The Comic Broker’s Report – December 2013

Instead of wasting your time with sharp wit and wonderful one-liners I’m getting right to the point this month.  The fact is, I grew up collecting comics in the most over-printed, over-hyped era the world had ever seen.  There was no internet, Better than Ezra sucked 14.99 a cd out of too many people’s pockets and the Arch Deluxe had it’s short run ( man I miss that burger ).  So trust me when I say that I cannot believe I am recommending some of these comics.  But I do love a bargain and dollar bin fodder like these offer little risk for max reward, something this collector chews on heartily.


The Kindred 3 ( first Team 7 )


DC speculation runs wild this week.  I’m more of a DC collector than anything else but Team 7?  The comic world has gone apeshit crazy if u ask me.  These issues are littering back issue graveyards all over the country.  I recommend the variant ( not pictured here )

Note: The Gen 13 Variant this variant connects to was once a back issue darling.  My how things have changed…

Booster Gold 1


Now here’s  a DC property I can get behind.  Booster is a character that could translate very well to TV.  Unfortunately  there aren’t many Booster comics heating up the back issue market.  Issue one of the original series is actually not that easy to find in high grade and is his first appearance.

WildC.A.T.S.  1 ( First Grifter )

Gold edition, Ace Edition, 3D edition


I just cannot bring myself to suggest that the massively over printed issue one of this series will ever see significant increases in value.  But Grifter was once a popular character and that matters.  Anyone who has the Ace edition, 3d edition or the rare gold variant ( many were signed by Jim Lee ) should expect gold down the road, that is if Grifter ever gets a live treatment.

Note:  There are some who would say that Grifter first appeared in Malibu Sun 15.  Seeing as Spawn’s appearance on the cover of issue 13 goes for big money I am inclined to agree.  Finding it is going to be impossible though.


The Brave and Bold 25 ( First Suicide Squad )


Here’s a golden oldie you will never find cheap.  But for those who have it rejoice!  Like the other DC properties mentioned above the first appearance of this team already has value.  A TV series or film would only make those who don’t have it cry that much harder.

Batman 12 Limited Capullo Variant


I mention this one again for one simple reason.  Scott Snyder is no fool.  Adding a back up story in the most recent  Batman: Zero Year issue can only mean one thing-he has big plans for the Rows, not just Harper.

Green Lantern 81 ( First Young Justice )

360807-4363-43049-2-green-lanternindex140 $T2eC16dHJGkE9no8iPO!BRDE2(5Ebw~~60_35

There are two covers and two DC Universe UPC variants for this issue of the Green Lantern.  Why should you care? If the recently rumored Young Justice CW adaptation gets the green light you can thank me when you sell your hoard and put the kid through community college free.  Ok that’s not gonna happen but you can always flip any cgc 9.8s into something that matters like a Following Poe mask


or a full run of something like this,


Note: Anyone looking for my personal top ten collectible masks list, message me.

Hitman 8


I can find no conformation either way that the Saint of Killers appears or does not appear in this, and some other issues of this incredible series.  With all the hype over an AMC Preacher show  this one could be a sleeper.

Uncanny X-Men 221

With all the heat surrounding X-Facor 5 and 6 it shouldn’t be long before supplies of Mr. Sinister’s first appearance  run dry.


Amazing Spider-Man Annual 5 & the JC Penny Variant


If you have seen the trailer for Spider-Man 2 then you know why I am recommending this issue again.  The  first film cut Peter’s Parent’s footage but dad show up in the recent preview.  It looks like the secrets Pete gave up are going to be central to the storyline and that’s a good thing for those who believe annuals matter.

Spider-Man 2

You are not seeing things, that was the Vulture wing suit in the trailer for ASM 2.  Got issue 2?  If not now is the time to buy.






Blizzard is appearing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Yay.


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