Comic Broker Report – October 2014 (part 3)

This month I am smashing together a selection of comics I believe are worth buying at cheap prices if you can find them.  As always suggestions are appreciated and I will attempt to answer any questions or make any necessary revisions.

Like any investments comics represent a risk if you are looking to resell for profit.  Read the disclaimer under Hot Picks if you need further information.


2000 A.D. 377 ( First Judge Fargo )


Here’s a way they can show Karl Urban’s face in a Dredd sequel and give the legendary Judge an origin within a sequel.  All they need to do is cinematically un- retconn the retconn of Judge Fargo’s face as show in this issue.  Fargo and Dredd’s DNA are the same.  As fans know it just ain’t cool to show Dredd’s face.  This is the only time it was done.

Essential Sandman 4

This hard to find reprint of Lucifer’s first has yet to make a blip on collector’s radars.  When it becomes clear that Sandman 4 is out of reach in both availability and price this one should rise in value.


Notable addition:


Youngblood 3 ( First appearance of Supreme )

So the infamous creator of Deadpool has recently teased a Supreme film on Twitter. It appears that studios are interested in another of his creations.  This overprinted issue features Supreme’s first appearance.  As we have learned from NM 98, overprinting doesn’t seem to matter in the marketplace if the character is in demand.


Notable additions:

The Moore issue has many reprints that are more rare than the reg edition I have pictured below.


GLA 1 ( 2nd Squirrel Girl )

Recently her first appearance has been quietly selling for decent money on Ebay.  She’s a fan favorite with few first appearances.  2nd appearances are all the rage right now so here is hers.

2nd squirrel girl

Marvel Graphic Novel 18 ( First Agent Dooley )


One of my favorite actors, Shea Whigham has been cast to play this obscure S.H.I.E.L.D  agent in the upcoming Agent Carter series.  To date this is his only appearance and it’s a tough one to find.

ASM 685b ( Fredzilla appearance )

Big Hero 6 alert!  Characters from the upcoming film have few appearances outside of the mini.  This is one and it’s a difficult variant to track down.

3548529-685-variant fredzilla

Star Wars Tales 4 ( First Ben Skywalker )

As the new film release approaches I will be randomly mentioning key issues that have had some movement on the back issue marketplace.  To my knowledge this is Ben’s first and only.

SWT 4 first ben skywalker

Here is some additional Deadpool speculation.  Supporting characters can drive up prices ( See X-Force 2 ).  These two guys are popular amongst Deadpool readers but there is no guarantee that they will ever be in the film.

Cable & Deadpool 38 ( First Bob Agent of Hydra! )


Cable 3 ( First appearance of Weasel )


Identity Disc 5 ( First appearance of Deadpool’s first wife Gretchen Wilson )


Webspinners 7 ( First Appearance of Merc Monthly )









23 thoughts on “Comic Broker Report – October 2014 (part 3)

  1. Just curious, rhetorical question, why is Lucifer #1 growing in leaps and bounds when The Sandman Presents: Lucifer #1 is actually the character’s first solo series, complete with Scott Hampton art? I’m hedging bets that collectors catch up to this overlooked fact, and picking these up from Ebay, and LCS for cheap while I can. It could be one of those things like last year when people finally figured out Scott Lang’s 1st appearance actually wasn’t in Marvel Premiere.

    1. I agree with you concerning Lucifer 1. The mini does in fact predate the first issue of the regular series. The marketplace is often slow to make corrections in these types of situations. Normally I would say that the lack of interest is in fact due to the series being a mini which many collectors often frown upon. But in this case we have a comic that predates Lucifer 1 and as a result should be blowing up. Once could make the argument though that the only comic really worth speculating on is the first appearance of Lucifer from Sandman 4 which predates all of the other comics discussed by a decade.

  2. Hello Invest Comics!
    I am a huge fan and read you every week…Do you have a master list of ALL your mentioned 1st appearances/key issues that you could forward? Maybe in Excel?

    I’d gladly make a nice contribution for this info!

  3. Topher I agree with the Sandman pick definitely. I also agree that the market is sometimes slow to catch up. I was at a local con in North Carolina this past weekend, asked a dealer if he had Sandman 4, and he was baffled. He looked at his partner and asked, “why is everybody asking for Sandman 4?” I smiled and walked away (not before plucking a Lucifer 1 Preview out of his $1 bin though). I do hope the mini picks up…or I’ll be stuck with it…but that’s the downside of speculating (I’m currently staring at a small stack that includes multiples of the 1st issue of the original Spiderman 2099 series and copies of Legends #3 I can’t unload). Luckily for me the hunt is the fun part, making a profit is simply gravy.

    Oh, and Rob Friar Tuck, there is actually a wiki page of all Marvel first appearances that is extremely helpful. I would assume there is one for DC as well. I warn you though, there are lots of 1st appearances of characters we’ll probably never see again or care about ever again.

  4. Thanks folks!
    Here’s the Wiki,(actually F.A.D.- First Appearance Database) for Marvel and DC 1st appearances:

    I’m really hoping to find this info in some sort of file I can manipulate, specifically by Title/Alphabetically- it’d be a HUGE help as I sort through random boxes!

    Keep up the good work! Excelsior!

  5. Referred to this list again when I went to LCSs today. Maybe it was mentioned in earlier columns, if not. I would definitely start looking at snapping up Batman 475. If you’re lucky you can still find them in the $1 bins. I was only able to find 1 copy in 3 stores searched. So people are taking notice.

    Bled the city dry of Gotham Central #1. Even went so far as to grab two copies of 52 Week 48 from the dollar bins. Not even the slightest hope we’ll see Rene Montoya as the Question, but if by some stroke of luck that does happen, I’ll at least have some extras.

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