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Sean Conn is a rapper from New York, hailing from Queens. In 2005, Sean Conn debut his first LP ‘The One’. One year later he teamed with Elus and Frsh Aire to form a Hip-Hop group named Triboro. Sean Conn has won numerous awards during his early tenure, including buzz factor of the year (2012) and most original artist in 2014.

In 2015, Sean Conn started his own brand ‘Vigga Entertainment’. In early 2016 he released his very first single ‘Silver Lining’ from the LP; The Man With The Golden Mic’. The music video has been viewed over 130,000 times. His LP ‘The Man With The Golden Mic’ dropped in 2017. The Golden Mic video has surpassed the 300,000 mark on YouTube.

No doubt, Sean Conn 00 is trending and certainly has arrived.

Let’s catch up phenom, Sean Conn……

Trending Pop Culture: For those not familiar with the Sean Conn 00 brand yet, can you catch us up?

Sean Conn: Yes I’m Hip Hop’s Secret Agent and I have been in this game for years. I have seen a lot and learned a lot in my 20 year journey.

TPC: Your roots are deeply imbedded in New York, is this where your main influence is drawn from? Who were your influences growing up?

SC: I have heavy influence from my home town of New York, and that’s where the love started. Hearing Run DMC, L.L. Cool J, Whodini, Big Daddy Kane, Lord Finesse and Rakim are the ones that sparked the love and I would see all the video of the artist I named on Video Music Box, That show was Hip Hop 101 and I would run home after school to see it. The artist that made me want to write raps was Redman, his first LP changed my Life.

TPC: Listening to your LP “The Man With The Golden Mic”(which is amazing), It’s noticeable that some music on the LP mix some old school flavor with new flavor too. Tracks like ‘Oh My God’, ‘Quest for the Master Flows’, ‘So You Wanna Be’, how do you take that direction when laying the tracks down?

SC: Thanks, I put this project together from a dream I had, (An actually Sleeping Dream) That I did an album dedicated to the Golden Age of Hip Hop, and after waking up I wrote down the dream and started on the L.P. it has that good Ol feel with a new age twist. Once I knew what I wanted to relay to the people I started to get music submitted to me by some well-known and unknown producers that had the vibe I was looking for, one I got a bulk of music I broke it down by feeling and mode. I wanted to have a very well-rounded LP so songs like (Oh My God) have a real Boom Bap sound and (Quest For The Master Flows) is a visual that is painted by the words of the story and mission and then (So You Wanna Be) Brings out more of a hardcore edge to it with a heavy thumping beat for that head nod effect. I want people to be able to just press play and enjoy with no skipping do to music that is not Quality.

TPC: A three-part question – The process; How do you lay down lyrics? Do you always have beats and lyrics rolling around in your head? Are you armed with your phone or something around at all times to get your ideas down, so you don’t forget them?

SC: I Lay down lyrics in a few ways, I still have a notebook and pen that I use especially when I’m just writing with no beat. I also have my phone where I might be walking and thoughts for songs (Me hearing a sound or vibe and I then make a hook to in my voice recording app) and I also like to vibe to beats one at a time and if I get that feeling where I’m freestyling the verse and its flowing in seconds I know its time to write the song right now. but other times I might have a beat I like but that instant vibe is not there and I work on it over time. So my process can vary when laying down lyrics.

TPC: In 2016, the brand ‘Vigga Entertainment’ was conceived. How did this come to fruition?

SC: This is one of the most unique stories how this brand and name came about. In 2008 I was in the Studio with my TRIBORO family and someone pointed out how in the film Boyz N Da Hood right before the famous “We Got A Problem” – Ice Cube scene When dude asked Morris Chesnut “What the F@#k you looking at” if you replay it he said “I’m still trying to find out Vigga!!”. We then would call each other Vigga and it stuck, V.I.G.G.A (Very Intelligent Getting Goals Accomplished) that was a concept taken from a 2-pac Acronym.and after 7 years of saying it, it became a way of life and my brand.

TPC: Your video ‘Viggas In Africa’, featuring artist Hous Da Beast. Where was that video shot? And how was it teaming with Hous Da Beast?

SC: Working with Hous is always dope! he is very talented and has been down with me since my first mix tape that dropped 15 years ago (The Last Colony Presents Sean Conn) Where he makes his music debut and is on the cover with me. I was teaching him the emcee way from the start like I was shown by my mentors. We shot the video in Queens NY and the day the video dropped my Cue family in Ghana Africa posted it on their blog and its been a world-wide vibe now with a huge remix on the way.

TPC: A lot of your videos show you in your comic book hero gear. Are you a comic book fan?

SC: I’m a big time comic book fan from day one even before Hip Hop, my older brother was into comics and he is 5 years older so when i was 5 or so he would walk me to the comic store and when I was only to buy DC and he would by Marvel. I did not understand then but because he started me that way I have so many great DC runs from the 80’s like the Marv Wolfman George Perez run of the Teen Titans  and all the Crisis On Infinite Earths where so many heroes die like The Flash and Super Girl. but I was still able to read all his comics so I was all into Marvel Secret Wars and so much more.

TPC: Will we see any music from you regarding your affinity towards the comic book genre?

SC: Yes I have some music I will be working on for my video game updates soundtrack and my next LP that will have affinity with the comic book genre. The start of my video game is a 8 page comic that I will be making an actual comic series in the future

TPC: If you could play a super hero or villain in a movie, who would it be and why?

SC: I would play the Hero, I have been the good guy all my life, looking to help people in need and working with others that share special ability. I’m also into health and fitness so its only right I play the hero to save the day. I’m already a hero to many, or at least that’s what i have been told. also you can be a super hero without powers kinda like a Secret Agent Of Hip Hop would be. Lol

TPC: You have a video game out too. ‘Quest For The Golden Mics’. It looks like a lot of fun. How did you get this going? Are you a gamer? ….And where can we get it?

SC: I’m also a BIG time gamer, that was hand and hand with comics since Atari and Intellivison. I have played video games all my life, when I started to work on my LP (The Man With The Golden Mic) I knew this was a close to the heart project and to me to be yourself is a big key in success. I love Hip Hop, Video Games And Comic Books so I decided my Entertainment Company would include all 3. The game is available on I-phone Appstore and Android Google Play. It’s an old school beat em up arcade style game where I am the main character that gets zapped into the world of Hiphopia to find the 5 golden mics that will restore peace and harmony to a city now infected with the dark force energy. What makes this game so unique is you control the main character with a record spinning on a turntable, all elements of Hip Hop are shown in this game.

TPC: Getting back to the videos. There are many positive vibes going on within your videos. Is this done intentionally or are you just an easy vibe type person?

SC: I feel what you give is what you get on all levels, I am a very positive minded person and it reflects in my music and videos. I don’t intentionally put out the vibes its just who I have become over the years.

TPC: An important (social) video by you and Ty Nitty regarding Police Brutality strikes a stark message. The video, ‘Quiet’ is quite raw and delivers some powerful lyrics. How is it that the “system” be fixed to the point brutality ceases to exist? Why is it so broken in your opinion?

SC: Big shout out to the legend Ty Nitty who hit me up to join him on this mission. Police Brutality has been around from the start and in my opinion it will not cease to exist until the laws are changed and the law enforcement as a whole has a reset. How that happens I pray we find out and it also starts with self unity, we are killing each other even faster than them so once we unite then we can take a real stand and not just when a cop killing an unarmed man is exposed.

TPC: Your positivity and faith will help bring light (and guidance) to this very important topic within our society. What would ask from the youth growing up in the urban areas to help alleviate some of the pressures of this ongoing issue within their communities?

SC: We need to unite the youth in workshops but the best way is by example, we need more positive role models. I am going to schools to talk to them for carrier day and if more of us artist and entertainers do this the effect would be amazing, they follow us more than their parents at times. Hands on is the best way, show that you care it goes a long way.

TPC: Collaborations are an important way to get a message out. But, collaborations are not always about a message, but just plan ol’ fun. One collaboration you must be extremely proud of is with Miss Olivia, your daughter, on the single ‘How You Really Rock’ (featuring Miss Olivia). She’s so good. Will their be future collaborations planned with Miss Olivia?

SC: Thanks! I’m very excited and proud for the release of this single for a number of reasons, when I was working on my project I knew I needed a fun record to have a well-balanced LP. I was playing the beat one day and I seen Olivia dancing to the beat so I said what do you hear on this for a chorus? She told me to play it from the start and the she said the full hook and I was like wow that’s a hit! we ended up going to the studio that week and she knocked it out the park! This single is dropping May 4th and has a world-wide dance challenge that starts the same day. Miss Olivia is looking to be an actress so if her music talent get her that opportunity then so be it, she is just full of talent from singing to dancing and making Hip Hop hooks (If she ever wants to make a song I’m all for it but that will be on her I just support her 100% as a father should.

TPC: You’ve collaborated and have had guest spots on some of your music. Can we expect more in the future? Anyone you can name drop right now?

SC: Yes. Being CEO of Vigga ENT is very demanding and time consuming. Now that my album is out as well as the video game I can get back to being an artist doing collaborations with artist from all over the world, Ghana Africa being one. I don’t want to name drop as of yet but I will just say that I will be finishing the year up very strong.

TPC: Many young artist are always trying to break into the hip hop scene. What is the one piece of advice you can offer up to help guide someone?

SC: They have a huge advantage with the age of technology and social media. Do your research for yourself to educate yourself, the information for all you need to know is free via YouTube and Google. Trust in yourself and never let yourself down.

TPC: What can fans expect to see in the near and farther future from Sean Conn?

SC: Expect one of the biggest viral challenges ever, a film appearance, shows in the States and Overseas, more videos off my album and a sophomore LP that will be like night and day compared to my debut.

TPC: Where can fans follow your progress as you do your thing? Social media outlets……

SC: All outlets @seancon00 (That’s 2 zeros) FB, IG, Twitter, Youtube.

TPC: If fans would like to purchase your music and or listen to some tracks, where would they go?

TPC: Are you making any live appearances, so fans can see you?

SC: I will be the MC at this event;
How to get started on cryptocurrency? Learn about new tech AND catch @seanconn00 our MC !
Host @TigerwonNYC MC @seanconn00 Date April 21, 2018.
358 west 44th street New York
Also I will be performing with Miss Olivia for the very first time at the 1st annual youth Fest!
(The Voter Registration Civil Engagement Block Party) Wed, April 25, 2018 12pm to 6pm on 128th Street Between St. Nicholas & 8th ave

Thank you Sean Conn 00.

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