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New Comics and items arriving 7/10/19. Trending Comics and More #586
Please note: New comic book releases and all items are subject to change

The Amazing Spider-Man #25 – it’s the issue many Spidey fans and comic collectors have been waiting for. An over-sized comic featuring the reveal(?) of the “bandage man/woman”. Creators; Nick Spencer, Kev Walker and Ryan Ottley. This comic also features the first appearance of internet mogul Keaton Patti by Dan Hipp.
Superman #13 – DC Comics promises fans will be talking about the last page. Writer Brian Michael Bendis is really making his mark with the Superman character. Ivan Reis and Joe Prado are on art duties.
Second Coming #1 – You’re not having deja-vu. If you remember seeing this comic title before, you have. Back a little ways ago, Image Comics pulled the plug on this “controversial” subject matter comic book. Now Ahoy Comics has scooped it up and also thanks DC Comics immensely for the free marketing. The creative team; writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace. Earth’s mightiest hero, Sunstar, is forced by God to become roommates with Jesus to teach him how to maximize his powers to their full extent. Doesn’t sound too bad. Regardless, don’t like the subject matter, don’t buy it. Don’t like Howard Stern, don’t listen. Simplicity at its finest.
Miles Morales Spider-Man #8 – Be on the lookout for a possible first appearance. Creators; Saladin Ahmed and Javier Garron.
Batman #74 – All of the therapy in the world cannot help Bruce with his daddy issues. So, let’s throw-down! Ding-Ding! It’s Bruce Wayne vs Thomas Wayne. Who will be Batman? Tom King and Mikel Janin.

Top 5 Comic This Week
Top 5 Comic This Week
Top 5 Comic This Week
Top 5 Comic This Week
Top 5 Comic This Week

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Here are the rest of the trending comics and items headed your way this Wednesday from Trending Comics and More #586


Giant Sized X-Statix #1
X-Force #116
Invisible Woman #1
Thor #15
Wolverine And Captain America Weapon Plus #1
Black Hammer Justice League #1 
Wolverine vs. Blade Special #1 
Unearth #1 
Reaver #1
The War Of The Realms Omega #1
Star Wars Age Of Resistance: Captain Phasma #1 
Injustice 2 Harley Quinn Previews Exclusive Figure – Hiya Toys
DC Comic Gallery Batgirl PVC Statue Diamond Select
Spider-Man Far From Home Legends 2019 6-Inch Action Figure  Hasbro
Injustice 2 Red Hood Previews Exclusive Figure – Hiya Toys
Marvel Avengers Legends 2019 6-Inch Action Figure Union Jack Hasbro
Avengers Endgame 6-Inch Action Figure Iron Spider Hasbro
Avengers Endgame Legends 6-Inch Loki Action Figure Hasbro
Marvel Avengers Legends 2019 6-Inch Action Figure Beta Ray Bill Hasbro
DC Multiverse Batman Ninja 6-Inch Action Figure Starfire Mattel
POP Disney 548 The Lion King Live Action Scar Funko
Naruto Shippuden Naruto 7-Inch Action Figure McFarlane Toys
Deadpool Chimichanga Surprise Figure Blind Mystery Box 12-Piece Display UCC Distributing

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