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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 1-16-13.

It’s only a couple of weeks into the New Year and the comic book aftermarket is rocking n’ rolling! Star Wars #1 (IDW), Amazing Spider-Man #700 variant and Superior Spider-Man have made some noise. Let’s see if InvestComics can find you collectors more comics to look out for with the new releases…..


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With Spider-Man firing on all cylinders right now, Marvel Comics is striking while iron is hot. Not anything to do with Tony Stark here, but with Peter Par…err….Doc Ock. This week Doc Ock takes to the pages of Avenging Spider-Man (2011) #16 as the new Spidey. The comic will guest star Wolverine and the X-Men. Although the guest spots are nice, this isn’t really the draw of this particular comic. Neither is the first Superior Spidey appearance in this book. The draw will be the new creative team of Christopher Yost and Paco Medina. Avenging Spider-Man (or is it Avenging Superior Spider-Man now?) has been a solid book for the most part, let’s see if the new team can sustain this or take it to another level. Well, another level will have to be done here because of the temporary layoff of Peter. It all depends on how well the storytelling will play out and if fans will buy it. As for the aftermarket of Superior Spider-Man, if you hold anything of value that you think you can flip for some quick cash, do so now. If you’re holding onto a comic that does not have Peter Parker as Spidey, It’s a commodity losing its value as the clock ticks on waiting for the return of Peter. Then once Parker does come back, you have great storytelling within your hands with no monetary value to it, which is okay if you don’t care about that stuff.

Superior Spidey will making another stop this week; Daredevil (2011 3rd Series) #22. So this will be the first team of the new Spider-Man and Daredevil, which is a complete a non factor. The issue boasts the return of Stilt-Man though! (Another non factor) But if one is so inclined to seek out a very cheap first appearance, Stilt-Man would be the way to go. Look for the very early Daredevil #8 issue from 1965 to find the ridiculous villain known as Stilt-Man! A VF/NM copy can be in your hands in the $150/$200 range. Here’s a nice selling point though. If somehow you can nab a real good copy, talking a NM copy here at or around the $200 mark, send it off to get a handsome grade of a 9.8, you have probably just made some money back. There are only six 9.8 graded copies out of 422 total graded. Not a bad idea to try and find that elusive 9.8 or higher here.

…Another year another number one Wolverine issue…..ho-hum. Savage Wolverine (2012) #1 features Wolverine in the Savage land. So what is the new Marvel NOW! to do with our most overused/floundering badass in the Marvel Universe you ask? Well you just throw some hot babes in the book that should do the trick! No really, that’s what they’re doing. No joking. The solicit says that’s the direction of the new Wolverine book; “Wolverine is all brawls, babes…” We all knew he was a stud, so what’s the surprise here right? The surprise may be in the first babe appearing in this comic. Shanna the She-Devil? That’s a character you don’t hear that much from these days. Shanna first appeared in her self- titled book Shanna the She Devil #1 (1972). The same applies here as it did with the previous mentioned back issue book within this article, but more so for this comic. There are only nine graded 9.8 out of 137 grades. A Near Mint $30 comic (a 9.8) could probably snag you some more dough in the graded Ebay market. Don’t think so, go try it and send InvestComics its 10%. Thank me later. Oh and a cover by the legendary Jim Steranko?? Ah yes, nice indeed.

It’s been over a year now that the new DC 52 has been upon us. A few surprises, a few not so surprises, a few “what?!” moments, a few “who cares?” moments and then the enviable retelling of origins that most fanboys are not excepting. Too bad DC says to you! It’s not about YOU, it’s about two things folks; a new story to tell (entire universe was stale) and MONEY! So with that rant we come to Team 7 (2012 DC) #4 which includes the “secret” origin of DC’s badass Deathstroke (has anyone seen him on Arrow? Translates nicely to television, now if only the movies would get going…..). So if you’re in the market looking for one of the most underrated villains in quite some time, look no further than Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke. He won’t be flying under the radar for much longer if he keeps popping up on Arrow and continues to be an awesome force on that show. InvestComics has been saying it for years, actually the first InvestComics magazine ever (7 years ago) featured The New Teen Titans #2 (first appearance of Deathstroke) as a major pickup and has gained ground ever since. Things are not much different today folks. WHEN (not IF) this character breaks out onto the big screen, it will be in a major way. He will be everything Marvel wants out of the Punisher that it’s not getting. So is there any draw backs to owning this $50 NM issue? Well for one, there are over 700 graded issues out there. 141 which are 9.8 graded. In most cases this would be very top heavy in regards to the aftermarket, so what does this mean for THIS particular comic though? If you can score a 9.8 after spending $50 on this comic, you have done yourself some justice. You will easily double your monies on Ebay with this grade. In most cases though, this would not work because of the overflow at the top here, but this character already commands the attention it’s getting and will continue to do so as time goes on. Now once this dude hits the movie screen, look out because your profits will go significantly higher. The bottom line here? Buy a beautiful $50 aftermarket 9.8 grade and get rewarded nicely.

Although DC is touting the debut of a NEW writer to the DC house, Robert Venditti is anything but “new”. He’s been around a little while and is just now getting around to the halls of DC Comics. One of Robert’s first work appeared in The Surrogates #1 from 2005 (Top Shelf Productions). Look for that comic in some 50 cent long box at your local comic shop.

Two number one issues from DC hit the shelves this week. Insurgent (2012 DC) #1 and Threshold (2012 DC) #1. Insurgent will be an all new series starting from the ground up, while Threshold lives off of the Green Lantern universe.

Other number one issues to check out this week are High Ways (2012 IDW) #1 from legend John Byrne, Black Beetle (2012 Dark Horse) #1 and Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth (2012 Image) #1 (which wins best title of the week).

That’s it for this week. Be sure to sign up for the InvestComics Newsletter! See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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4 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Picks #252

  1. That second issue of The New Teen Titans was so hard to find when it came out. Since comic book stores weren’t invented yet, I had to trade some of my books for that issue. Can’t remember what I traded…maybe it was Dazzler #1 and I told him this issue is going to be worth millions!! Nuff said.

  2. Jay, the next time you are in FFF, ask Shaun to see the Dazzler issue in the glass display case near the front door. I think they put a selling price of $300 on it (which sounds reasonable! ).

    Seriously, I pre-ordered ten Dazzler #1 through the mail. With X-Men at the height of popularity with the Dark Phoenix saga, I was sure this issue would be worth money. Any appearance of X-men in a title made it worth more money. But the whole disco / singing mutant angle was not a red flag to me..until Dazzler sang to Galactus then my mind was blown and I haven’t been the same since.

  3. $300? Wow that’s a bargain! haha. It’s true Dennis, anything that had an X-Men appearance back then was bound to command more money in the aftermarket. Today, different story as we know. But you do speak the truth on Dazzler, high hopes….only to fizzle and we all realized quick that Dazzler was a Studio 54 reject.

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