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SINCE 2005. Here are this week’s top trending comic books and new items headed your way this Wednesday 11-6-19
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Spawn #302 – With the arrival of She-Spawn in issue #300, she’s become an instant hot commodity within the Spawn community. Todd McFarlane provides the Spawn and She-Spawn team-up cover. She-Spawn will indeed be a character to branch out on her own sooner rather than later. Look for a solo series in early 2020 and for her early appearances and covers like this one to be very sought after. The McFarlane/Capullo cover is absolutely gorgeous too.
X-Force #1 – One of the most successful X-Men comic spin-offs of all time happened back in the very early stages of the 90’s. X-Force #1 debuted with much fanfare. Co-creator of Deadpool and Cable, Rob Liefeld, was all over this inaugural issue. Writing, penciling and inking. Even providing cover art. Yes, Mr. Liefeld was a hot deal back then. Fast forwarding to 2019, writer Ben Percy and artist Joshua Cassara will introduce comic fans to the new era of X-Force. 
Undiscovered Country #1 – From Image Comics, a new ongoing series from superstar writers Scott Snyder and Charles Soule. Daniele Orlandini and Giuseppe Camuncoli provide the pencils. 
The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #9 – Marvel promises a major change regarding the main character. How will Kamala be different? Read and find out. Writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Minkyu Jung. 
New Mutants #1 – Just like X-Force had its run in the early 90’s, New Mutants had theirs in the early 80’s. Artist Bob McLeod and writer Chris Claremont created a huge buzz around the New Mutants back when they were slinging stories. In 2019, the new X-Men guru writer; Jonathan Hickman, along with fellow writer Ed Brisson will start the new adventures, but with the old, original team. Stanley “Artgerm” Lau provides a beautful variant cover.

Spawn #302
X-Force #1
Undiscovered Country #1
Ms. Marvel #9
New Mutants #1

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Absolute Carnage Weapon Plus #1 – Weapon H and Absolute Carnage mentioned in the same solicit is enough to make any comic fan interested. Writer Jed Mackay and artist Stefano Raffaele. 
Batman #82 – Anytime fans get a cover of Bane just breaking sh*t is a good time expected inside the book. Writer Tom King is winding down his long Batman run in a big way. “City of Bane” part eight; artist Mikel Janin. 
Future Fight Firsts Crescent & Io #1 – A pair of Marvel mobile game stars make their Marvel Comics debut. Writer Alyssa Wong and artist Jon Lam.
Harley Quinn #67 – This comic is really being pushed by the DC Comics’ people as a major action-packed, game ending Year Of The Villain book. Harley Quinn vs Deathstroke. Yes please, thank you. Creators Sam Humphries and Sami Basri.  
Luthor – A no-holds barred DC Black Labeled Lex Luthor comic from writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo. Expect lots of readers all over this one. 

Weapon Plus #1
Batman #82
Future Fight First #1
Harley Quinn #67
Luthor #1

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Gen Lock #1 – The debut of Gen Lock (in comic book form). Creators Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Walden Wong and Carlo Barberi.
Green Lantern Blackstars #1 – The Blackstars were introduced in Green Lantern #1 a few months back, now they’re receiving their own title. Written by superstar Grant Morrison and art by Xermancio.
Legion #1 – A new series from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ryan Sook. Expect Brian Michael Bendis put put his signature on this series, as he does with everything he works on.
Yondu #1 – A new mini-series to focus on movie goer’s favorite bad guy turned good guy. Writers Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler. Art by John McCrea.

Gen Lock #1
GL Blackstars #1
Green Lantern #1
Legion #1
Yondu #1

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Fantastic Four #16 – Get to know the new character Sky and the connection to Human Torch. A key book for sure. Writer Dan Slott and artist Sean Izaakse.
Miles Morales Spider-Man #12 – A possible appearance from a classic Spidey villain.
Niobe She Is Death #1 – The continuation of Niobe: She Is Life series from Stranger Comics. Niobe’s first series lit things up. Look for this series to light it up to. Creators; Sebastian A. Jones, Amanda Stenberg and Sheldon Mitchell.
Wonder Twins #9 – Learn a whole lot you didn’t know about the Wonder Twins in this issue. Dark secrets are revealed as readers are given more of the origin story behind these two. Writer Mark Russell and artist Stephen Byrne. 

Fantastic Four #16
Miles Morales #12
Niobe She Is Death #1
Wonder Twins #9

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Black Cat #6 – Black Cat could have a new main squeeze. Find out who in this issue. Maybe her new interest will turn into a team-up book. Jed Mackay writes and Michael Dowling illustrates. 
Kiss Zombies #1Dynamite Entertainment. From writer Ethan Sacks comes this super-cool concept of Kiss/Zombies. Hell yes. Artist Rodney Buchemi. 
Heist How to Steal a Planet #1 – From Vault Comics; Writer Paul Tobin and artist Arjuna Susini.
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Black Cat #6
Heist/Steal Planet #1
Kiss Zombies #1
FunkoVerse Game

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