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Thor #12 – When writer Donny Cates let a tweet slip out regarding the frog in Thor (Throg) making an appearance in an upcoming Thor book, the modern speculative world went bonkers. An overreaction as usual, as Cates loves to play the speculators into a frenzy every now and again. The first appearance of Throg in Thor #364 (1986) had no business commanding the monies it did when the Cates news got out. It’s since cooled down, but whoever thought a talking raccoon would ever work? So, don’t count the frog out just yet. 
The Immortal Hulk Flatline #1 – Declan Shalvey will write and draw this one-shot. Not only will fans receive a great tale from a great talent, but Declan will introduce a new villain within these pages. 
Captain America #27 – Disney continues to bless fans with their latest (last) acquisition; Alien. The first appearance of Cap vs Alien. Cover only. Ivan Shavrin art. Black Widow #5 also has a first appearance battle cover with Alien. 
King In Black #4 – No need to talk this storyline up, but there is a secret spoiler variant sitting out there. It could be a biggie, be on the lookout for it.
King In Black Planet Of The Symbiotes #2 – The American Kaiju makes a rare appearance. 

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Black Widow #5
Abbott 1973 #2 
Savage Avengers #18 
Haha #2 
Savage #1 
Hollow Heart #1 
X-Men Legends #1 
Truth & Justice #1 
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