Buy, Sell, Hold – Marvel Feature #1

One comic is chosen to go under the scope. What is the best course? As a speculator, is it worth buying, selling or holding? Here are the pros and cons, YOU decide.

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Marvel Feature #1 – The Defenders – 1971
Writer: Roy Thomas
Art: Ross Andru
Inker: Bill Everett
Cover Art: Neal Adams

PROS: The first appearance and origin of the team; The Defenders – Two of the three main characters have already appeared in major movies – The third teammate; Sub Mariner has been rumored for years to appear if Marvel can rip the rights away from Fox – The Defenders team (not this one – see ‘cons’) appeared on a Netflix television series – The resurgence of the Hulk character from the Thor Ragnorok helps a bit –  A Bronze Age comic – Slow moving upward ticks over years, although slow-moving, still moving in the direction a speculator wants it to (see ‘cons’) – Neal Adams cover.  

CONS: There are a total of 1136 graded copies (CGC Census). Out of those copies, 358 are graded 9.0 or higher. This is NOT including a CBCS Census (no data). While 358 is not a high number, NM copies are readily available out there and CBCS has not been factored in – The Defenders Netflix, which did NOT feature the original comic book cast was not that well received. A second season looms, but not without reservation – The first appearance of this Defenders team has no bearing on the Netflix series no matter how anyone tries to spin it – This comic bears no key first appearance(s) of significant event(s) to warrant a quick spike at any point – Pertaining to a ‘spike’, this a slow-moving vehicle. If a speculator is in the market for a fast mover, this is not it.    

What do you think? Is this comic a buy, sell or hold?

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InvestComics Hot Picks #300

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

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Teen Titans #44 (2)Teen Titans #44 (1)Welcome to the 300th InvestComics Hot Picks article. Although Ratchet City Comics and InvestComics didn’t have a chance to give away the awesome Star Wars signature series 9.8 (signed by Brian Wood) graded comic, we’re going to try for another plateau. This time If we can reach 2000 likes by January 20th (my birthday), the payoff will be a signed Tales of the Teen Titans #44 by George Perez! Yes that’s right, the first appearance of Nightwing signed by George Perez can be yours if we get to 2000 likes by January 20 2014. All those who have already shared the InvestComics page are already eligible, we encourage everyone else to share the InvestComics Facebook page to make this happen. Pictured to the right are photos of the actual comic and George Perez holding the book you could win! So it’s my birthday, but I’m in a giving mood! Let’s get to 2000!

A question was recently posted on the all new InvestComics Facebook page: Investing in Comic books 101. The best holiday investment comic of all time? Samurai Santa #1? Yes or No? This is one of the many cool question posted on the page. There is also opinions and talk from different investors about the comic book hobby. If you’re a regular here, you should really head on over to the page and join in. Click HERE to go directly there now.

InvestComics Hot PicksNew Release Comics on 12/25/13

Ho ho ho! Variant comics are plentiful this week!

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So what will Santa bring to the new comic book releases this week? One thing Marvel Comics will be sending looks a lot like 19 variants on one new release. Yes, no mistype there folks, 19 variants to accompany the release of Avengers (2012 5th Series) #24.1. What gives here Marvel? Is this really necessary?? Well from a pure business point it totally is. The money grab is in and guess what? You can play a part in the money grab too! It will cost you to lay out a few bucks, but the return might be worth it. There are three grand prize variants to check out on new comic day when it comes to “Rouge Planet #1”. Simone Bianchi holds two of these cards. There is an extremely rare incentive sketch cover for about $75 from Simone. The second grand prize is the Agustin Alessio incentive variant cover. A $50 price tag on that one. And the last variant goes back to Simone. It’s the color version of his sketch cover. That one will set you back only $35. Get any of these signed and graded a 9.8 or higher, you’ll be looking at a decent return.

Wolverine: The Origin #1 in 2001 was a rousing success. So now 12 years later we get Origin II (2013) #1. Haven’t we had enough of the origin stories with Wolverine already? Seems every four months a new revelation comes forth about Wolverines past. “Is Wolverine man or beast?” Yes that’s what the solicitation reads. Haven’t we been down this road before? Okay, enough picking on the Canadian eh. There are two variants the collector should get their hands on here. The first being Adam Kubert’s incentive sketch cover ($75) and the second is from Salvador Larroca ($35). Follow the same rules as previous stated for the Avengers book.

The last of our variant coverage this week deals with Forever Evil (2013 DC) #4. There are two beauties here; a $20 Deathstroke vs Lex Luthor variant and a super duper rare David Finch incentive sketch cover for $160. Both of these variants totally rock! Rules apply as previously mentioned to maximize your dollar on these variants as well.

A very exciting team-up will be occurring for anime fans this week. Robotech Voltron (2013 Dynamite) #1. For anime fans, I’m quite sure they already know the first time Robotech and Voltron hit the comic scene, but for those who may not know here’s the scoop. Voltron’s first comic book came in Voltron #1 (Modern Comics) in 1984. Robotech first came onto the comic book scene in DC’s Sampler #3 in January of 1984 as Robotech Defenders. The comic was an obvious sampler of comics that were to come out via the DC Comics line. The actual full length Robotech Defenders comic book didn’t debut until January 1985. So with that, Comico was the first to actually have a Robotech comic with Robotech The Macross Saga #1 in December of 1984. That’s the lowdown and according to our awesome Terry Hoknes here at InvestComics, Robotech Voltron #1 is about to be sold out.

And another almost sold out comic this week to check out; Deceivers (2013 Boom) #1.

Happy holiday’s. Invest wisely.    

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Hot Picks #256

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 2-13-13

With certainty in life what goes up must come down eventually. Of course forgetting about taxes, I’m talking more along the lines of a ball, rocket, grenade, plane, stock market, and sometimes success. There have been many successors that have sustained the duration of a lifetime, but even they have bumps in the road, which brings us to a success that has yet to see a bump in the road. Marvel Entertainment. No not the comic books, boy have we seen some clunkers over the past few years with them. I’m talking about the movie aspect. When will Marvel hit that spot where movie goers give a thumbs down? Maybe it won’t happen for quite some time, but one guarantee here folks it will happen one day. How will Marvel react? Will it begin the downslide of the Marvel Entertainment golden eggs? Probably not, but it will set the studio upright a bit to an Star-Lord Chris Prattunderstanding that not everything they release will be a hit, thus maybe getting a slowdown on the movie releases. Now, not trying to be a Debbie downer here, but the reality is that this can and will happen someday.

News came out that Marvel cast the lead actor to play Star-Lord in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. His name is Chris Pratt. The rant regarding a Marvel clunker in the theater is not necessarily pertaining to the Guardians film, but pertains to the potential that maybe Marvel may miss here. Then again, maybe not. There are so many variables that go into a movie being successful that one cannot predict the ticket sales, obviously. That said, with the influx of films that Marvel is releasing, the odds are starting to stack against them just a bit. Getting back to Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, Star –Lord’s first appearance came in Marvel Preview Presents Star-Lord #4 in 1976. The aftermarket prices are commanding some big bucks at the moment and there will be no slowing down for a while. The pricing will see a spike and then level off when three things happen A: stills of the film start coming out B: the closer to the film we get C: the trailer release, if perceived in a good way will spike the market even more for a short while. The aftermarket pricing has seen Marvel Preview #4 as high as $200 already. Is this too high right now? Absolutely not. This market is a bull market right now. The asking price will go up from here, way up.

So risk verses reward. If you want to make some cash, definitely pick this book up now. If you want to make some serious cash for your investment, a no brainer here, buy a near mint 9.8 and send it off for grading. If CGC sends you back a 9.8, you have hit the mother lode. Only a total of 29 Marvel Preview #4’s have been graded to date. More so, only THREE are graded at 9.8. Yes fans, this is some very serious cash waiting for you in the aftermarket if you can pull this off.

Now with the negative Nancy stuff mentioned above about Marvel hitting a bad spot, what are the upside sides to the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie? The first thing one has to think is; are we witnessing the beginnings of the modern day Star Wars? The whole Cosmic realm of Marvel’s Universe is vast and has the potential of some serious bank if done right. The Guardians of the Galaxy team will provide a new universe for Marvel to explore. The storylines here can be endless; a trilogy (ala’ Star Wars) would not be that far-fetched. Spinoffs are not to be excluded either. A talking Raccoon though? Marvel Entertainment/Disney knows how to market and put together an amazing product. Guardians of the Galaxy will most likely be a huge hit, but Marvel really has to knock this movie out of the park in order for the Guardian comics in the aftermarket to hold some value, otherwise there will be a huge crash and Marvel will slow things down a bit on the big screen.


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Speaking of Star Wars, Star Wars (2012 Dark Horse 2nd Series) #2 comes our way after a sold out number one issue. Don’t expect things to slow down with the second issue. Pick this up before the dark side makes it disappear off the shelf.

Wolverine’s bro comes back in Wolverine and the X-Men (2011) #25. Dog Logan first appeared in the critically acclaimed Origin (#1) mini. Easy book to find, a bit pricey in some areas.

Marvel NOW! continues their restarts with Uncanny X-Men (2013 3rd Series) #1 and Secret Avengers (2013 Marvel) 2nd Series #1. Of course the original Uncanny X-Men #1 appeared in 1963 while the original Secret Avengers #1 first happened in 2010. Any X-Men comic from the Bronze Age back will always be a commodity to hold on to.  Long term investment is the key to your back issues as far as the X-Men go. Early Avengers comics are a fantastic commodity as well. And with the modern Avengers? No one cares about them. Don’t think so? How about this week we get to witness more carnage in Avengers Arena (2012) #4. See no one cares about wannabe’s in the Avengers; off with their heads!

Marvel’s imprint Icon brings Powers back in Powers FBI (2012 Icon) #1. Check out Michael Avon Oeming/Brian Michael Bendis’ first Powers comic in 2000 (Image). Powers has been the talk of television and movies for years. Get this comic now while you still can.

Television has made the Peter Panzerfaust comic in the aftermarket very hot these days. If you are late to the party, there are still refreshments left. Get started on early issues with the release of Peter Panzerfaust (2012 Image) #9 this week.

As noted in last week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #255. Many (not all) female characters have a hard time staying on top of the leader board in a male dominated genre. This week a Justice League member breaks out into her own comic. Check out Katana (2013 DC) #1 and judge for yourself if Katana has what it takes to sustain her own title. The Brave and the Bold #200 (1983) is the first appearance of Katana. I’m looking at little to no movement regarding the aftermarket on this book. Unless Katana really brings something spectacular to the table, don’t expect much. A sellout on the first issue and interest of the storyline thereafter will be the only reason for movement.

And finally, Batman (2011 2nd Series) #17 will end the Death storyline.

Here are some number one issues you should definitely check out this week. Mylo Xyloto (2013 Bongo) #1, and Standard (2013 Comixtribe) #1.

Be sure to go onto the InvestComics Facebook page (LIKE IT) to possibly win a signed copy of Vincent Price House of Horrors #1 (Bluewater) that I wrote. Go now! Contest over on Valentine’s Day. Show your love!

See you next week, invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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Deadpool – Some Key Issues

(Originally published on March 20th 2008)

New_Mutants_Vol_1_98The new Deadpool comic is arriving on 9-10-08 from Marvel. Check out this article that was originally written on March 20th 2008 . It gives a few Deadpool comics you should be searching for before Deadpool makes his huge return into the Marvel Universe. Yes, The Merc with the mouth, Deadpool, is coming back and he’s going to become one of the hottest Marvel characters in quite some time. Remember how hot Wolverine was at one time? You remember The Punisher? We’re talking that hot. This article contains some KEY issues in the Merc’s ‘short’ career that you should be getting before it’s too late.

Marvel is starting the push of a character that they think will be a huge part of the MU. The likes of which might seem very innocence at first, but is going to turn into a, shall we say, a Wolverine type overkill. Remember how the Punisher was in what seemed to be every other Issue in the MU in the 80’s? Remember the same for Wolverine in the 80’s and 90’s and even now? Well here’s the scoop Investors, the character Marvel is going to throw at you for the next few years to come is…….(drum roll please)…..Deadpool!

Yes Deadpool will be a household name in a couple of years, bank on it. Here’s a few reasons why.

The first reason, the most oblivious one is that the character is extremely appealing. Ever since Deadpool was introduced to the comic word in 1991 the comic world has embraced him. Mr. Wade Winston Wilson has that certain quality in a character that fans absolutely love. His abilities, Healing factor, Superhuman strength, his marksmanship, martial arts and many more. These powers sound a lot like a hairy, attitude, claw ripping mutant? Basically Deadpool has what Wolverine has but without claws. The second reason is the fact that Marvel is going to give Deadpool his own regular monthly series in August. The best news comes from Editor Aubrey Sitterson at the most recent Comic Con in L.A. He says “”It’s not a Deadpool series off to the side; It’s in the center of the Marvel Universe.” Let us explain what this really means.

The new X-men Origins Wolverine movie is going to feature many MU characters, but the one that Marvel is keeping an eye on is Deadpool. Marvel has already stated that they are possibly looking at a Deadpool spin off from the Wolverine movie. That being said, Marvel is going to push Wade to front and center in the next year or so in the Marvel Universe. Why you ask? He’s not the Hulk, Wolverine, Spiderman, Fantastic Four that’s why. People in the general public just don’t know Deadpool. Hell some comic fans don’t even know much of him! He’s not iconic enough like the characters mentioned and Marvel knows this. Deadpool will get lots of airplay in the year to come, be ready! Here’s a few Issues you need to pick up for a minimal amount of cash now and cash out big much later on.


Deadpool_and_Death_Annual_Vol_1_1998New Mutants #98. 1st Appearance of Deadpool.

Ultimate Spider-Man #91. 1st Ultimate Universe Deadpool.

Deadpool #1. Origin Issue.

Deadpool #33. Origin Issue.

1998 Annual with Death. Origin Issue.


Invest wisely.

Jay Katz