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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. If you are here on the notion that you will make money ALL the time, you are in the wrong place. Please do not read this article. Although this article is used as a guide for investments, it’s more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments in this article should be used at the sole discretion and judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. So please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

What you are about to read is 100% authentic. This material is 100% original content from InvestComics and does not borrow from any article(s) or comic website(s) for its content. Anything you read regarding anything from here on any other site that seems similar probably and most likely originated from here.

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 12/10/14

Lots of comics to cover this week. Hope you have your reading glasses handy and some cash in your pocket this Wednesday.

Uncanny_X-Men_59_InvestComics Spider_Man_Xmen_InvestComics Marvel_Team_Up_19_InvestComicsThe fun starts with Spider-Man and the X-Men (2014) #1. A team-up every fan always loves. This comic will feature the Jurassic Park storyline. Well not really, but it will have two characters from way back in time appear (way back in history time, not real time). Suaron and Stegron (aka the Dinosaur Man). If you’re in the market for a couple of easy gets, Marvel Team-Up #19 from 1974 features the first appearance of Stegron. The best part of this comic; Gil Kane on pencil duties and Len Wein on writing duties. Then you have the big bird (not that big bird) first appearance; Suaron first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #59 (1969). That book had Neil Adams on art duties and the team of Chris Claremont/Roy Thomas on script duties. So there you have it, C level first appearances from A level Legends from the industry. Those are purchases/signature series/graded comics waiting to happen. Not for resale value, for keepsake value. They may not rise in significant value at a quick rate, but they are collectors items because of the names attached.

With the Dr. Strange frenzy upon us within the speculation world, it’s funny how All New Ultimates (2014) #11 plays a part in this Dr_Strange_78_InvestComics Ultimates_Ecstasy_InvestComicsmadness ever so slightly this coming week. You see, the ultimate Ecstasy is making her second appearance in the Ultimate universe. Her first being the previous issue. Ecstasy first appeared with the Dr. Strange universe in 1986’s Dr. Strange #78. Now what does this mean to you? Well it means that if Marvel Studios reaches into their vast character library and pulls her out to be a part of the movie….well you know the rest. This comic as of right now is probably sitting in some 25 cent long box someplace. Not a bad investment here for a quarter right? If anyone finds a few for a quarter, be sure to send a couple to our PO Box as a thank you.

As always, if you’re a regular visitor to the InvestComics website, you will know that these Hot Pick articles have made many speculators turn over some serious cash. The recommendations and predictions that have come to fruition are boundless. There is simply NO other comic book website that has been doing this since 2005. None. In the new Earth 2 Worlds End (2014) #10 Darkseid will be wreaking havoc once again and once again I implore you to get his first appearance before it becomes too far out of reach (see Thanos, which InvestComics recommended many many years ago to buy). The first appearance of Darkseid comes with some ridiculous cameo/first full appearance mumbo-jumbo. As with Incredible Hulk #180/181 does, but with Darkseid, it works the way it’s suppose to work. The cameo in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (1970) seems to pull more weight in some markets than does Forever People #1 (1971) which features his first FULL appearance. Nonsense really. A cameo is the absolute first appearance ever of a character, end of story. The cameo should always command more money. Not an arm, a leg, an eye, or a foot, a full body/full face AND more importantly the mention of their name. Wolverine first appeared in Hulk #180, that’s it. Darkseid first appears in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134, that’s it. Let’s stop having the nonsense of the stronghold collectors in our hobby dictate what is what. A first look at someone is in fact their first appearance ever, not cameo or anything related to not recognizing the first appearance and that’s it. You can twist it twenty ways till Sunday, it’s their first appearance. Darkseid was mentioned by NAME in issue #134. He then went on to appear in the very next issue too! Yet Forever People #1 is labeled as First FULL appearance and commands some bucks. Wolverine was even mentioned by NAME in Hulk #180, what more do you need in that case too? Absurd. So anyway, getting off the soapbox now I will say that Jimmy Olsen #134 is a get. InvestComics recommended this comic as an extremely strong buy back in mid 2013 right HERE. Not only will you find the MUST buy here, but a Darkseid checklist too! Yes InvestComics is awesome we know.

Forever_People_1_InvestComics Superman_Jimmy_Olsen_InvestComics Earth_2_InvestComics

Spider-Verse Team Up (2014) #2 continues with the red hot Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman. InvestComics did inform you to buy the first Gwen Spidey here on InvestComics Hot Picks right? Oh yes yes of course we did! Anytime anyone wants to donate some hot recommendations to InvestComics, the PO Box is below! Haha! You’ll get a mention on here too, a plug, whatever you want!

Harley_Quinn_InvestComics Spider_Man_InvestComicsAlthough only one comic is completely sold out this week at Diamond, a few are right on the cusp. Let’s do a quick roundup here. Devil’s Due has a hit on their hands with Solitary (2014) #1. The cover is very reminiscent of the cooled down, but once red hot Adventures of Superman #14. Sinergy (2014 Image) #2 is a sold out comic walking. If you’re a fan, get it before it goes to the second print. Look for Bitch Planet (2014) #1 to sell out as well. A fantastic creative team delves into the woman’s prison system. Sounds like a hoot! The popular East of West gets a new number issue; East of West The World (2014) #0. And it’s sold out already. While Magdalena has always been popular among fans and a fun read, it never did or does well in the spectator market. Magdalena Seventh Sacrament (2014 Image) #1 will sell out and no one in the aftermarket will care. Erik Larsen pulls out all the stops with his nearly sold out anniversary comic; Savage Dragon (1993 2nd Series) #200. A few variant covers accompany this milestone issue. Congrats to one of the hardest working creators in the industry; Erik Larsen. Avatar has quietly put together a nice intelligent read comic series with God is Dead. This week however, God is Dead (2013 Avatar) #25 will have a double sized, new story arc jumping on point. So what are you waiting for? Jump on. Nothing like have some squirrels kick some ass in a comic book. Check out Squarriors (2014 Devils Due) #1 for some reading and squirrels kicking ass. Harley Quinn + number one issue = a hot comic; Harley Quinn Holiday Special (2014) #1. Although this doesn’t give any hints of significance or smell like a funny cigarette, so don’t expect anything to smell too good from this one but a very awesome Harley book.

Gwen_Stacy_Spider_Woman_InvestComics Savage_Dragon_200_InvestComics Solitary_InvestComics

And wrapping up, here are some must read and gets from the number one issue market; The Valiant (2014 Valiant) #1, Guardians of the Galaxy (2013 3rd Series) Annual #1, Amazing Spider-Man (2014 3rd Series) Annual #1, Uncanny X-Men (2013 3rd Series) Annual #1, Eternal (2014 Boom) #1, and Itty Bitty Bunnies Cock Fight (2014) #1.

InvestComics; PO Box 22621, West Palm Beach FL 33416.

See you soon. Invest wisely.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Hot Picks #285

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 9-4-13

(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgement upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

HUGE Hot Picks List. DC Comics runs the table this week with their 3D extravaganza, but more on that in a bit……

Okay don’t mean to rehash, but there is a reason here. Stick with me…..A couple of weeks ago when Warner Brothers announced the signing of Ben Affleck as the latest man to don the cowl, the internet basically broke in pieces of whining fanboys. I can say honestly, I haven’t witnessed an outcry like this in a while. Well since the last major announcement of a superhero casting. Say Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti, and on and on. I could not believe that I read about a petition being set up to have Ben Affleck removed as Batman. It’s an absolute travesty that fanboys will go this far, or even complain as much as they have in the first place. This is what Warner Brothers decided. There is no changing it. Get a grip, move on. The out lash was so compelling to me that I decided to create a new Facebook page called Affleck as Batman – I’m On Team Ben. If you are a supporter of Ben Affleck as Batman, you should get over to that page and tell any of your friends as well. If not, well that’s fine! You’re entitled to your opinion, but please do not make a fool of yourself. So why do I bring this up today you may ask? I had a few moments to put together a fun 52 second video regarding fanboys that feel compelled to cry about everything. It was done out of fun, no malicious intent here so chill. Watch the video and pass it around. Maybe it will give that whiny fanboy a wakeup call that the world is not going to collapse around them because of a casting for a superhero movie. Get over it.

[bliptv AYOVhWoA.x?p]

InvestComics has booked their flight to New York Comic Con 2013! This trip will include a first. An InvestComics team! Rafael Rosario of Ratchet City Comics will be accompanying InvestComics as a Press member. This is a big deal folks. This means more interviews, more coverage, and best of all….more prizes!

….And a couple of news items are coming down the pike from InvestComics soon so stay close to the vest via the InvestComics Newsletter and InvestComics Facebook page!

Let’s be honest here, DC Comics is doing a tremendous job with their money grab. Give them credit here. One thing many have to have to understand is that DC Comics is a business and they do not care what fans think. They really don’t. This is a business first business. Do not kid yourselves into believing that the fans make an iota impact in their decision making. If it did, well the New 52 would never have been. Case in point this week with the 3D cover gimmick. Most readers and collectors haven’t seen the likes of this type of gimmick since the 90’s glow in the dark covers. Fun stuff! So the question here is, does the gimmick destroy the content on the inside? Well that’s for each individual to decide for themselves. What is known about this gimmick is that fans are eating it up like candy! Every single 3D cover is SOLD OUT! That’s right folks! SOLD OUT!

So what does this mean to you? Well this means that if you want to make some serious cash, this would be a fine time to do so. Two things to do here to make the most bang for your buck. One; grab the most popular 3D “character” cover and get it graded by CGC. A high grade is extremely important here. Two; after you get the most “popular”, try to figure out through the numbers game (Diamond Distributors) which comic received the lowest print run. This will be a quick sale for you right now, but in the long haul, you should hold onto one because when the aftermarket settles down, it’s the “rare” book everyone loves. Again, the only way you maximize your monies here is with a very high grade.

Here at InvestComics, I decided to have some fun and look at each individual 3D cover and pair it up with the first appearance of the villain takeover. Scroll through the covers and see them side by side, pretty awesome. So without further ado in alphabetical order………

DC 3D Comics 9-4-13

[scrollGallery id=293]

Forever Evil #1Action Comics (2011 2nd Series) #23.1 features a Cyborg Superman takeover. Cyborg’s first (not Hank) is in Adventures of Superman #466 (1990).

Batman (2011 2nd Series) #23.1 has a Joker cover, and his debut of course came in Batman #1 (1940).

Batman and Robin (2011 2nd Series) #23.1 – Two-Face cover, his first is in Detective Comics #66 (1942).

Batman The Dark Knight (2011 2nd Series) #23.1 has a Ventriloquist takeover – her first; Detective Comics #583 (1988), with art by Norm Breyfogle and cover by Mike Mignola, very nice.

Detective Comics (2011 2nd Series) #23.1 – Poison Ivy cover – her debut; Batman #181 (1966).

Earth 2 (2012 DC) #15.1 – Desaad cover – First appearance; Forever People #2 (1971), Jack Kirby nuff’ said.

Flash (2011) #23.1 – Grodd – Debuted in Flash #106 (1959).

Green Arrow (2011 4th Series) #23.1 with Count Vertigo; first appeared in World’s Finest #251 (1978).

Showcase #73Green Lantern (2011 4th Series) #23.1 – Relic. First appearance in Green Lantern #21 (2013)

Justice League (2011) #23.1 – The BEST of the 3D bunch right here. The villain of all DC villains – Darkseid! Refer back to the InvestComics article ‘InvestComics Hot Pick: Single Issue – Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134’ to better understand just how important Darkseid is in the DC Universe.

Justice League Dark (2011) #23.1 – The Creeper first appeared in Showcase #73 (1968). Created by Legend Steve Ditko!

Justice League of America (2013 3rd Series) #7.1 – Deadshot first appeared in Batman #59 (1950). A highly underrated character.

Superman (2011 3rd Series) #23.1 – Bizarro debuted in Superboy #68 (1958).

So that’s all of the 3D madness this week for you. The one comic that will claim responsibility for the villain takeover this week would be Forever Evil (2013 DC) #1. Although with Geoff Johns at the helm here, probably talking a great storyline folks, but as far as monetarily in a few years? Forever Evil #1 will not command much at all, neither will many of these 3D books. Do not hold onto these for long term investments, you will get burned. This is a gimmick upswing; the collector needs to monitor the aftermarket here to make the most on their profits. Stay close to the market, check often and dump when the time is right.

InvestComics Hot Picks 9-4-13

[scrollGallery id=294]

So what else is going on in DC land this week? How about Batman Black and White (2013) #1? All variants for this particular comic are SOLD OUT. With various star artist and writers on this book, and coupled with some spectacular variant covers these comics will do very well in the aftermarket. Get your hands on these. Also from DC we get a royal rumble of sorts; DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe (2013) #1. There are plenty of copies available still, but boy this is going to be a fun comic.

With DC Comics running the table this week, there are a few Marvel Comics to check out and an Indie book NOT to be missed! More on that Indie book in a little bit.

Marvel will bring Spider-Man 2099 back this week in Superior Spider-Man (2012) #17! Spidey 2099 first came onto the scene in Spider-Man 2099 #1 (1992). However, this week with Superior Spider-Man #17 making the 2099 comeback a big deal, the variants have SOLD OUT. Once again, get your hands on these beautiful variants. They have upside here. Spidey 2099 will be popular once again, so don’t miss the train.

A major X-Men crossover event begins this week (coincidence I think not). Check out X-Men Battle of the Atom (2013) #1 and guess what? Every single variant here is SOLD OUT! ….While the covers are gorgeous, no longevity here in the aftermarket. This is just another crossover event that will probably get many fanboy panties in a bunch anyway.

Venom (2011 Marvel) #40 will focus on the new character Mania. Check HER out. And rounding out Marvel this week; Avengers A.I. (2013) #3 will debut a new world named The Diamond.

Speaking of diamond……..

Anyone remember what happened when Star Wars #1 was released a few months back? Yes, it went nuts in the aftermarket. How about Dark Horse going with Star Wars (2013 Dark Horse) Lucas Draft #1 this week? All variants on this comic are SOLD OUT. This comic is the “rough draft” of the original screenplay of the movie. Seems like a little bit of fluff here, but we’re in! This will be an Indie book not to be missed this week! Here are a few more Indie’s to check out this week; Invincible (2003) #105 solicit reads that this is a big jumping on point if you’d like, Codename Action (2013 Dynamite) #1 (All variants SOLD OUT), Reality Check (2013 Image) #1 (Lots of copies left here, but Image Comics has been of fire as of late), Hit (2013 Boom Studios) #1 (Not many copies left to be had), Mocking Dead (2013 Dynamite) #1 (Same here, not many copies left), and Love Stories To Die For (2013 Image) #1 (Cover A sits with only 9 copies in the warehouse while there are plenty of cover B’s).

Whew!! That’s a big week!

NEW InvestComics Contest to debut THIS week! Sign up to the InvestComics Newsletter to find out first!

See you soon!

Jay Katz


InvestComics Hot Pick – Single Issue – Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 – Darkseid

Darkseid ThanosThe new Super Man of Steel movie has brought in over $210 million already. As you read this article that number is probably steadily climbing. With this success for Warner Bros. comes the next phase. WB has already announced that they will be green lighting Superman Man of Steel 2 and Justice League of America, both slated for 2014 and 2015 respectively. Just how realistic is this time frame to get these 2 movies done inside of 2 1/2 years? Highly unlikely, but the wheels are turning here and the comic book collector world needs to be on their collective heels.

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When, not if, but when the Justice League of America film is in its infant stage we will soon find out that there is only one place to go with this movie. One place, meaning one villain and that villain will be Darkseid. As vast as the DC Universe is, there is simply no “one” villain other than Darkseid to cause an entire team some headaches. Marvel on the other hand has a few to choose from, but it is no surprise they are going with Thanos. Darkseid and Thanos have always seemed to be linked to one another. Darkseid’s debut came in 1970; Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134. Thanos’ first appearance came only 3 years later in Iron Man #55. So although Marvel was 3 years late to the party with their version of Kirby’s creation Darkseid, they are several years ahead on the big screen. This will in fact change. Well not a fact, but a confident level here to say that Darkseid will be the nuisance for the JLA team. So where will Darkseid appear? Man of Steel 2? Will Warner Bros. change course (Extremely likely) and make more lead up films before Darkseid appears? Flash? Wonder Woman? Green Arrow? Red Tornado? What characters will have their moment in the sun before the Justice League movie? One thing is for certain though (InvestComics speculation of course) Darkseid will play a major part in the lives of our heroes.

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JLA Darkseid

Over the years InvestComics has recommended countless comics to pick up. Some were good, some were okay, and some never panned out. If ever there was a time for you not to second guess anything, this would be that time. Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 will absolutely explode in due time. InvestComics cannot emphasize enough how important and UNDERVALUED this comic is right now. Here’s another reason why this comic should be in your possession. The amount of graded copies on this comic is absolutely staggering, staggering because there are only a total of 189 of them graded. Only TWO hold the 9.8 spot while 11 hold a grade below. You can shop Ebay right now and find a 9.6 copy for $899 or get a Fine copy at only $125. This comic will double and triple in price once the Darkseid is named to appear as the go to villain. By comparison Iron Man #55 (Thanos’ first appearance) has a 1067 graded copies on the CGC Census. 37 at the 9.8 spot while 75 occupy the grade below. Big difference here huh? Who is the villain in need of Batman Superman Darkseidsome attention here? That would be Darkseid, and boy is he going to get some.

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Besides Darkseid’s first appearance there are some other books that he has appeared in that are also very undervalued that command your attention. The first of those comics are the Justice League of America’s #’s 183 – #185. When the JLA movie comes to fruition, it is “said” that THESE comics will be the storyline to the movie. Get these comics all day in Fine condition on Ebay for $10 a pop. Well worth the condition and money spent. Watch as Warner Bros. makes the announcement about Darkseid, these Fine copies you hold will go tenfold easily. The funny thing here is that the creator of Thanos; Jim Starlin, yeah that guy, he was the artist on 2 of the three covers!

Although Darkseid has been wreaking havoc on the DC Universe for more than 4 decades, ready for this? He has made ONE, that’s right ONE appearance in the Batman comic. Batman #702 to be precise. It took exactly four decades for Darkseid to make it into the pages of a Batman book. Hard to believe isn’t it?? So pick that comic up while you still can. Those will be disappearing before you know it.

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Legion of Super-Heroes Darkseid

Okay while we’re at it, how about Superman? How many times do you think Darkseid has made his way inside a Superman ONLY titled comic? Hundreds? No. 50? No. 20? No. 10?? No. How about 4 times at last count?! Superman #419 and #666, Superman Vol. 2 #3, and Superman Vol 2. #173. Unbelievable right??

New Gods DarkseidEarly appearances that need to be picked up include Jack Kirby’s Forever People #1 & New Gods # 1 and New Gods #2. One of Kirby’s last DC work came in a form of a graphic novel. 1985’s Hunger Dogs had his creation Darkseid in it. Legion of Super-Heroes #’s 287, 293, and 294 are comics that need to be in your collection sooner rather than later. Important storylines with Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen at the helm.

Darkseid appeared alongside Marvel a few times. John Byrne’s Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger, George Perez’ Avengers/JLA (how fitting is that?), Walt Simsonson’s The Uncanny X-Men/The New Teen Titans.

And lastly, watch for Darkseid to make an appearance during DC’s Villain month.

Invest wisely

Jay Katz

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Avengers JLA Darkseid Galactus Uncanny X-Men The New Teen TitansDarseid Hunger Dogs








Superman Vol 2 #3Superman Vol 2 #173