The Female Hero on the Big Screen







Hollywood has been missing the boat on an entire genre.

Where are all the women at???

(Originally published on April 1, 2008)

Hollywood seems to have either a discrimination suit waiting for them or they simply think that females could not draw the bucks at the theaters. We’ll take the latter. The track record unfortunately speaks for itself. Catwoman was an absolute disaster, Elektra was very surface driven with no character development, Supergirl is a cult favorite that fell flat on its face and do we really need to say anything about BarbWire?

InvestComics is about to give everyone a heads up. Sit back, relax and read on…..
Most comic movies coming out today are entertaining and are commanding fanboy’s attention. While the majority of the movies are good, some of them just completely miss. Directors are learning as they go along what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to putting those comic book  panels on the screen. We as fans get to either suffer or enjoy the end products. More often than not (lately) the comic movies are getting better. So if the scripts, special effects and commitments are getting better, why no big budget female heroes in their own solo film? Why is it that we as fans do not get our favorite females heroes (or villains) in solo movies?
The lists of possible female heroes/villains are endless as are the males and teams. Not everyone can agree on the lady they’d like to see, but you do have the usual suspects; Wonder Woman, Power Girl and Supergirl (hmmm…..DC rules this department). While these would make great films today, it’s just a wee bit difficult to ask our collectors to get any of the first appearances because of the price tag and no buzz, then again this would be the perfect time to get these books! So if you can afford these comics, without a doubt get them! It’ll cost a small fortune, but a very healthy BUY.
So lets have some fun and look at some possible females to take command of the silver screen. We’ll list the first appearances and the price tag attached to them. While some might be a bit high, all we can say is that when Hollywood finally realizes that there is another gender out there that does exist (given the right script) and backing, the female hero will be HUGE. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
InvestComics has compiled a very short list of some of YOUR request and our picks. These are some of the ladies you need to be looking out for before Hollywood wises up a bit.
It took Hollywood 70 years to realize that comic books can make for huge profits on the big screen if done right. We hope it won’t take another 70 to realize you have some awesome female characters that need screen time too.


Uncanny X-Men #130. 1st appearance of Dazzler. Current Value $15.







Daredevil #254. 1st appearance of Typhoid Mary. Current Value $3.







Danger Girl #1. Danger Girl Preview Exclusive (1 of a Bazillion covers)

Current Value $7.






193-2Uncanny X-Men #193. 1st Firestar. Current Value $5.


Legion of Super-Heroes #298. 1st Amethyst. Current Value $1!






Showcase 96 #3. 1st Birds of Prey. Current Value $9.


Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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