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NEW comics set to release 4-25-18

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Hunt For Wolverine #1
Avengers #690
Thanos Annual #1
Venom #165
Batgirl #22

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Disney buys Fox Studios and fans get some of their Marvel characters that have been M.I.A. for some time now. Besides the Fantastic Four coming back, so will Wolverine. Not the old guy, not the girl, the real Wolverine we all know and love. Check out Hunt For Wolverine #1 as the beginning and the return to some normalcy to the Marvel Universe. Speaking of normal, lots and lots of variant covers to choose from here. Writer Charles Soule and artists David Marquez and Paulo Siqueira. 
When Marvel set out on a 16 week, continuous Avengers storyline, many thought it would never be without a delay….somewhere. That delay never occurred and the result was nothing short of absolute praise from comic fans everywhere. Of course the naysayers and complainer’s will always be around, but for the most part, comic fans were very satisfied with the run thus far. The ‘No Surrender’ story concludes this Wednesday in Avengers #690. The issue will introduce readers to an all new Avengers team.
The Cosmic Ghost Rider trends seem to be leveling a bit. The first appearance in Thanos #13 still is sort after. With the character still in its infantile hot stage, Marvel strikes while the iron is hot. This week; Thanos Annual #1 features a narrative story from the Cosmic Ghost Rider himself regarding all of the ‘bad stuff’ Thanos has ever done. Bad, very bad Thanos. It’s safe to say this could be the most trending comic of the week. Writers; Kieron Gillen, Ryan North, Al Ewing, Christopher Hastings, Katie Cook, and Donny Cates. Artists; Frazer Irving and Katie Cook. Oh, one more thing regarding Cosmic Ghost Rider. Check out the Gabriel Hernandez Walta cover to Redneck #12. It’s a hysterical homage to the Cosmic Ghost Rider craze.
Over the years Marvel Comics have given Moon Knight fans countless origin stories on Marc Spector. Seems as though if they gave a retelling or a new angle on it, it would garner more attention to the character. Moon Knight gets another retelling or a spice up origin in Moon Knight #194. Realize one thing though. If, or when Moon Knight breaks out into his own Netflix series or film, the speculators will go nuts and the trends will hit hard on all Moon Knight issues. The first appearance in Werewolf By Night #32 will break out tremendously. Any issue of Moon Knight that resembles an origin, first appearance, a premiere issue, a number one issue, a rare variant, etc will trend big. Click right HERE and thumb through some Moon Knight comics on Ebay. Get these comics cheaper now, before the ‘big wave’ hits. You never know.

Lockjaw #3
Moon Knight #194
Silencer #4
Stabbity Bunny #4
Mighty Thor #706

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Long live Jane Foster. The epic conclusion “The Death Of The Mighty Thor” in The Mighty Thor #706. Jason Aaron writes. Beautiful cover by Russell Dauterman.
Venom #165 introduces a new enemy into the fold. This comic sets up an epic Venom storyline this fall.
The Lockjaw #3 variant is sure to satisfy some nostalgic Spider-Man fans. Cover by David Nakayama.
Silencer meets her match in Silencer #4 as she faces of against Deathstroke. ‘Payback Time’ part one.
Batgirl #22 begins the new story ‘Strange Loop’.

Redneck #12
Jeepers Creepers #1
Lady Death #1
Mainstream #1
Cyber Spectre #1

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Liar #1

Trending Pop Culture Indie Hot Picks; Indie comics do not always show up on Ebay right way. Please check back on a regular basis, some of the smaller print indie books usually list after new comic book release day or a few days after.
Scout Comics’ hot trending series is back with a new issue; Stabbity Bunny #4. Also, check out the soon to be sold out The Cyber Spectre #1. Writer Richard Emms and artist Ale Garza.
Jeepers Creepers #1 (Dynamite Entertainment); Writer Marc Andreyko and artist Kewber Baal.
Coffin Comics introduces readers to a new story and new format; Lady Death: Unholy Ruin #1. New characters, re-intro’s and lots more. Writers Brian Pulido and Mike MacLean. Artist Dheeraj Verma.
New five issue mini-series from Zenescope Entertainment; Mainstream #1. Creators, Talent Caldwell, Michael Dolce and Tony Moy.
Anyone really have a full understanding as to how Bitcoin works? Learn about the new age of money and how it all works in Bitcoin Comic Handbook #1. Writer/artist Josh Blaylock will bring comic fans up to speed in this first ever Bitcoin based comic book from Devil’s Due.
Rochelle #1 (Antarctic Press); John Crowther and Dell Barras.
Liar #1 (Big City Comics); Writer Jeffrey Kaufman and artist Franchesco.
The Prisoner #1 (Titan Books); Peter Milligan and Colin Lorimer.
Deep Roots #1 (Vault Comics); Dan Watters and Val Rodrigues.
Filbert Factor #1 Rejected By Free Comic Book Day Blueprint (American Mythology); Mike Wolfer and Adrian Ropp.

Rochelle #1
Deep Roots #1
The Prisoner #1
Filbert Factor #1
Bitcoin Handbook #1

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