Top 5 New Comic Book Day Highlights: Venom’s Latest Evolution, Thundercats, and more

This week’s comics are serving up a buffet of bizarre, badass, and borderline insane. Perfect for those of us who like our reading material a little on the wild side.
Thundercats #2 is on the prowl, and word on the street is there’s a first appearance that might just make us eat our words about not being Thundercats aficionados. Color us intrigued, and ready to chase that laser pointer of potential new character excitement. What If…Venom #2 tears through with a Wolverine symbiote that looks like it’s seen better days. Jeremy Holt and Chris Canpana are turning this into a spectacle we can’t help but rubberneck. It’s the comic equivalent of a car crash – tragic but impossible to look away. Cue the future beats for Spider-Man 2099 #1, where we’re getting a new symbiote hero (or anti-hero?) courtesy of Peter David and Roge Antonio. This isn’t your grandma’s Spider-Man; it’s Spider-Man with a side of cyberpunk and existential dread. Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1 is here to remind us that dysfunctional teams are the best kind. Harley Quinn leading a pack including Block King, Deadeye, Bizarro, and Black Alice? This squad might just redefine chaos theory, and we’re here for the anarchy. Napalm Lullaby #1 from Image Comics invites us into a dystopian nightmare that’s too intriguing to ignore. Rick Remender and Bengal are offering up a child with powers that could either save or doom us all. Spoiler: it’s probably going to be a bit of both.

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