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Brian K. Vaughan’s latest book will be hitting today; We Stand on Guard #1 (Image Comics). InvestComics thought what a fantastic time to get a creator list together from this amazingly talented writer!


Cable #43 (1997) Early professional comic work (Marvel). Brian teams with Todd Dezago on writing duties.

Ka-Zar 97 Annual (1997) First solo writing credits.

Wolverine #131 (1998) In Brian’s young comic career, the comic industry was turned upside on its head. A racial slur typo was immediately recalled as this became one of the most prolific error comics in history for all the wrong reasons. Vaughan/Dezago writing credits.

Vertigo Winter’s Edge #3 (2000) Here is Vaughan’s first DC (Vertigo) work. A Swamp Thing story.

Wolverine #131 InvestComics

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Cable #43 InvestComics

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Ka-Zar 97 Annual InvestComics

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Vertigo Winter's Edge #3 InvestComics

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The Titans #14 (2000) The first time Brian handles the superhero genre for DC Comics. Writing credits with Devin Kallie Grayson.

Swamp Thing #1 (2000) As series writer, Vaughan actually made the Swamp Thing an interesting deep character. If and when Swamp Thing finally comes to Netflix/network television or film, the producers will probably look right here for reference. The series lasted only 20 issues. A very interesting title for the last issue in this series (Swamp Thing #20); Saga. The title is right on the cover too. So technically, this is the first time the name Vaughan and Saga appear together on a cover. In the grand scheme of things. means absolutely nothing, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Wonder Woman #160 (2000) Brian writes two issues of Wonder Woman. This one and the following issue. Both have Adam Hughes covers.

Superman Annual #12 (2000) When writing the main story in this Superman annual, readers are introduced to Iman, El Muerto, and Acrata. And the Iman character resembles the new bunny robot Batman.

Wonder Woman #160 InvestComics

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Superman Annual #12 InvestComics

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Swamp Thing #1 InvestComics

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The Titans #14 InvestComics

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Batman #588 (2001) The start of a 3 part story line. First Batman book story.

Cyclops #1 (2001) A four part mini-series written by Vaughan. Mark Texeira art, Jimmy Palmiotti inks, and covers.

Y: The Last Man #1 (2002) Critically acclaimed. Here is the series that put Brian K Vaughan on mind of just about every comic fan on the planet. Y: The Last Man was one of the most prolific comic book runs in recent times. An absolute gem of a series. Click HERE to get an Ebay listing of all the issues available. J.G. Jones supplied many of the covers at the beginning of the series.

Mystique #1 (2003) Brian writes the series to issue number 13.

Y The Last Man #1 InvestComics

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Mystique #1 InvestComics

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Batman #588 InvestComics

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Runaways #1 (2003) Another great series from Vaughan. Went to issue number 20. This first issue is an expensive get in the aftermarket.

Ex Machina #1 (2004) Here is another huge critically acclaimed series written by Vaughan. Check out the rest of the series run available on Ebay right HERE.

Ultimate X-Men #46 (2004) Brian’s run begins here. He writes up to issue #65.

Doctor Strange The Oath (2006) A five part min-series.

Doctor Strange the Oath #1 InvestComics

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Ex Machina #1 InvestComics

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Runaways #1 InvestComics

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Ultimate X-Men #46 InvestComics

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Logan (2008) Vaughan writes a Wolverine story. A Marvel Knights 3 issue min-series.

Saga #1 (2012) And yet another critically acclaimed series from Brian. Vaughan and Fiona Staples hit the mark with this Image Comics Series. Vaughan’s latest opus. Click HERE for the total Ebay listing.

We Stand On Guard #1 (2015) Coming out today from Image Comics. Another hit on the horizon….

We Stand On Guard #1 InvestComics

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Saga #1 InvestComics

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Logan #1 InvestComics

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Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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Creator Spotlight – Fiona Staples



Archie #2 InvestComics

Archie #2 Cover. Coming out August 19th. Click here to LIKE Fiona’s Facebook page.

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Although a young talent within the industry, Fiona Staples is making her place already. With the recent influx of amazingly talented female creators coming in, Fiona is one of the tops on the list. The Saga comic keeps on killing it and so is Fiona. Be sure to check out her upcoming Archie Comics relaunch in July; Archie #1 with writer Mark Waid. It’s going to be spectacular.

So here are a list of comics below that collectors should be aware. A talented young career thus far, but so full of life.

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Elsinore #4 (2006) Devil’s Due Publishing. First major published work. Pencils; collaboration with many artist. Not many of these on Ebay right now. Two.

Done To Death #1 (2006) First solo pencil work. First cover as well. Markosia (UK). Scarce on Ebay.

24Seven #2 (2007) First work at Image Comics. Penciled a short story in this Anthology. Written by Ray Fawkes.

Secret History of The Authority Hawksmoor #1 (2008) Fiona’s first work regarding the big two. DC Comics imprint Wildstorm gets the dubious award for being the first to showcase Fiona’s artistry. Pencils and colors many of the Wildstorm characters, including Midnighter.

24Seven InvestComics

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Done To Death #1 InvestComics

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Elsinore #4 InvestComics

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Secret History of The Authority Hawksmoor #1 InvestComics

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North 40 #1 (2009) Critically acclaimed Wildstorm series. Art/inks and cover art.

Wolverine Art Appreciation One-Shot Canvas Cover (2009) Here’s her first Marvel work. A contributor along with 13 other creators lending their penciling talents.

Marvel Adventures The Avengers #34 (2009) First Marvel cover art. Collaboration with Roger Cruz. Hard to find.

Astonishing Tales #3 (2009) A Spider-Woman backup story penciled by Fiona. Only two on Ebay right now.

Astonishing Tales #3 InvestComics

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Marvel Adventures The Avengers #34 InvestComics

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North 40 #1 InvestComics

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Wolverine Art Appreciation One-Shot Canvas Cover InvestComics

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War Machine #5 (2009) A Wolverine Art Appreciation variant cover by Fiona. A Logan cover.

Mystery Society #1 (2010) First work with IDW Publishing. Pencils/inks/colors with Steve Niles on writing duties. Fiona gets to provide a variant cover too.

Magus #1 (2010) An awesome cover for 12 Gauge Comics. Only one set available on Ebay.

Superman Batman #79 (2011) Here she gets a crack at doing a cover jam with Superman, Batman, and Robin. Too bad it’s all of the characters from DC One Million. Still great regardless. There are only two copies on Ebay at the moment.

Magus #1 InvestComics

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Mystery Society #1 InvestComics

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Superman Batman #79 InvestComics

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War Machine #5 InvestComics

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Superman Batman #80 (2011) Looks like Fiona gets to do a Superman/Batman cover after all. Awesome. Only one on Ebay.

Jonah Hex #66 (2011) Art and cover art for this fill in issue. Works with writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.

Dollhouse #1 (2011) First Dark Horse work. Cover art only.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #7 (2011) Cover art begins. Will go on to do 4 straight covers.

Dollhouse #1 InvestComics

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Jonah Hex #66 InvestComics

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Superman Batman #80 InvestComics

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Thunder Agents #7 InvestComics

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30 Days of Night #1 (2011) IDW’s hit comic. Steve Niles writes, Sam Kieth art and cover art by Fiona Staples.

Saga #1 (2012) Every comic creator has that “one” book. That breakout book where fans/collectors turn their head and say “That looks interesting.” Saga was that book. It still is. A mega hit from the onset. Fiona does everything in this comic but write it. That’s left up to Brian K. Vaughan of course. Art/inks/colors/letters and cover by Fiona.

Life with Archie #24 (2012) Here’s an important collectors issue. This is the first Archie work for Fiona (cover art only). It’s a magazine variant. She will be an intricate part in the relaunch of the Archie Comics line coming up very soon. Archie #1 will be all Fiona Staples with some Mark Waid (writer) thrown in.

Action Comics #15 (2013) A Superman variant cover.

30 Days of Night #1 InvestComics

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Action Comics #15 2013 InvestComics

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Life with Archie #24 InvestComics

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Saga #1 InvestComics

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Rat Queens #1 (2013) Talks of a television show had this comic through the roof at one point. Its since cooled down. But the Staples variant is still going for some good big bucks.

Betty and Veronica #267 (2013) The first official Archie “comic book”. A variant cover. Not a magazine type. First Betty and Veronica art.

Velvet #1 (2013) A beautiful Midtown Comics variant cover here. An Ed Brubaker/Steve Epting book.

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2014) A variant cover supplied here. An original thought went into this Spidey variant, unlike the same old Spidey swinging from the buildings.

Betty and Veronica #267 InvestComics

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Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #1 InvestComics

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Rat Queens #1 InvestComics

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Velvet #1 InvestComics

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Jay Katz


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Most Valuable Comic Books Made in 2013 and 2012

The first online comic book price guide specifically for 2013 published comics.

This is a very clear look at what the most valuable single issue mass produced regular cover edition comic books of the year and their current values.  (Note prices may have gone up or down throughout the year).  These are current prices as of this date.

How many of these comics did you predict would be valuable?     Due to the increased demand in small print run comics from Image in 2012 many speculators entered the collect/profit comics world and therefore actually hurt the chances of current comics going up in value.  So far in 2013 only 20 different comics published out of 4,000 are worth $10.00 or more !

Notice the drastic difference in the list of most valuable comics from 2012 – there are 3x as many comics on the list and many more valuable ones that are still in strong demand.

Image has 6 of the most valuable comics of 2013

Image has 35 of the 59 most valuable comics of 2012 – that is 60% of all valuable comics of that year!

All comics are regular cover editions and 1st printings (unless noted otherwise)




2 LAST OF US #1 $25.00





7 SKYWARD #1 $20.00

8 LAST OF US #3 $15.00

9 DAY MEN #1 $14.00

10 STAR WARS #1 $12.00

11 DAREDEVIL #21 $10.00

12 EAST OF WEST #1 $10.00

13 GHOSTED #1 $10.00

14 LAST OF US #2 $10.00

15 HAWKEYE #4 $10.00

16 HAWKEYE #5  $10.00

17 HAWKEYE #6 $10.00


19 WALKING DEAD #108 $10.00

20 WATSON AND HOLMES #1 $10.00




2 SAGA #1 $80.00

3 THIEF OF THIEVES #1 $65.00



6 ADVENTURE TIME #1 $50.00

7 NOWHERE MEN #1 $40.00

8 BATMAN #6 $30.00

9 MIND MGMT #1 $30.00

10 THIEF OF THIEVES #2 $30.00

11 THINK TANK #1 $30.00

12 FATALE #1 $25.00

13 HAWKEYE #1 $25.00

14 HAWKEYE #2 $25.00

15 PROPHET #21 $25.00

16 WALKING DEAD #93 $25.00

17 ADVENTURE TIME #2 $20.00

18 BATMAN #4 $20.00

19 BATMAN #7 $20.00

20 BATMAN #8 $20.00


22 NOWHERE MEN #2  $20.00


24 REVIVAL #1 $20.00

25 SAGA #2 $20.00

26 THIEF OF THIEVES #3 $20.00

27 WALKING DEAD #94 $20.00

28 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700 $15.00

29 BATGIRL #13 $15.00

30 BATMAN #3 $15.00

31 BATMAN #5 $15.00

32 BATMAN #13 $15.00

33 GAMBIT #3 $15.00

34 HOAX HUNTERS #0 $15.00

35 SAGA #3 $15.00

36 SAGA #4 $15.00

37 SAGA #5 $15.00

38 SAGA #6 $15.00

39 WALKING DEAD #95 $15.00

40 HAWKEYE #3 $12.00


42 THE ACTIVITY #2 $10.00

43 ADVENTURE TIME #3 $10.00

44 BATMAN #9 $10.00

45 CATWOMAN $13 $10.00

46 CLONE #1 $10.00

47 DAREDEVIL #8 $10.00
48 DAREDEVIL #9 $10.00

50 HOAX HUNTERS #1  $10.00

51 LIFE WITH ARCHIE #16 $10.00

52 MIND MGMT #2  $10.00





57 REVIVAL #2  $10.00

58 SAGA #7 $10.00

59 WALKING DEAD #96 $10.00


Article and list compiled by comics historian Terry Hoknes of –

I am always happy to hear your comments and thoughts/criticisms on any of my posts.

Terry Hoknes (author) of Hoknes Comics loves analyzing statistics and watching the growth and fall of comic titles over a period of time.  He sells all of the latest hot back issue secondary market new comics and all new Diamond products at and also self-publishes a series of books called “Investing In Comic Books” that focus on the Golden, Silver and Bronze ages of comics.

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-11-12

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-11-12 

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As you can see from the above video this week, Stan Lee has made his way to InvestComics! The interview with Stan Lee (coming soon) was a milestone for InvestComics unto itself, but having Mr. Stan Lee welcoming fans to “InvestComics” is the Pinnacle for IC…… far. There are more things to be conquered, so stay tuned!

There are six number one issues to check out this week. Of the 6, four of them are from the independent circuit. The most disturbing cover of the bunch has to go to Secret #1. What is up with that cover? Nasty. But that cover will bring eyeballs over to it and make people pick it up so kudos to the marketing department here. Having talented writer Jonathan Hickman on the new ongoing series helps the cause even more for this book.

So Howard Stern will be making his debut on America’s Got Talent in a month or so. This week however, Image Comics has America’s Got Powers #1 coming out. Is there any correlation between AGT and AGP? Absolutely none. Coincidence? Maybe, but marketing strategies do work to enhance the most of a trend. So don’t go looking for Stern in this issue though, you’ll get Baba-Booey-ed!

Rounding out the number one issues from the Independent market are Alabaster Wolves #1 and Rich Johnson’s Iron Muslim #1.

……..And moving on to number 2 issues now, this week we check out the ever so popular follow up’s to Saga #1 and Manhattan Project #1. Will the comics sustain their popularity with continued great storytelling? Probably so, so don’t miss out on these!

The last of the number one issues covered here are from Marvel and DC. Both are targeting the younger animated audience. Coincidence? No way, they obviously are trying to vie for the same demo here. Green Lantern The Animated Series #1 and Marvel Universe Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1 are the comics competing against each other this week. Both are going to rack up points with the Avengers title winning in the end.

The last of the Hot Picks this week goes to New Avengers #24. An AvX crossover with a very nice cover.

Speaking of covers, scroll through some beautiful artistry below. Covers of the Week!

See you on Monday with a very cool press release! Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics’ Comic Hot Picks 4-4-12 + Avengers vs. X-Men

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-4-12

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Well if you’re a comic book enthusiast you know by now that Marvel has a book coming out this week that promises to meet expectations of a fantastic brawl. Avengers vs. X-Men #1, or better yet the way Marvel is billing it “A vs. X” will finally come out after a huge build up. The fight is said to reverberate throughout much of the Marvel Universe.  In the end, will this clash between these two colossal teams mean anything within the confines of the MU? Probably a resounding no as an answer here, but we do get to see a great scrap! Anything they may happen in this storyline anyway will probably be “Bobby-Ewing-ed” anyway. Who’s Bobby Ewing? What’s Bobby Ewing-ed? Dallas television show? Google it…..








As any comic collector would probably know, this is not the first time these teams have gotten into a lovers’ quarrel. But there was that 1987 limited series that was a lot of fun. X-men vs. The Avengers (X vs. A). Brought to you by writer’s Roger Stern and Tom Defalco, with Marc Silvestri and Keith Pollard on pencils. Those were the days when readers didn’t expect as much as they do these days. Yes it was the speculation days in comic collecting, but it was still fun to read the story where the hyperbole didn’t set the bar so high to be let down if a story wasn’t that good. In today’s market, with the savvier collector, we expect more from our writers and are quicker to criticize with so much availability as far as social media goes to get your voice heard. Well that’s today’s episode of the soapbox! All kidding aside, pick up the 4 issue limited series from 1987 and get some enjoyment out of reading it. Better yet, pick up the 4 issues, buy the new Avengers vs. X-Men #1 and do a side by side comparison of the 2 first issues! Look how far the industry has come. Or maybe not! If you do the comparison and want to write up a review for InvestComics, send it our way (, we’ll post it! If you do the comparison and use it for your own purposes after stealing the idea from here, be sure to at least credit us. Thanks.

Hulk #50 is a milestone “Bonus” sized issue. Whatever happened to “Double sized” issues? Here we get 48 pages of Red Hulk goodness. So what is the mysterious dark figure following Hulk around? Will we find out in the Bonus sized issue? Probably not….maybe….does anyone care really? One thing to surely care about is the awesome Walt Simonson Variant cover. That guy rocks. Be sure to click on the cover image to enlarge it. (It’s also featured in the covers of the week below).

Avengers Academy #28 gives fans another go at the Runaways team. With all the hype over Brian K. Vaughn’s recent Saga #1, the Runaways #1 from 2003 was a very well received written book from BKV. That said it’s also their first appearance.

Marvel has a busy week on the Hot Picks this week, right? It doesn’t stop with the release of the much anticipated Secret Service #1 from superstar Mark Millar and legend status Dave Gibbons. These two creators better deliver the goods with this series. Very high expectations here…..remember the social media critic’s we spoke about earlier? Yes, apply that here.

Voltron Year One #1 from Dynamite Entertainment makes its way into your shop this week. Check out the very firstVoltron comic ever in Voltron #1 (1985) from Modern Comics. Ape Entertainment releases Ramiel Wrath of God #1 from writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach of the Lost television series.

That’s it for this week. Stan Lee interview still forthcoming, promise! News forthcoming about the InvestComics’ Comic Hot Picks Chicks as well!

Scroll through the covers of the week below.

See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-14-12

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-14-12        Join the InvestComics Facebook page right HERE

As promised, the InvestComics Stan Lee interview will be coming. It’s in the stages of transcribing (audio not all that good) and will be here shortly. So hang tight!

The second release of the latest MegaCon 2012 Q&A came out. It’s a quick watch and it’s funny!  Click right HERE to watch that OR click on the video to the right of this page, you won’t have to leave here! The video features;  Jimmy Palmiotti, Billy Tucci, Tony Bedard, Frank Tieri, Jeff Balke, Sebastian Piccione, Jason Metcalf, Mike Wagganer, Brian Wolf, Karl Moline, and James Whynot. So go check it out!

Brian K. Vaughan will be returning to the comic book scene this week with a new ongoing series. InvestComics suggests that you check out You Tube’s Famous Faces & Funnies video’s regarding the new comic. Very funny videos featuring FFFIC’s very own Shaun Sorenson, Sebastian Piccione and Famous Faces & Funnies comic store owner Rick Shea.

Saga #1 from Image Comics will come with 40+ pages and no ads at a nice easy price of $2.99. Okay so you get all of these pages from a premiere writer in industry, a solicit that mentions “Star Wars action that collides with Game of Thrones”, written by Brian K. Vaughn, what more do you need here? This is a no brainer folks.

Brian K. Vaughn is well known for his epic comic series from Vertigo; Y The Last Man. If you’re looking for a nice collector’s item, the number one issue will cost you about $40. But buy the trade if you want to read the best written comic material in some time. A nice collector’s piece to own from Brian would be one of his first published works.  Marvel’s Tales From the Age of Apocalypse #2 from 1996 would be the one! This comic should (unfortunately) be found in one of those 50 cent boxes at your local shop. Pick this up and brag to your friends that you own Brian’s first work.

Brian (unfortunately) was a part of one of the biggest errors to ever occur in comic book history back in 1998. Wolverine #131 had an anti-Semitism word that rocked the comic book industry. Brian did NOT have anything to do with this error, but Marvel quickly retracted the comic and reissued the correct wording. The comic commanded some serious cash in the aftermarket after word got out about the error, but cooled down tremendously over time. The error book is only $6 these days.Marvel Comics will milk the new Avengers movie for all it’s worth with a new Avengers title Avengers Assemble #1. Will the big “reveal” happen that everyone suspects in Battle Scars #5? If you don’t know what that may be, pick up a copy and found out!

DC’s Suicide Squad #7 gives the reader the origin of Harley Quinn. Her first appearance of course is in Batman Harley Quinn from 1999. Vertigo will offer up an interesting look into politics, intrigue, and aliens. Yes it’s an election year folks! Saucer Country #1, sounds like fun!

Check out some lovely covers coming your way this week below.

See you soon. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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