics as a magazine in 2006; the first issue wasn’t released until June of 2007. The magazine was distributed as a free comic book Investment Guide throughout local comic shops in South Florida. It was also a giveaway on EBay for any winning bid to receive with their order.

Although the InvestComics website was on line in 2005, it wasn’t until 2007 the web site became the main focal point and the magazine ceased. InvestComics wanted to start reaching a broader audience and began to rapidly expand. InvestComics became the “Entertainment” Investment Guide as a result of covering many areas in the industry, focusing on entertainment as well as highlighting investment opportunities. The launch of InvestComics TV (ICTV) has made the site multi-media, attracting some of the biggest names in the industry (Stan Lee, Jim Starlin, Neal Adams) to appear in a split-screen 10-12 minute interview format. InvestComics website was the first to carry interviews in this format and remains an innovator for other comic book websites. InvestComics became Incorporated in 2010.

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